Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 27: A Heartless Slap

Chapter 27: A Heartless Slap

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Both of Gu Qiqi’s eyes grew serious as she watched Gu Qiushan’s palm swing downwards.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t avoid him. In fact, she had a blade sandwiched between her fingers that could slice Gu Qiushan’s hand open completely. But she didn’t avoid him.

She observed this man who called himself her father intently. She wondered if his conscience would disturb him when he hit his own daughter based blindly on wild rumors.

Perhaps it was because Gu Qiqi was staring at him intently, the expression in Gu Qiushan’s eyes faltered.

But the delicate weeping of Gu Meifeng behind him forced his heart to harden once more.

“Evil daughter! Today, I must beat you till you admit your mistakes! I will beat you till you shed a layer of skin!”

Enveloped by a harsh wind, the heartless slap flew towards Gu Qiqi ruthlessly.

With the sound of “Pa—”.

The back profile of a tall man arrived to block the front of Gu Qiqi.

Gu Qiushan’s palm was being gripped so tightly by the man’s strong and powerful hand that his joints turned white.

That noise was the sound of Gu Qiushan’s brittle joints cracking.

“You... Who are you? Who are you to stop me from disciplining my own daughter?”

Gu Qiushan’s slap wasn’t executed properly so there was nowhere for him to vent his anger.

Moreover, that man’s wrist was simply too steely that it hurt him to be gripped like this; he felt like the bones in his fingers were broken and even his arm was going to be snapped off!

“It’s not up to you to hit someone who belongs to me!” Gong Jue’s face was dark. His hawk-like gaze forced Gu Qiushan to avert his gaze.

For some reason, Gu Qiushan found himself unable to breathe properly from the pressure while facing this young man. “W-Who... Who is she to you?”

Gong Jue nonchalantly glanced at Gu Qiqi.

At this moment, Gu Qiqi was also glaring back at him fearlessly.

—Flaccid guy, you shut up! Who belongs to you?

—Stupid woman, you have the ability to escape from me, so how come you don’t have the ability to challenge these cowards now? You even stretched your face out for someone else to hit. Are you stupid or not?

—Who let you be such a busybody? If there’s a disagreement, I can argue with them on my own!

—Who let you ‘challenge’ them in such a boring way? I’m pissed just looking at it!

—How strange? Why should I let you watch such an interesting fight?

—Because you belong to me, you stupid woman!

In mid-air, Gong Jue and Gu Qiqi’s gazes clashed fiercely as sparks flew in all directions; they acted like there was no one else around them.

In Gu Qiushan’s eyes, they were simply arrogant.

This man was twisting his hand painfully, preventing him from hitting his daughter and even ignoring his words. Where did this man—who was as cold as ice—emerge from?

“This gentleman. Can you release me first...” Gu Qiushan was already sweating from the pain and couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

Right at this moment, Gong Jue’s gaze retracted and he replied lazily. “She is my woman... A prisoner. I want to take her away for interrogation. Do you have an objection?”

A female prisoner?

Gu Qiushan cast a glance at Gu Qiqi with a complicated expression.

It was evident that although this daughter of his disappointed him so much to the point that he wanted to beat her to death with a slap... He was still slightly hesitant to let a strange man take her away.

At this moment, Gu Meifeng whispered into his ear, “Older Brother Qiushan, can’t you see that the clothes and shoes he’s wearing are expensive and exclusive? You mustn’t provoke this master at all costs! A few days ago, a master—whom we couldn’t afford to displease—visited the hospital. But because he didn’t find the person he was looking for, he nearly leveled our hospital to the ground. We can’t afford to offend him!”

As Gu Qiushan had invested in the real estate of healthcare for many years, he understood her implication.

Wrinkling his forehead, he gave Gu Qiqi another look.

This daughter hadn’t gone home for three days and three nights already.

According to Xue Xue, she was fooling around with many old men outside.

Since she was already this licentious, it wasn’t a big deal to be defiled by one more man. There was no difference in being stung by a housefly or a group of houseflies, right?

“You can take her away but you have to let her... You have to send her back alive,” Gu Qiushan stated in false bravado.

Once his voice fell.

Gu Qiqi sneered without end.

As long as she came back alive, it was fine?

Gu Qiushan, you sure are benevolent and righteous on the surface but truly despicable on the inside!

As long as your daughter was kept alive, you would casually hand her over to a male stranger to defile? You’re going to allow him to humiliate your daughter without even a single ounce of protest?


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