Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 13: Bring Her Away!

Chapter 13: Bring Her Away!

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The piercing headlights made Gu Qiqi look away.

With a loud sound, the door of a car opened.

The familiar sound of leather boots immediately entered her ears.

It was steady and powerful, arrogant and domineering.

The man was dressed smartly.

He looked cold and arrogant. He also gave off an imposing manner no matter where he stood.

“You’re Gu Qiqi?”

Gong Jue’s cold voice made this cold night a little colder.

Gu Qiqi replied calmly, “You’ve found the wrong person.”

Gong Jue’s face sank.

Obviously, the domineering chairman of science and technology with an engineering background was very dissatisfied with the woman’s answer.

Special Assistant Lu—who stood on the side—softly replied in a respectful manner. “Master, the handwriting expert has analyzed that this is the intern. The person who wrote the conclusion for your physical examination report just now...”

“The video analysis expert traced her here based on the electric scooter she was driving...”

Gu Qiqi’s heart sank.

She didn’t expect that this man with erectile dysfunction was this capable.

But he was just a small manager of the science and technology department in an investment company, right? Why was he so arrogant? Did he think that she would be scared?

She swept her gaze across the dozens of cross-country vehicles and deliberately raised her voice. “It’s tough to work in the field of scientific research and technology development.”

“Long-term fatigue would cause people not to think about sex.”

“It’s normal to face problems down there...”

“As long as there are no reporters to deliberately spread this scandal about you, it’s not a big deal. If you’re dissatisfied, I can help you change those two words—”

She expected that the man would want to save his face and no longer pursue this embarrassing matter in front of so many of his colleagues.

If he remained unyielding, then she didn’t mind helping him find some reporters to spread the word around.

But she didn’t expect that before she could even finish her spiel, everything in front of her would go pitch-black. It turned out that that man had strode over and stopped in front of her. His towering height directly covered the surrounding light.

That man’s cold face was all that she could see as he looked down at her from above. “You dare threaten me? Which eye of yours saw that I couldn’t stay erect?”

Gu Qiqi pursed her lips, looked up, and showed a stubborn look.

She refuted. “The machine verified it.”

Gong Jue looked down at this stubborn girl.

The orange light of his car bounced off her snow-white face.

Her skin was like fat, almost transparent.

Coupled with that pink cherry lips, she was simply stunning.

He inexplicably found that his lips and tongue had dried up. An unfamiliar, unbearable clamor surged from his lower abdomen. His voice turned hoarse as he said subconsciously, “That doesn’t count... I order you... to verify it yourself!”


Gu Qiqi felt that she just ran into a staged crash.

This man must be ill. He must be seriously ill!

But that strange and soft voice in her mind was against her will.

It was egging her on excitedly. “Go, go, go! Go and verify him yourself. Such a supreme-grade man like him is rare. Go and collect his essence!”

“Special Assistant Lu, kidnap her and bring her away!”

“Back to the research base!” Gong Jue coldly instructed.

He glanced at Gu Qiqi, then turned around and got into the car.

The white-haired Special Assistant Lu pulled out a pair of handcuffs in embarrassment. After realizing that this wasn’t right, he dug out a piece of hemp rope. “I’m sorry, Young Lady Qiqi. I have to offend you.”

Gu Qiqi was about to resist.

However—although this old man looked kind and harmless—his actions were lightning fast.

Before Gu Qiqi even realized what had happened, a piece of hemp rope was already tied around her wrists.

“Young Lady Qiqi, please.” Special Assistant Lu said lightly.

Upon seeing Gu Qiqi’s pair of big and round eyes, Special Assistant Lu couldn’t help but complain in his heart, “What a sin you’ve committed, Master Jue! You’re being so rude in treating this girl. You will definitely be despised by her in the future.”

Gu Qiqi twisted her body stubbornly. “On what basis should I leave with him? Let go of me!”

What if Xiao Ning managed to steal the application form but the former found her missing?

Special Assistant Lu felt helpless and could only lower his voice. “Young Lady Qiqi, if you don’t get on the car now... what if my master carries you personally into the car? That would be too embarrassing, right?”


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