Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 18: Little Sister-In-Law, You’re So Savage

Chapter 18: Little Sister-In-Law, You’re So Savage

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Gu Qiqi wasn’t mistreated with regards to her eating and sleeping schedule. But when she was locked up in the research base, she had no way of knowing any news from the outside world at all.

It was in the middle of the afternoon when she took advantage of an honest and straightforward man—who was delivering her food. She feigned nonchalance and asked, “I heard that the laboratory in the northern mountain range met with an accident that may affect ordinary residents. Old Lu has gone to settle the issue. When will he be back?”

The other party pursed his lips but didn’t dare to answer her question.

Gu Qiqi raised her brows and sighed on purpose as she stated in frustration, “Alas, Old Lu is afraid that I will worry. But the more I’m kept in the dark, the more worried I get.”

That honest man was taken aback.

He had no idea what Gu Qiqi’s identity was; he only knew that Special Assistant Lu had instructed him to treat this girl well.

But when he heard this young lady chat about “Old Lu” so affectionately... Could she be Special Assistant Lu’s young and pampered wife from home?

Tsk. Tsk. Special Assistant Lu was already so old, and his hair had already turned white. It was unexpected that he would be in a romantic relationship with a much younger woman despite the fact that he was already in his golden years.

Immediately, the honest man relaxed and said with a smile, “It’s said that they’ll take seven days. Little Sister-in-law, wait for another four days. Special Assistant Lu will be able to return with Master Jue then.”

Whaaat? Seven days!

It’ll be too late by then! Way too late!

Gu Qiqi waved listlessly, “I see.

The honest man thought that she was extremely pitiful and muttered, “Sigh, no wonder none of us brothers can get a wife. Which woman would be willing to stay at home alone?”

Sighing, he was just about to close the door when all of a sudden, a faint whiff of fragrance came from behind him.

A slender arm swiftly pressed and held onto a vital pressure point on his wrist!

“Little Sister-in-law! You’re so savage...”

He widened his eyes with fear. Then, his arm went numb and he fainted.

Gu Qiqi dusted off her finger.

Fortunately, her medical expertise had not gone rusty—she was still very accurate with pinpointing the pressure point.

As long as her opponent wasn’t an abnormally strong man like Gong Jue, she would have no problem knocking down one or two men.

“Silly deer, you must not randomly take pity on someone! Especially women who look weak!”

Gu Qiqi slammed against the door aggressively and left swiftly.

This first thing that she ought to do after escaping from the research base—

Buying a battery for her cell phone!

As soon as she turned on her phone, there was a long display list of missed calls—all from Xiao Ning.

She immediately called her back but it was a busy tone “Doo! Doo! Doo!”

Wrinkling her brows, she decided to go to Qing Cheng Middle School to find out what had happened.

Today was the deadline for handing in that application form so all the students had to return to school.

If nothing out of the blue happened, Xiao Ning should be in the classroom too—making the final confirmation for her application with the teacher.


Qing Cheng Secondary School.

Just when Gu Qiqi arrived at the school entrance, she met Gu Xuexue and Zhu Fen face-to-face.

Gu Xuexue’s charming voice was exaggerated on purpose. “Older Sister, you’ve been staying out all night for so many days that I thought you didn’t want to study anymore!”

Zhu Fen smirked. “Xuexue, you have no idea about it, but she has buttered up to a big shot in the essence extraction room. Maybe she’s doing that kind of service for those rich, old men now!”

There were nearby students—who weren’t doing internships at the hospital— so they asked curiously, “What is essence extraction?”

Zhu Fen revealed a vulgar smile. “Helping old men to squeeze their ‘milk’ ah!”

Everyone was in an uproar and more and more students gathered around to join into the fun.

“Tsk tsk, Qiqi is the top scholar of our school. She wouldn’t do such a thing, right?”

“Says who? Old men love these kinds of students who look innocent on the surface. Won’t they be even more pleased to play around with a top scholar like her?”

“My god! Guys! Look at her skirt. It’s already... Ripped to tatters!”

“Tsk tsk, she sure knows how to play...”

“Guys, how much do you think she costs for a night?”

Gu Qiqi looked on at these people—who were deliberately ruining her reputation—with indifference.

When she flipped over the wall to sneak out of the platoon just now, her skirt had gotten caught by a wire.

That flaccid man from that night might be overbearing, but he had not been vulgar to the extent of tearing her skirt.

Suddenly, she felt that she would rather argue with that overbearing man than debate with these disgusting gossip mongers.

As she was about to return the ‘favor’ to them, her hand phone rang all of a sudden.

The caller ID belonged to Xiao Ning.

Gu Qiqi took the call in a hurry. “Xiao Ning, I’m sorry! An unexpected accident happened that night—”

Xiao Ning didn’t even wait for Gu Qiqi to finish speaking before she cut the latter off with a stifled sobbing tone. “Qiqi, what should I do? I... I might be pregnant...”

“What?” Gu Qiqi felt like she had been struck by lightning.

The young, fearless Qing Cheng tyrant, Little Master Xiao Ning, might be... Pregnant?


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