All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 557: Father Heavenly Fire, Someone Bullied Me!

Chapter 557: Father Heavenly Fire, Someone Bullied Me!


At this moment, behind Wang Lufei, there was no longer the figure wearing the straw hat!

It was an immature boy!

The name Lufei on Earth of a little boy.

But at this moment, the figure of this young man was like a star, exuding unshakable persistence and will!

The will of Dao!


The next moment, Yan Canghai was directly hit by Wang Lufei’s punch!


Yan Canghai vomited blood directly, his cultivation was almost broken, and the power of martial intent collapsed on the spot!

The power of intent that crushed tens of thousands of slaves collapsed immediately!


Yan Canghai was unable to stand, his legs fell directly to the ground.

“?” Yan Canghai raised his head, looking at the figure of the blood-stained young man in the first level of Body Forging.

His eyes were full of astonishment and bewilderment.


An ant in Body Forging Realm can knock me to my knees with one punch?

“The breath of Dao?” However, Lei Jia, who had been observing the battle, suddenly slapped the table and stood up abruptly, her eyes full of intense horror.

Although it just passed away in a flash!

But… this Wang Lufei, whose cultivation base had been wiped out and reduced to a mortal actually burned his two martial intents, and then…

burst out a trace of power, directly crushing Yan Canghai.

What is Dao?

The ultimate artistic conception was Dao!

With Lei Jia’s peak strength of Heavenly Pill, let alone controlling Dao, she couldn’t even touch the edge of Dao!

The power of Dao could only be explored when you reach the Nascent Soul level.


this Wang Lufei, whose cultivation base had fallen back to a mortal, burst out with traces of strength?

“You must not live! Today, even if we start a war with your Chenxing Auction, I will kill you!” Lei Jia spoke slowly, staring at Wang Lufei.

Even if the cultivation base had not fallen.

Wang Lufei was only in the Sea Wheel Realm, and he already had two Major Achievement martial intents. Once he entered the Heavenly Pill Realm, he could even compete for the name of the Little Heavenly Venerable! If so, although the threat was not small, if Mu Xueying spoke, Lei Jia was still willing to give her face and let Wang Lufei not die for the time being!

But now was different!

This Wang Lufei even touched the edge of the Dao, and even exerted a trace of the power of the Dao!

While in Body Forging Realm, he defeated Yan Canghai in the late stage of Heavenly Pill with one punch!adventure

This was no longer a so-called miracle!

This was a violation of the laws of the cultivation world, and an existence that exceeded the upper limit stipulated by the Heavenly Dao of the Three Thousand Worlds!

Simply put, all cultivation in the Three Thousand Worlds who followed the Heavenly Dao could not reach the same point as Wang Lufei!

“It violates the principles of the law of heaven… the law of heaven…” Lei Jia stared at Wang Lufei, and without saying a word, she stepped out of the sky.

“…” Mu Xueying didn’t say anything more, let alone dissuade Lei Jia.

Because what this Wang Lufei had done and the potential he contained were really terrifying!

He must die!

“It’s a pity… this Wang Lufei will undoubtedly die today! He has already made all the powerful people want to kill him!” Even though Mu Xueying still felt a little pity, she knew that even if she stepped forward, she couldn’t keep Wang Lufei.

Wang Lufei’s potential threat had already broken the line of reason of all the powerful.


Following Lei Jia stepping out, from the other flying boats, one after another late-stage figures of Heavenly Pill came out together, all of them were big bosses of top forces.

All of them were masters from famous places!

Before, these bigwigs were all watching dramas.

But now they couldn’t sit still!

No one cared about the life and death of those tens of thousands of slaves!

All the bosses had only one purpose!

To kill Wang Lufei!

You must not live past today!

”All disciples listen to my order!” At this moment, He Yiming suddenly spoke.

In fact, He Yiming knew that from a rational point of view, Wang Lufei should be killed and then revived in the Resurrection Hall.

This was the way to get the most benefits!

It could eliminate the anger and fear of all the masters and bosses in Tianlong Island.

After that, send players again, and they could renegotiate to complete the task of the system.

After Wang Lufei was revived, although his cultivation base fell back to the first level of Body Forging, He Yiming could restore Wang Lufei to his original state in a minute at most! The only loss was probably the tragic death of tens of thousands of slaves,

and Wang Lufei’s failure!

But Now, He Yiming did not intend to listen to reason.

“Huh? What does Brother Ming want to do?”

“I don’t know!”

“Could it be that he is going to save Brother Lufei? But we are so far apart, there is no time to go there!”

Many players were confused, but even more confusing things started.

“Dear disciples, who is Wang Lufei to you?”

“Brother Lufei, of course it is our elder brother!”

“Now, your Brother Lufei is being bullied, what are you going to do?”

“I, of course we I want to help Brother Lufei!”

“Now we are thousands of miles away from Wang Lufei, and there is no time to go there! But, there is someone who can! Now, I will take you to meet him!”



All the players followed He Yiming with a bewildered expression, not understanding who Brother Ming was referring to.

Until all the players came to the Zongmen Square and saw the huge sleeping figure!

Heavenly Fire, Demon Prison Heart Flame!

“Now, only Heavenly Fire Demon Prison Heart Flame has the ability to save Wang Lufei! Wait for me to wake up Senior Heavenly Fire. Now disciples, it all depends on your performance!” He Yiming said lightly, and the disciples also understood it.

“Wake up!” Amidst the shock of all the players, He Yiming woke up the sleeping Heavenly Fire with a thought.

“Huh?” Heavenly Fire opened one eye and found that almost everyone appeared in front of him.

With He Yiming, there were more than 10,000 players.

“What’s the matter?” Heavenly Fire asked majesticly and asked lightly.

“It’s up to you!” He Yiming signaled with a look that you understand and stepped aside.

So next…

The most shocking, shameless, and terrifying scene happened suddenly!

“Daddy Heavenly Fire! Someone bullied us!!!”

“Yes, yes, there are many villains bullying us in Chaos Star Sea Tianlong Island, Dad!”

“Father Heavenly Fire, they beat us, bullied us, and called us trash!”

“That’s right, we said our father is Heavenly Fire, but they said your father Heavenly Fire, you are trash!”

“Daddy Heavenly Fire, we were bullied so badly!”

“Daddy Heavenly Fire, Brother Lufei is dying, I beg you, please save Brother Lufei!”

The players

were all in order, as if they had planned in advance and spoke one after another.

They told the ‘truth’ of what happened!

More than 10,000 players, each of them looked aggrieved at this time, and many players still had tears in the corners of their eyes, extremely aggrieved.

“Huh?” After Heavenly Fire Demon Prison Heart Flame understood it, he was instantly angry!

The most important thing was that before tens of billions of demonic insects, together with the destruction of tens of millions of Sea Races on Nine Sea Islands, the players used the power of Heavenly Fire to kill wildly. His strength also increased by more than 30%!

What’s more, since joining the Yanhuang Sect, Heavenly Fire Demon Prison Heart Flame peeked at the players’ various performances every day when he was bored, and he lived happily every day!

Heavenly Fire Demon Prison Heart Flame had already regarded these bouncing and bluffing players as his younger brothers, as his own children, as his own sons!

But now… someone was bullying his children?

“This Heavenly Fire is angry!!!” Suddenly, Heavenly Fire Demon Prison Heart Flame shrank rapidly and turned into an old man in white robe and black hair.

“Where is the bastard who bullied my child?” Heavenly Fire Demon Prison Heart Flame said suddenly and whispered slowly.

The terrifying killing intent swept across thousands of miles, and even the sky was shaken by the shocking roar!

The sky was furious!

It was so terrifying!

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