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Chapter 285 Cardinal and Obsidian Elders

Chapter 285 Cardinal and Obsidian Elders

The two elders discerned at a glance that the defensive strength of the Goblin Fortress far exceeded their expectations.

This meant that after the Scarlet Family dealt with the two teams of death row criminals, when the entrance to Delis Town reopened, more formidable individuals had entered the "Aqua Nest."

Based on the degree to which the strength of the demons exceeded their plans, the two elders believed that at least two individuals with mid fifth-tier strength had entered the labyrinth, or perhaps a strong early sixth-tier individual.

Those with such strength would not enter the labyrinth without reason; in other words, they must have come to deliberately cause trouble for the Scarlet Family.

"Shall we change our plan, Rodrygo?" Obsidian Elder Augusto inquired.

"No, proceed as planned... Even if we must retreat, I want to see who our enemy is this time," Cardinal Elder Rodrygo replied through gritted teeth.

If the Scarlet Family were to return empty-handed from this "Aqua Nest" expedition, it would be their third consecutive heavy blow.

First, there was the theft of the Pigeon Blood Ruby - Phylia;

Next, they were swindled out of a large sum of money by the divination rabbit;

And now, they might waste a valuable opportunity to use the hidden magic circle...

If there was a common mastermind behind these three incidents, the identity of the powerful individuals who entered the Aqua Nest would undoubtedly reveal relevant clues!

The Scarlet Family's motto was "Revenge must be taken for enmity, and kindness must be repaid," and this creed had permeated the bones of every family member.

As the left and right arms of the Scarlet Lord, the Cardinal and Obsidian Elders were staunch enforcers of this creed.

Therefore, even if this plan were to fail, they must find out who their enemy is!


"Viviana, hide in this forest, and retreat immediately if anything goes wrong, understand?" Before setting off, Cardinal Elder Rodrygo made arrangements for Viviana, who nodded earnestly and watched the two elders head towards the Goblin Fortress.

At this moment, Viviana felt both happy and worried.

She was glad that the Cardinal Elder had hardly scolded her, but she was also concerned about the upcoming battle.

With the Cardinal Elder's strength, annihilating the fortress's defenses would undoubtedly be no problem, but the outcome against the labyrinth's boss was uncertain.

Regrettably, aside from worrying, Viviana could not help. She knew that if she went with them, she would only become a burden to the two elders.


Before long, the Cardinal and Obsidian Elders arrived at the foot of the mountain where the fortress was located.

The goblins on the stone tower immediately spotted the intruders and sounded their horns. Subsequently, the fortress gates opened, and three teams of Goblin Wolf Riders burst forth, charging towards the base of the mountain.

The elders intentionally allowed the goblins to discover them, aiming to create as much "commotion" as possible. In doing so, the enemies who had targeted the Scarlet Family would realize that they were already in the final stages of conquering the labyrinth.

Their plan was to lure the hidden enemies out, and improvise based on the situation.

As the Goblin Wolf Riders closed in to about a hundred meters, Cardinal Elder Rodrygo stepped forward.

The two elders, a well-coordinated duo, no longer needed verbal communication to understand each other's intentions.

Cardinal Elder unsheathed his soul-engraved divine weapon, the "Bloodfire Demonblade - Dearborn," from its scabbard at his waist. The ruby-like longsword ignited with red flames upon being infused with magic power.

With slightly bent knees, the Cardinal Elder held the sword horizontally at his side, and the scattered sword flames formed a ten-meter-tall flame giant in front of him, assuming the same stance as the elder.

As the Cardinal Elder swung his sword in a horizontal slash, the flame giant did the same with its flaming longsword.

The ten-meter-long flaming sword swept across the forest, igniting a massive fire and sending the Goblin Wolf Riders tumbling in the blaze!

However, the Cardinal Elder's attack was not over. He sheathed the Bloodfire Demonblade, took a step forward, and lowered his body while gripping the scabbard with his left hand. His gaze was fixed on the goblin fortress on the mountain.

The flame giant mimicked the Cardinal Elder's movements, and as the elder unsheathed his sword for another strike, the giant did the same. This time, the flaming slash transformed into a fire dragon that roared towards the goblin fortress on the mountain, igniting the gates with a single blow!

"Well done, Rodrygo. Quite a spectacle," Obsidian Elder commented from the side.

The fire would only grow more intense in the forest, and eventually, anyone in the labyrinth would see the billowing smoke and towering flames.

"Just warming up," Cardinal Elder replied as he sheathed the Bloodfire Demonblade and dismissed the flame giant.

He and Obsidian Elder then proceeded towards the goblin fortress on the mountain, surrounded by flames.

As for the Goblin Wolf Riders, they had already been reduced to charred remains in the raging fire.


In ten minutes' time, the two elders relentlessly cut down the onslaught of goblin forces, arriving before the blazing gates of the fortress.

Two fourth-tier "Goblin Steel Giants" wielding black rock clubs had been waiting for them for quite some time.

With the enemy now within striking distance, the Steel Ghost Giants were no longer bound by their duty to remain stationary and roared as they charged at the two old men!

This time, the Obsidian Elder stood in front of the Cardinal Elder, his eyes fixed on the hardened, blackened skin of the Steel Ghost Giants, a plan already forming in his mind.

"It seems I must trouble you, old partner."

The Obsidian Elder murmured as he drew his divine sword, named "Lightbane Spellblade - Korlskin."

The blade appeared almost translucent, as if forged from black glass, seemingly fragile yet exuding a sinister aura capable of corroding bones.

The moment the Obsidian Elder unsheathed the Lightbane Spellblade, the two attacking Goblin Steel Giants immediately shifted to a defensive stance, their terror subdued by the dreadful aura emanating from the elder's sword.

The Obsidian Elder chuckled, remarking, "Fourth-tier creatures truly are different, knowing what danger is," before channeling his magic into the Lightbane Spellblade.

Instantly, a surge of black energy erupted from the blade, extending its length by ten meters.

Wielding this sword of black energy, the Obsidian Elder leaped into the air, seemingly defying gravity, and soared to the same height as the two Steel Ghost Giants. He then unleashed a series of slashes, one after another, totaling eight strikes before landing.

With each slash from the elder, the Steel Ghost Giants raised their black rock clubs to defend themselves. However, they found it peculiar that they could not block the black energy sword, which pierced their bodies time and time again like air... yet caused no harm!

The two Steel Ghost Giants exchanged glances and burst into laughter.

After all that, it turned out that this human was merely terrifying in appearance but ultimately unremarkable!


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