Apocalypse Chaos - I am the villain

Chapter 166 Hikaru… Do you like my gift?

Chapter 166 Hikaru… Do you like my gift?

Rakan wasn't worried or afraid as he saw this. No, it's wrong to say he was not worried, he was just a little worried because he had many other plans.

Rakan waved his hand, another screen appeared. He operated the screen, then ordered: "Aim at that villa, shoot freely."

Right now, about 2,000 meters away from the Noack mansion. In the snow covered forest at the foot of the mountain.

A tree over 10 meters tall suddenly split into two. The tree branches began to fall, revealing a cannon more than 6 meters long with a cold black color.

The cannon slowly moved, and? headed straight towards the villa.


The cannon opened fire, the terrifying force created a gust of wind that blew away all the surrounding snow.

The entire forest vibrated from the shockwave created after it fired. The Snow accumulated on the foliage also fell continuously.

The ballistic bullet tore through the air, passing through a distance of more than 2,000 meters at extremely terrifying speed, as it headed towards the Noack mansion.

At the villa, Velys hid in the woods surrounding the villa, as she looked towards the Droids flying in the air.

Suddenly, a shrill sound rang out. It sounded like something very heavy falling down.

Velys looked into the distance, and she saw a black dot rushing towards the villa at an extremely terrifying speed.

That black dot got bigger and bigger, and Velys knew for sure that? it was a warhead.

Without hesitation, she raised her hand, and in the blink of an eye, a wall of ice more than 5 meters thick and more than 10 meters high covered part of the villa.

Not stopping there, she pulled out the sword that Hikaru had given her, jumped to the top of the ice wall, and looked towards the projectile.

The distance was getting closer rapidly. Even though the weather was extremely cold, as the temperature at this time was -10 degrees Celsius, Velys's forehead was dripping with a lot of sweat.

However, she still didn't care about that. At this moment, Velys only paid attention to the ballistic missile that was rushing to the villa at a terrible speed.

"This villa is my home…"

"This villa houses my family? with Hikaru…"

"I will not allow anyone to destroy it."

Velys muttered, her eyes showing determination and terrifying murderous intent. Her eyes were like two sharp swords, and it could make anyone who looked at her shiver in fear.

Velys jumped high, she spun around in the air like she was dancing.

Snowflakes were swept along her dress, some were even flying around her, and this made her even more dazzling and angelic.

However, the sword in her hand was not like that. Following the torque that Velys was rotating, she swung her sword, slashing out a semicircular streak of fire.

That streak of fire was more than 4 meters long, and it radiated extremely terrible temperatures. Wherever that streak of fire passed, the snow melted into water, then the water quickly evaporated in the blink of an eye.

The streak of fire rushed towards the incoming projectile.

500 meters…

10 meters…

10 meters…

1 meter…


The streak of fire collided with the projectile and exploded. The terrible explosion created a cloud of fire that wiped out everything within a radius of 200 meters.

A shock wave shot out, and spread towards the villa.

However, luckily Velys predicted this. And the ice wall blocked most of the heat wave and shock wave.

It shook violently, and although the ice was more than 5 meters thick, cracks had begun to appear.

The Parts directly exposed to the heat waves and shock waves quickly melted. Inside that ice wall, countless cracks appeared that? spread throughout the ice wall like a spider web.

Velys was blown back by the shockwave, but she quickly landed softly, then rushed towards the ice.

She planted the sword on the ground, placed both hands on the ice, then she tried to infuse the energy inside her body into the ice to reinforce it.

Cracks continuously appeared but were quickly made to disappear by Velys's energy.

This process took more than 30 seconds. Even though it was only a short 30 seconds, Velys had consumed almost all the energy inside her body.

After 30 seconds, the heat wave and shock wave also dissipated. Velys knelt on the ground panting, her face pale from fatigue and exhaustion.

At this moment, a Droid was in the distance, raising its gun barrel towards her.


The sound of bullets being fired was very low.

However, Velys was an evolved human, and her hearing had also evolved.

That's why she immediately heard that sound. However, no matter how fast she was, she could not be as fast as a bullet.

Plus, at this point she was exhausted and her breathing was disorderly. The bullet tore through the air, and headed straight towards Velys's head.

Velys realized she couldn't escape the bullet, and she was gradually sinking into despair.

Suddenly, right now. A stream of wind shot out from inside the villa, causing the bullet to deflect.


The bullet was deflected, and it hit the ice wall. Velys saw this scene and immediately turned her head to look towards the mansion.

From one of the windows Laylah? looked at Velys and smiled: "Don't worry, I will cover your back."

Hearing that, Velys smiled: "Um... thank you."

"Hahaha… don't thank me. After all, we are all family..."

Velys smiled, her face a little red. Laylah saying that also means that she has also become Hikaru's woman.

Of course, Velys was not jealous at all, on the contrary, she felt much happier.

At this moment, she took out a test tube from her bag, which was the power evolution drug (Tier F-).

Of course, this power evolution medicine (Tier F-) can no longer help Velys evolve. However, it still has another use, which is to help her restore her energy.

After drinking the evolution potion, Velys felt that the energy inside her body had recovered by 70%.

Velys did not hesitate, she stood up, and looked towards the foot of the mountain.

She seemed to sense that something wasn't right there.

"Go!" "I will protect him and this place," Laylah shouted. Do not worry."

Hearing Laylah's words, Velys smiled and nodded, then rushed into the forest and disappeared.

The remaining Droids quickly followed behind Velys. However, Laylah certainly won't let that happen.

She raised her bow, and shot out a wind arrow. As soon as the wind arrow left the bow, it immediately split into 6 wind arrows, and headed towards those Droids.






Six explosions rang out, the Droids were penetrated and fell on the ground, and they became unable to continue operating.

To ensure that they could not cause any more harm, Laylah continued to fire other wind arrows, to decimate those 6 Droids.

"You… where did you get the weapon you used?" Future Laylah asked, her voice filled with surprise and confusion.

That's right, in her past, she never owned such a badass weapon.

That bow could even help Laylah exert her superpowers more easily, and her strength was also greatly increased.

"Hahaha… of course Hikaru gave it to me." Present Laylah smiled and said, of course, she communicated with future Laylah through her thoughts.

"What? Are you kidding me? How could he give you such a powerful weapon?"

"Weapons for super-powered people only appear about 2-3 months after the apocalypse begins. And most of them come from Delmor."

"Hikaru cannot possess a weapon like this. You…"

"Alright." Laylah then said: "I don't care how Hikaru was able to get weapons like this. However, one fact you cannot change is that the weapons Velys and I are using come from Hikaru."

"And of course, whether or not Delmor can survive on his own is still a mystery."

"Heh?! Why?" Future Laylah asked, startled.

Laylah now realized that she could see future Laylah's memories, however, her future self could not see her memories.

Laylah smiled and said: "You'll know later."

"AAA!! You... you... okay, I won't force you to say it. But you should…"

"I know. We need to be careful with Hikaru, right? But... you are not me, nor am I you. Perhaps, my world is different from yours." Present Laylah said.

"He is not the Hikaru who killed you and Velys, that's why I still trust him."

"Huh! I hope you don't regret being tricked by him."

Rakan looked at the screen, his eyes showing anger. He didn't think that his 10 Droids and cannons would be stopped easily.

"If you think that's all I have, then you're wrong. To attack you, I have prepared everything perfectly."

"Now… welcome your guests."

Velys was rushing down the mountain at extremely fast speeds. She was like a cat, as she constantly moved through the branches of the forest.

Suddenly, Velys stopped, she stood on a high tree branch, and looked down at the foot of the mountain.

In that place, Zombies were as numerous as ants, perhaps 2,000, no, perhaps there were more than 5,000 zombies.

There were many zombies, and they covered a large area around the foot of the mountain. They waded in the snow, and slowly moved up the mountain.

"Impossible! In cold weather like this, they will definitely freeze. How can they move so easily?"

"Wait! That is…"

Velys looked closely and saw that above the Zombies' bodies there was a strange machine as big as a basketball, mounted on their backs.

Rakan, who was inside a tree, laughed loudly: "I have prepared a lot for today. That machine is built very simply but its use is extremely great."

"It can create an electric current that flows throughout a Zombie's body. That electric current generates heat, which helps zombie's function normally."

"Hikaru… how do you like my gift? Is it enough to make you happy? Hahaha…."


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