Dafeng’s Night Squad

Chapter 710 - 710: Lord first assistant, something happened in Chuzhou (3)

Chapter 710: Lord first assistant, something happened in Chuzhou (3)

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Minister sun was petrified on the spot.

The atmosphere in the hall instantly froze. In the silent silence, Minister sun propped himself up on the table and slowly stood up. He looked at Constable Chen with a slightly dazed expression.

“Where is the North-guarding King?”

“North vanquishing Prince has been executed,” Constable Chen said in a low voice.

A wave of dizziness hit Minister sun, and his vision turned black as he fell back into his chair.

“My Lord, are you alright?” Constable Chen hurried forward.

Minister sun waved his hand and said in a trembling voice, “tell me the truth.”

Constable Chen immediately told Minister sun everything he had seen and heard, no matter big or small.

Reporting the matter to their superiors and joining forces with the Civil officials to intimidate Emperor Yuan jing was the strategy that the diplomatic mission had long formulated.

An hour later, it was lunchtime. Minister sun’s carriage left the Ministry of Justice and rushed to the Wang Residence.

At about the same time, the Minister’s carriage also left the Yamen and headed in the direction of the Wang Residence.

Imperial City, Wang Residence.

The Wang family mansion was bestowed by Emperor Yuan jing. It was located in the Imperial City and was heavily guarded. It was one of the benefits of the Prime Minister.

It was lunchtime, and it only took Wang zhenwen 15 minutes to return from the inner Pavilion to the manor for lunch.

At the dining table, Wang zhenwen’s gaze swept past his wife, his two di sons, and his daughter-in-law. The only one he did not see was Queen Chen’s admiration. He frowned and asked, “Where’s mu ‘er?”

he left early in the morning. I heard that he had an appointment with someone and went on a mountain tour. The dignified and proper Madam Wang responded to her husband.

“A mountain tour?”

Chief advisor Wang’s frown deepened. He looked at his wife and asked, “”Mu ‘er seems to be going out frequently these few days and meeting people frequently?”

The first assistant was very busy every day, and to be able to remember these details, it showed that he really cared about this first wife’s daughter.

Madam Wang hesitated for a moment, while the others lowered their heads and focused on eating.

Only the relatively simple-minded second young master of the Wang clan sipped his wine and laughed, father, sister has recently gotten together with the Xu family’s second son. Don’t you know that the spring examination will be a New Year? ”

The entire family’s faces froze as they stared silently at the second young master of the Wang family. Their eyes seemed to be saying:Are you an idiot?

The second young master of the Wang family furrowed his brows. He thought that she had reached the age where she should be married, and the one in front of her was a noble of the Hanlin Academy.

For sister simu and that Xu Erlang to be able to get together willingly, this was the legendary love finally came to an end … Anyway, it meant that.

When the time was right, her father would let Xu Erlang come to her house to ask for her hand in marriage. Then, he would marry simu and a happy marriage would be achieved.

This was what the second young master of the Wang family did when he got married. At first, his wife’s family didn’t agree and complained that he didn’t have an official position. Second young master Wang brought his retinue and guards to his wife’s family and convinced them with reason for a whole day before he finally married his wife.

His wife was so happy now, much happier than when she was at her parents ‘home.

Chief advisor Wang’s face turned a little serious, but his tone did not change. In fact, it became calmer and colder.”Xu Qi ‘an’s cousin?”

Madam Wang carefully observed her husband’s expression and nodded slightly, explaining, “”lt’s not as exaggerated as Erlang said. At most, they have a good impression of each other.”

Chief Assistant Wang nodded, his face expressionless.

After lunch, there was an hour of rest time. Chief advisor Wang was about to go back to his room to take a nap when he saw the housekeeper rushing in. He stood at the door of the inner hall and said,

“Old master, Minister sun from the Ministry of Justice has come to visit.”

At this time … “Please invite him to my study,” chief advisor Wang was a little surprised.

What made chief advisor Wang even more surprised was that after Minister sun, the Chief Justice also came to visit. The Chief Justice was the current leader of the Qi party.

In addition, there were many officials in important positions, from the fourth-rank to the seventh-rank, but they were all people with real power.

In the study, chief advisor Wang ordered the servants to prepare tea. He looked around and smiled, “”What’s going on today? Did you all take the wrong invitation and mistakenly think that this chief is holding a wedding?”

Even though he was just teasing her, his face was still dignified and serious.

“Don’t think about the happy event, but we have to consider the funeral.” Minister sun sighed,

something big has happened in Chuzhou. Lord Chief Assistant, we should think about how to deal with the next matter.

Chief advisor Wang stared at him and then at the others.. He straightened his back silently and said in a deep voice, “‘What happened?”


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