Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 98 Killing the Troubles

Chapter 98 Killing the Troubles

In the grand hall where the ceremony was held, Daniel stood at the centre of attention, his gaze sweeping across the assembled crowd.

As he did, he couldn't help but immediately recognize a few familiar faces.

Among the throngs of people, his eyes locked onto faces that had become synonymous with power and influence in the future.

There was Liam, who had risen to prominence as the leading figure among the surviving humans, a beacon of hope in a post-apocalyptic world, but a wicked human who uses the idea of Unison Government for his own well being.

Not far from Liam stood Han Xue, a future top-notch player, holding the supreme power of cultivation in her hands.

His mission here was clear, and there was no room for hesitation.

His targets were some of the leaders who represented their respective countries, and he harbored no intention of letting any of them walk away alive.

In his mind, it was imperative that they be eliminated right here and now, before they had a chance to cause trouble or disrupt the course of events.

Daniel had once cautioned himself about the potential butterfly effects of meddling with the timeline.

The intricacies of altering the past were not lost on him, and he understood the potential consequences of his actions.

However, if he could achieve the future he wanted, then, he was willing to face the risk of messing up with the timeline.

He was prepared to defy the constraints of causality to ensure that the seeds of their future influence were never sown.

But, he admitted that not all the leaders gathered in that hall were tainted by wicked intentions, and he couldn't afford to cast a shadow of suspicion over those who had yet to stray from the path of righteousness.

He knew that if he wanted to keep these leaders in check, he needed to give them a fair warning.

He would make an example of those who had already crossed the line, demonstrating that there were consequences for harboring wicked intentions, even in the present.

The future had already been marked by a grim reality of the impending apocalypse and he doesn't want to add more oil to the fire.

In order to make an entrance that would seize the attention of all those gathered, Daniel devised a plan that was nothing short of flashy.

With a mischievous smirk on his face, he willed his body to disappear into thin air just before a dazzling bolt of lightning struck down in the very center of the stage where he reappeared.


The sound of thunder reverberated through the hall, and the blinding flash of lightning sent shockwaves of panic rippling through the VIPs.

As the blinding flash and deafening thunderclap subsided, a wave of panic swept through the VIPs like wildfire. Their reactions were varied and frantic.

"What's happening?"

"Is this some kind of attack?"

"Call security, now!"

"Everybody, stay down!"

People scrambled for cover, while others reached for their communication devices to summon help.

Amid the chaos, a few bolder individuals inched closer to the stage, curiosity overcoming their initial fear.

In the midst of it all, the attention of the bewildered VIPs gradually shifted to a lone figure standing confidently at the center of the stage.

A man, his expression marked by an enigmatic smirk, met their gaze.

Unease and confusion hung in the air as the VIPs exchanged uncertain glances, trying to make sense of the unexpected spectacle before them.

"Greetings to all of the esteemed guests," he greeted with a hint of sarcasm, his tone dripping with irony.

He continued, "I'm sure tonight has been a momentous occasion for all of you, hasn't it?"

His words hung heavy in the air.

"The Unification of the major governments must have been a resounding success, correct?"

Daniel's pointed questions pierced the room.

The atmosphere seemed to grow colder with each passing moment, though many had yet to fully grasp the shift in mood.

"Supposedly, the aim of the Unison Government is to create a more peaceful and better world, isn't it?"

Daniel challenged, his words laced with skepticism.

The unease in the room deepened as his questions lingered, prompting the world's most influential leaders to exchange uneasy glances, realizing that this unexpected figure on the stage had somehow caught their secrets?

Daniel's presence on the stage had shifted the atmosphere from one of celebration to one of profound uncertainty.

The VIPs, still grappling with the unexpected turn of events, began to murmur among themselves, exchanging worried glances.

"As leaders of the world, you have come together to forge a future of unity and peace, have you not?"

Daniel's voice carried a mix of accusation and hatred .

He took a deliberate step forward, his eyes scanning the room, locking onto the faces of those who represented the world's greatest powers.

"But let me ask you this," he continued, his voice growing more forceful, "Have you truly achieved the peace you promised? Or have your actions, hidden behind closed doors, led to even greater conflicts and injustices?"

The weight of his words hung heavy in the room as the VIPs found themselves facing an unexpected reckoning.

"Have your lofty ideals paved the way for justice, or have they merely served as a smokescreen for the pursuit of power?"

Daniel's anger simmered just beneath the surface as he continued to question the motives and goals of the gathered leaders.

His gaze bore into them, his hatred, anger and disdain becoming increasingly palpable.

The room had fallen silent, tension thick in the air, as Daniel's relentless interrogation tore through the carefully constructed facade of unity and progress.

His deep-seated hatred for some of these figures, fueled by knowledge of their actions and intentions, burned like a smoldering fire, and he was determined to kill some of them no matter what.

Just as Daniel was on the verge of delving even deeper into questioning their true motives, a sudden interruption shattered the tense atmosphere.

The grand doors of the hall swung open, and a horde of 30 security guards, known in their own right as 'famous' Players hired from renowned guilds, stormed in.

"There he is! He's causing trouble, and you all must arrest him now!"

The commanding voice belonged to none other than Liam.

The room erupted into chaos as the security guards fanned out, surrounding Daniel with a show of force.

"Sorry, boy, but you have to stop your little prank," the captain reiterated, his voice firm, while his security team maintained their vigilant positions.

The standoff between Daniel and the Captain of the guards continued to intensify, their exchange charged with tension.

He had an air of authority that came from years of handling difficult situations.

Daniel, undaunted, tilted his head slightly and met the captain's gaze.

"A prank, you say?" His tone held a note of mockery, his eyes gleaming with an inner fire.

"This is far from a mere prank, my friend."

"I don't care whether it's a prank, but you'll have to come with us in a peaceful manner," the captain asserted, his expression unyielding as he issued his ultimatum.

Daniel's eyes bore into the captain's with an unrelenting intensity.

"And if I don't?" He challenged.

The VIPs, witnesses to this high-stakes confrontation, watched with a mixture of apprehension and fascination, fully aware that the situation was on the brink of something significant.

The captain's tone remained stern.

"Then it seems you leave us no choice but to arrest you, and perhaps in a harsher manner," he responded, the weight of his words underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The VIPs watched with bated breath as the confrontation unfolded before them, uncertain of what would transpire next.

Daniel let out a weary sigh, a momentary flicker of frustration crossing his features. "Very well," he conceded, his voice tinged with a pretended resignation.

"But know this, Captain, I won't go quietly." He smirked.

"Arrest him, men," the captain ordered, his voice firm and commanding.

His security personnel were known for their abilities and had dealt with numerous individuals who had misused their powers in the past.

They had earned a formidable reputation, which was why they were entrusted with safeguarding this gathering of world leaders.

However, as his men moved to apprehend Daniel, the Captain couldn't believe his eyes at what unfolded before him.

Even the room buzzed with confusion as the VIPs watched in astonishment, their disbelief mirrored in the Captain's eyes.

Without so much as a visible gesture, the air around him seemed to shimmer with an invisible aura, and a palpable energy emanated from his very being.

Daniel had used Monarch's Bloodlust and it surged forth, overwhelming the senses of everyone in the room.

One by one, the security team members who were players, began to falter.

Their movements grew sluggish, their faces drained of color.

They stumbled and then dropped to their knees, their strength sapped by an invisible force.

In moments, they lay flat on the ground, their bodies trembling with an overpowering sense of submission.


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