6 Times a Day

Chapter 1052 Erotic Shopping Continued

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As Susan had been talking, she'd also been changing. She wore a  medium-length dress and saw no need to take that off as the longer  wedding dress covered it up completely. But she'd removed her top and  bra, and now stood in a white lacy wedding dress with her boobs hanging  out.

Ginger held her by the arm and began to guide her across the  room. "Sounds like some guy you have there. I'll bet you'll get a lot of  tasty loads out of him with this outfit. What do you think?"

Susan had been led to a full length mirror, and for a few  seconds, she admired herself in the topless wedding dress. She imagined  what it would look like with Alan's cum all over her face and chest, and  more dripping off her tongue and out of her mouth. She held her hands  demurely in front of her and smiled as if posing for a wedding photo.

But then a realization hit her: I'm standing topless in the middle of a store! She shrieked and immediately covered up her boobs with both hands.  However, the dress also left her entire back and ass completely open to  view, but there was nothing she could do to immediately cover that up.

Suzanne had been furtively watching and listening to Susan  and Ginger the whole time, but now she felt she had to step in. She  crossed the room quickly and said, "Susan, what's the problem?"

Susan turned to look at Suzanne, and saw that her friend wore  nothing but crotchless panties and an underbra which merely highlighted  the nakedness of her breasts rather than cover them up. "Suzanne! Look  at me! I'm practically naked!"

Suzanne replied in an annoyed but patient voice, "Yeah. So  what? We're in the back room of a sex shop. Look at me; I'm wearing less  than you." She waved a hand up and down her body, and then continued,  "This is the tradition here. There's no need for changing rooms in a  store like this on a ladies only day." Suzanne then raised a  disapproving and curious eyebrow. "Don't tell me you've gone back to  being a prude again!"

Susan was still blushing and had her head bowed. "But, but, anyone could walk in! Anybody!"

Suzanne replied, "So what? You know the store is locked and  no one can see you but us and the girls. Besides, if some other woman  did walk in, you know what she would think? First, she'd be more taken  aback by the way I'm dressed, or undressed, than you are. But if she did  look at you, she'd think, 'Wow, look at that hot number in that wedding  dress. I wish I looked half as good as her.' Then she'd start shopping.  We're in a SEX shop, not J. C. Penny's. Now, drop your arms."

Susan replied petulantly like a little girl, "I don't want to!"

"Suuuuuusan..." Suzanne growled like a disapproving mother.  Seeing that wasn't enough, she added, "Just imagine: what would Alan  want? Imagine he's standing right where I am." As soon as the words left  her mouth, she thought, Oh fuck. Here I am testing to see if she can  keep a secret and then I say his name. How ironic. And Susan and Ginger  noticed right away, too. At least the incest stuff is still a secret,  and that's the important thing. Although I'll bet Ginger's so jaded she  wouldn't even care much about that.

Susan closed her eyes and imagined Alan there. Not only did  she lower her arms, but she thrust her chest forward as far out as she  could as she imagined Alan's eyes upon her.

"That's better," Suzanne said comfortingly. "Wow, look at you. You look fantastic. Do you like the dress?"

"Like it? I LOVE it! Suzanne, this is the greatest dress  EVER! My God, if by some miracle my you-know-who wanted to marry me, I'd  want to wear THIS wedding dress with my breasts completely exposed, to  remind him that I'm his big-titted babe. Oh my GOD! The very idea is  SOOOO exciting! Can you think of anything MORE exciting?! I think I'm  going to faint!"

Suzanne grinned at Susan's enthusiasm. "Well, imagine if you  said your wedding vows to him dressed in that while giving him a  blowjob. Just picture the preacher and all the onlookers staring at  THAT."

Susan's eyes went wide. "OH. MY. GOD. Suzanne! Eeeeek! I AM  going to faint! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" She ran around in  small circles, exploding with excitement and energy.

Suzanne turned to Ginger and smiled. "Ginger, that's your  name, right? I'll let you take over from here. Put that wedding dress on  our tab and then see what else she wants."

That caught Susan's attention. She stopped her frantic  running about and protested, "Suzanne, we can't! God knows I've love to,  but if Alan sees this, he's going to get the wrong idea. You know, it  would be presumptuous to think that he and I, well, that he might want  to..." She blushed furiously at the thought of marrying her son.

Suzanne waved her hand in the air dismissively. "Nah.  Consider it just another costume, like the military uniform Ginger is  wearing. A wedding dress is nothing shocking compared to your cow  outfit." She walked off deeper into the store, still not wearing a  stitch.

Ginger smiled encouragingly at Susan and said, "She should  have said 'the military uniform Ginger WAS wearing.' Maybe you'll feel  more comfortable changing in public if I'm naked too. There's no point  running back and forth to the changing room every time. I've seen the  privates of literally thousands of people here. It's nothing." She  dropped her skirt and panties before she even finished talking so Susan  wouldn't have a chance to protest. Then she began to remove her top at a  slower pace.I think you should take a look at

Susan looked around, from Ginger disrobing, to Suzanne  bending over and flashing a naked ass in her direction. Her nipples and  pussy were tingling and her breath was heavy. "Wow. I had no idea sex  shops are like this."

"Well, just on certain days," Ginger replied untruthfully.  "It would be different if men were around. But it's just us girls. Now  let's get you some more costume accessories. Did your friend say  something about cow outfits? We have a fairly decent selection of  cow-themed items if you'll come this way."

"This is so embarrassing. I don't really need any cow- ooh!"  Susan stopped her protests because she looked over and saw Ginger  standing and wearing nothing but her officer's cap, holding up a cow  tail. Swinging from one end of the cow tail was an attachable butt plug,  and there didn't seem to be any bikini straps attached to it. She  immediately hurried over, still in the wedding dress.

Susan held up the cow tail, staring at it in fascination. "I could use that. How much is that?"

Ginger smiled and noticed that the lack of straps for the cow  tail didn't deter Susan in the slightest. Most women would have been  turned off by the sight of the naked plug without any other means of  attachment. "Thirty dollars. But it's cheaper if you buy the whole set  of cow-themed accessories. Here, take off your wedding dress and I'll  show you the lot."

As Ginger continued to help Susan shop, Susan never stopped  to wonder why the only employee she'd seen in the store was helping her  exclusively and ignoring the other three women she'd come with. She was  having far too much fun trying out the cornucopia of sex products all  around her.

In just thirty minutes she'd collected over $1000 in  purchases and still there was much more she wanted to buy. The notion of  a $400 limit went completely out the window in her mind. She figured  that if Suzanne was insistent in enforcing that, she could sneak back  the next day and buy the rest. Susan hadn't been good with self-control  in recent weeks; she absolutely had to have it all, and right away.

She also didn't give much thought to the fact that she,  Ginger, and Suzanne were naked more often than not now. For her,  nakedness had become the norm and it was having to wear clothes on the  ride to the store that seemed strange and uncomfortable, so she adjusted  quickly.

As they shopped, Ginger made sure to get touchy-feely at  every opportunity. Under the guise of helping Susan into or out of  outfits, she was able to run her hands all over the foxy mother's body  nearly constantly. Furthermore, she kept the conversation on Alan and  sex with him, keeping Susan in perpetual heat.

But so far Susan hadn't reciprocated by touching Ginger except in the most incidental way.

Normally Ginger would have made some moves on her "prey" by now, but Suzanne had warned her to go slow.

After taking another outfit off Susan, Ginger decided to get a  bit bolder. She ran a finger up a long rivulet of pussy juice rolling  down Susan's thigh, and managed to get most of it on her finger. "Look  at you. You're quite a leaker. I wish I could gush like that. We'd  better get you dried off a bit or you're going to ruin the next outfit  you try on. Or maybe not." She brought her cum-soaked finger up to her  mouth and sniffed at Susan's juices. "Mmmm."

Susan just looked a bit stunned. She didn't say anything. She  looked around for guidance from Suzanne, but Suzanne was deliberately  making herself scarce.

Encouraged by Susan's lack of resistance, Ginger brought the wet finger up to her lips.

Susan held her breath, and then gasped, as Ginger smiled and sucked her own finger dry.

Then Ginger said, "Let's tackle this leaking problem right at  the source." She brought her hand back down and pushed a finger into  Susan's pussy lips.

Suddenly, Susan squealed and broke away. She held her hands  over her boobs so they wouldn't bounce so much and ran through the store  until she found Suzanne on the other side.

She said, breathlessly, but in a near whisper, "Suzanne! I think Ginger just tried to make a pass at me!"

Suzanne raised an eyebrow and said sarcastically, "You think?"

Susan detected the sarcasm and replied, "Okay, smarty-pants, I know. But what do I do about it? She's not Alan-approved."

Suzanne was honestly surprised and impressed by Susan's  loyalty to Alan, even in a female-only situation like this. She decided  to give genuine advice, although it kind of ruined her seduction scheme.  She muttered in a low voice, "True. But remember that part of our role  as Alan's nymphos is that we need to bring him new girls from time to  time. Given that Ginger's standing there naked, don't you think you  should try her out and see if she's suitable?"

"Oh yeah. Good idea. But how do I try her out? I mean, look  at her boobs. They're probably only C-cups, if that. He could do  better." Susan had developed great pride in her own breasts. She defined  Katherine's boobs as the lower end of "big" and was very proud of her  daughter's endowments, but her derision for anything significantly  smaller than that was immediately obvious.

"True," Suzanne conceded. "He is a tit man, we all know that.  However, maybe Ginger has some other traits that make up for it. Is she  bisexual or just lesbian? Can she deep throat? Is she cool with orgies?  With harems? With you-know-what?" She hoped Susan would recognize this  as a reference to incest and gathered from a subtle nod that Susan did.  "You should tread carefully with that last one though until we get to  know her a whole lot better. Is she cool in general? Does she have a  boyfriend or even a husband? And crucially, how good is she in bed?  Basically, is she Alan-worthy? That's a lot more to determine  Alan-worthiness than just breast size."

Susan nodded and looked around conspiratorially. "Ah. Okay. I get it. I'll check it out and report back."


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