Ace Of Terrans

Chapter 600 On the duel stage.

Chapter 600 On the duel stage.

Shi Lang challenged the old man without any reservations. He knew how to settle this grudge. If he did not ask Peak Master Cao for an explanation, his future path would become tough. The knots in his heart will become the biggest obstacle in his path of Dao.

The people from the sect were shocked. Ling Ye knew Shi Lang's identity, and he was the disciple of the Third Ancestor. If Peak Master Cao had caused him any severe injury, the elder would not have taken that lightly when his fellow elders urged him to take action. Ling San told him to keep things subtle and let them handle them themselves.

Another thing that Ling Ye had to keep in mind was the favor Shi Lang had done for the sect by leaving the Inheritance palace in his care for the united growth of the three sects. If that was not all, Shi Lang was backed by Tian Long, and now that he had revealed a heavenly spirit artifact, they were all bound by the pressure Raksha had channeled over them.

To take into account, they did not expect Shi Lang to rebuke the people from the Spear Peak. Well, he did not say anything wrong. This sort of blatant attitude could invite peril for all of them. Peak Master Cao did not return from the challenge and stood under the arena stage and said, "Junior Sister Mei, do you think your disciple has higher attainments in the way of the sword to defeat me?"

Mei Lingyao said, "Senior Brother, all I know is that he can defeat your proud disciples and force you to take action. That much is enough to speak of his skill. Do not forget that he is the master of a heavenly spirit artifact. Not only that, he condensed two perfect spirit armaments. He picked his sword to fight against you to show you that his skill is not inferior to you."

Her words were sharp, and they stabbed Peak Master Cao ruthlessly. After finishing her piece, she left the place. She went to the spot where all the Sword Peak disciples gathered. Wen Lengxue had yet to recover from her injury and was sitting on a chair. Shi Lang stood at a distance with his sword tied to his waist.

There seemed to be an invisible wall between them. Mei Lingyao noticed this and sighed. She asked, "Xiao Lang, what bothers you?"

Shi Lang turned to look at her with a sunny smile. However, Mei Lingyao could tell he was slightly different from before. Shi Lang replied, "Ever since I have joined the military in the lower realms. I have never suffered such a defeat. I always try to take care of your disciples. Even in the battle, I did what was asked of me. However, they are so proud that they do not believe in teamwork. Xu Guang was surrounded, but to prove himself to be a better man, he faced off with the entire team. It was only at the end that he decided to use the signal.

Wen Lengxue, to forge her sword heart, faced off with a guy, and she did not even notice that her spirit energy could not support her skills. What is the point of calling them geniuses?"

His words made the entire group realize their mistakes throughout the battle. Shi Lang shook his head and said, "Peak Master, let me focus. That old man Cao is not an easy opponent, even if it is just weapon skills."

Mei Lingyao nodded and left him be. She turned to face her disciples and found all of them looking down at the floor. She said, "It is good that you feel this way, but make sure you learn from your mistakes."

They all nodded and sighed. Ling Ye appeared atop the stage and said, "Welcome, everyone."

The news of the match had spread across the sect, and many disciples poured into the arena to watch the excitement. Liang Ping had told Shi Lang that some of the disciples from the merchant department had even set up betting stalls. It was said that his odds were very high.

Shi Lang shook his head at this news, and the people thought he couldn't face the old peak master and win. Sect Master Ling Ye said, "Today, the strongest disciple of the Sword Peak, Shi Lang, will have a sparring match with the Peak Master of the Spear Peak. You all ought to learn a lot from it, alright."

The disciples below the stage cheered. Sword and Spear were two of the most used weapons in the world. If they could get a chance to learn from the experts, then it would be greatly helpful to them.

They all knew that Peak Master Cao was strong, and his spear skills were known throughout the eastern barren. On the other side, Shi Lang was a person who had defeated the strongest young talent of the Dragon Sword Sect. Not only that, but he has also killed a lot of demonic cultivators. This much was enough to show his strength.

Ling Ye looked at both sides and said, "Participants, come on the stage."

Shi Lang walked over from the side and mundanely climbed the stage stairs. Elder Cao was the same. He was an immortal king and did not need any dramatics to boost his image. The surroundings were calm, and the people watched everything with their eyes peeled.

Ling Ye glanced at the two people. Shi Lang and Peak Master Cao were busy looking at each other without blinking. He could tell these two people had some unsolved business but acted like blood enemies before so many disciples would bring shame.

Peak Master Cao asked, "Do you not think it is bad for you to glare at me before so many people?"

He has met many people throughout his life, but Shi Lang was the only one shrouded in mystery. He wanted to know this guy more to make his offense more efficient. However, Shi Lang was an odd ball, and he replied, "For someone who intervened in a duel between juniors and disrespected the rituals set by the founding ancestors of the sect, you are not qualified to ask me that."


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