Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3597: Endurance Battle

Chapter 3597: Endurance Battle

“Putting on an act?” Daoist Master Shangqing’s ancestor furrowed his brows slightly, but soon afterwards, he smiled mysteriously and murmured, “Looks like Chang Yang is trying to hide something.”

Cries rang out from several general’s estates in the Observance Heaven City. Many of the powerful Immortal Emperors that served as Thousand Immortal Generals also noticed the situation with Jian Chen, which left them shocked.

As Thousand Immortal Generals, all of these people were Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperors without any exception, so they all understood exactly how difficult it was for Jian Chen to recover completely after he suffered such severe injuries. Even high grade God Tier pills could not fully heal him in just five seconds.

Apart from these Thousand Immortal Generals, there were also Myriad Immortal Commanders in the commander’s estates that had reached Immortal Exalt. They shifted much of their focus over to Jian Chen’s battle.

By now, Jian Chen had already engaged Zhou Dan again after healing completely. Zhou Dan did not hold back, using his full strength every single time. His high quality god artifact spear erupted with a devastating and terrifying presence. He attacked Jian Chen with tremendous might, wanting to end it quickly.

On top of that, he would use God Tier Immortal Techniques from time to time. He used the God Tier Immortal Techniques with utter mastery, unleashing them instantly without charging up.

Under Zhou Dan’s full-powered assault, even a First Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt would struggle slightly given the powerful strength he demonstrated right now.

Of course, that would only be a regular First Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt. If this First Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt also wielded a high quality god artifact and practised an ancient cultivation technique while having grasped extremely powerful secret techniques, it would be an entirely different story.

Under Zhou Dan’s furious barrage of attacks, Jian Chen became riddled with injuries again very soon. He was covered in vicious wounds, bleeding from all over.

However, Zhou Dan had paid a certain price as well to injure Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body so much. Even though he was uninjured, constantly wielding a high quality god artifact and unleashing God Tier Immortal Techniques obviously took an extremely great toll on his energy.

“Chang Yang, your Chaotic Body truly is powerful. You actually managed to last until now with your strength at the Sixth Heavenly Layer. If your Chaotic Body reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Emperor, I really would not be your opponent. Unfortunately, you’re still not my opponent yet. You should stop wasting your efforts in this meaningless resistance and just forfeit,” Zhou Dan said sternly after repelling Jian Chen again.

“My goal is the Thousand Immortal General’s post. Do you think I’ll forfeit?” Jian Chen’s voice rang out. It was still filled with vigour as if his injuries did not influence him much.

“The likes of you wants to contend for the Thousand Immortal General’s post? You better give up on these delusions, as you don’t possess the strength.” Zhou Dan snorted, but as soon as he said that, his expression immediately changed slightly. Jian Chen actually took out another God Tier pill brimming with vigour and swallowed it.

Shortly afterwards, his terrifying wounds that were enough to collapse the bodies of other Immortal Emperors actually healed completely at an unbelievable speed.

Jian Chen’s presence returned to prime condition!

That sight made Zhou Dan’s heart sink. After fighting for all this time, his opponent remained in peak condition. On the other hand, he had already expended a tremendous amount of energy.

“Using such precious God Tier pills here is an utter waste. Chang Yang, I’d like to see just how many more of these God Tier pills you have on you,” Zhou Dan said sternly. He also swallowed several recovery mid grade God Tier pills before unleashing another vicious attack.

Shortly afterwards, the same thing began to happen over and over again. Zhou Dan injured Jian Chen again and again with his barrage of fierce attacks, but whenever Jian Chen seemed like he was on the brink of death, he would take out the same kind of God Tier pill and instantly recover in a short amount of time.

Just like that, Jian Chen and Zhou Dan became locked in a stalemate. It even devolved into an endurance battle.

On top of that, as the battle continued, Zhou Dan struggled to keep up with the expenditure of wielding a high quality god artifact despite also consuming recovery pills. Gradually, his strength began falling short.

As a result, some sword wounds slowly appeared on him.

Before they knew it, the two other battles had already ended, while Jian Chen and Zhou Dan’s continued.

Zi Huaiyu of the Luo clan had been eliminated.

Dun Xu of the Vanishing hall had been eliminated as well.

Ye Qingyun of the Ye family and Xia Mingtian of the Immortal Feather sect were victorious in the end.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen and Zhou Dan were still locked in battle that only grew in intensity.

After fighting for so long, who knew how many times Jian Chen had healed himself. However, he maintained his peak battle prowess through the toughness of the Chaotic Body. His presence did not weaken and his energy seemed to never run out like it was unending.

On the other hand, Zhou Dan began struggling. Only thirty percent of his energy remained, and he was covered in injuries, which healed very slowly.

Outside, Ye Qingyun and Xia Mingtian also paid attention to Jian Chen and Zhou Dan’s battle. They were both surprised.

However, they soon shifted their focus away from them, seizing every moment to heal and recover.

“Why is Chang Yang still going? Is it really worth it to waste so many precious recovery pills for the post of a mere Thousand Immortal General?”

“Even across the entire Immortals’ World, God Tier pills that can allow Immortal Emperors to instantly recover are extremely rare treasures. Each pill can fetch an astronomical price. How does Chang Yang have so many of them on him?”

“Probably even some peak organisations can’t produce so many priceless healing pills, yet Chang Yang actually possesses so many of them as an independent cultivator.”

There were discussions in the Observance Heaven City as well. At this moment, everyone shifted their focus over to Jian Chen. There were many envious and jealous gazes among them.

“He has probably had some impressive fortuitous encounter. Don’t tell me he found the remnants left behind by an expert of the Way of Alchemy?”

Many figures sat across the general’s estates in the Observance Heaven City. Many of their eyes began to flicker with uncertainty. They looked at Jian Chen with a hint of wonder.

Healing pills that could allow an Immortal Emperor to recover instantly obviously tempted them all, as even just one of them could save their lives when it mattered.

Just how many more of these wondrous pills does Chang Yang have on him?” At this moment, many Immortal Emperors thought of the same thing in the general’s estates.


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