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Volume 10 - Dream Eater: Chapter 4 – Hot Springs And Her Dreams

Volume 10 - Dream Eater: Chapter 4 – Hot Springs And Her Dreams

Upon returning to Cherry Blossom Valley, a wave of nostalgia washed over Lily.

“This place truly possesses a unique charm,” Ayaka spontaneously exclaimed the moment they entered the valley, taking in the captivating Sakura forests with an inherent allure.

As night fell, they returned to the charming wooden courtyard. Saionji Kotoka, Minamoto no Sakiko, Haihime, and others were all present. Mido Yukiko and Yuki Mayumi were the only ones missing; they had left to trace the roots of the Mido Clan in Iga-ryu.

The state of the world left Lily concerned, but she realized that, with their power, Yukiko and Mayumi could handle most threats. In a certain way, they were safer than herself and Ayaka at the moment.

Throughout the night, the sisters chatted incessantly. Lily took the time to fill everyone in on the world’s current state and the recent turmoil she’d gone through.

“That explains it. We heard about the chaos and wanted to come see you in Heian-kyo, but the teleportation formation failed. We were quite worried,” Sakiko confessed.

“I’ve gathered quite a few Magatama recently. I’ll have someone deliver them to you,” Sakiko offered.

Saionji Nanako chimed in, laughing, “Haha, mom, there’s no need. Sister Lily is now well stocked with Magatama.” Nanako had just joined the group, sitting next to Saionji Kotoka. Typically, Nanako’s other consciousness, Kagura, would be training inside her. This characteristic of sharing a consciousness with another soul allowed for simultaneous combat training and mystical art meditation, proving to be mutually beneficial.

“Is this the legendary Chief Advisor?” Sakiko respectfully bowed towards Ayaka. Meanwhile, Kotoka experienced a mix of emotions upon seeing Ayaka, a figure she admired in her youth.

“I am just like all of you now, just Lily’s sister. I’m no longer a Chief Advisor. You all are my seniors. If I make any mistakes, feel free to correct me,” Ayaka said humbly, her charisma shining through.

Her humility only earned her more respect from the sisters, prompting them to bow even deeper.

“We don’t have much time. I must repair the teleportation formation immediately and establish connections as soon as possible,” Ayaka announced.

“Shall I accompany you, Sister Ayaka?” Lily asked.

“No need, Lily. Since you’ve returned, you should spend some time with everyone else. I can manage the spells by myself. Your assistance wouldn’t make much difference,” Ayaka gently turned down the offer.

Lily nodded, understanding. She then enjoyed a cup of tea with Kotoka, Haihime, and the others. Even though they hadn’t seen each other for half a year, the events that had occurred during that period were simply overwhelming and extraordinary.

“Lily, do you have any appropriate training methods? I wish to enhance my abilities…” Haihime inquired, her cheeks tinting with embarrassment. After all, she used to be a Mirror Girl.

Kotoka, Sakiko, and the rest had chosen to abandon rigorous training, planning only to boost their strength using Magatama and maintain their eternal youth.

“Sister Haihime?”

“I don’t want to be… left further behind…”

Lily nodded in understanding. “Let me see what I can find.”

Shuten Doji’s treasury was vast, boasting countless valuable items. While Lily didn’t require them, they were incredibly rare and could prove very useful to her sisters.

Shuten had captured numerous women over time, many of whom were female adepts, noblewomen, and even princesses. Consequently, he had taken possession of their treasured belongings.

Finding something suitable for Haihime wasn’t challenging.

Lily didn’t only secure a comprehensive set of spirit power and swordsmanship training books for Haihime but also managed to find an ancient mirror. This effectively addressed one of Haihime’s long-held regrets.

“Sister Haihime, this Mutsukari is a low-ranked spirit artifact. Although it isn’t a Cursed Blade, it houses a blade soul. If you keep it with you over time and infuse it with your Resentment Energy, it will become as potent as a Cursed Blade you crafted yourself.”

“A low-ranked spirit artifact… My goodness!” Haihime’s face flushed with excitement. “I can’t believe I’ll get to wield such a legendary item. Lily, you’re truly remarkable…”

Lily chuckled, dismissing the praise. “Hehe, there’s no need for that.”

“As a token of gratitude, let me give you a massage tonight. A full body massage…” Haihime proposed, her face glowing red.

“Um? No, you don’t have to… I’ll… I think I’ll take a bath. I really… miss Cherry Blossom Valley’s hot springs!” Lily quickly fabricated an excuse and scurried away.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want Haihime’s massage, but… Lily felt as if her recent lifestyle was betraying her senior sister Rinne. Granted, there were reasons behind her actions, and most circumstances were beyond her control. Still, she felt a need to exercise some restraint. Wouldn’t that be the mark of a decent woman?

Watching Lily’s hasty retreat, Haihime looked slightly disappointed and helpless.

“Perhaps that’s just how Lily is…” she mused.

Cherry Blossom Valley’s hot springs were something she genuinely missed. Despite her many adventures, this place remained her one true sanctuary. Walking the pebbled pathway, gazing at the exquisite hot spring made of white jade, Lily tightened her fists, proclaiming, “I must… protect this place!”

She shed her clothes, holding just a white towel, and stepped into the steaming water.

“Ah… it’s so soothing…” Lily rested against the stone wall, immersed in the comforting hot spring, feeling an intense wave of relaxation wash over her. These peaceful moments were crucial, given the persistent tension she had endured during battle. The respite wasn’t about physical exhaustion; it was about mental restoration.

Swoosh, swoosh…

“Huh?” Lily detected the noise of water splashing from behind a boulder. Could another sister also be indulging in the hot spring’s tranquility at this hour?

Perhaps the other person hadn’t expected Lily to be there. Given the fact that they’d be naked in a hot spring, it was best not to intrude on her privacy.

So, Lily stayed silent, relishing her own quiet time in the hot spring.

However, the water’s noise seemed to grow louder. A woman’s muffled moans reached her ears.

“Huh?” Lily blushed, her mind wandering. ‘Could she be doing that?’ As a mature, single woman, it was an act understandable yet still, it felt quite embarrassing.

She had no intention of spying. Deciding she had spent enough time in the hot springs, Lily planned to slip away quietly.

“No, stop it. Don’t!”

“I won’t reveal it! I won’t! You monster!”

“Leave me alone! I truly don’t remember anything! Stop tormenting me!”

Continuous screams of fear resonated from the direction of the noise.

“Sister Ayaka! Did something happen to her?”

Swiftly covering her body with the towel, Lily took a few large strides across the hot spring, diving into the pool behind the boulder.

“Sister Ayaka! What’s the matter?”

All she saw was…

Ayaka, curled up in the corner of the pool

1, her hair in disarray. She clutched a wet towel against her ample bosom, her face drenched and her eyes filled with terror.

“Sister Ayaka?”

Lily’s call seemed to rouse Ayaka from her nightmare, her blank gaze slowly focusing.


“Sister Ayaka, what happened? Is anyone here?” Lily scanned the surroundings, certain that they were alone.

Meanwhile, Ayaka displayed the shy demeanor of a mature woman, delicately covering her breasts with the white towel. But given it was soaked, the contours of her bosom were accentuated, making it irresistible to any onlookers.

But Lily’s only concern at that moment was for Ayaka.

Splashing towards her through the water, Lily reached out and gently clasped her hands. “Sister, what happened… Why are you so terrified? What is haunting you?”

Feeling Lily’s comforting touch, Ayaka raised her head to meet Lily’s gaze. But suddenly, her eyes welled up with tears. It appeared as though she had been suppressing her emotions for too long and could hold them back no longer.


Discarding the towel, Ayaka wrapped her arms around Lily in a tight hug.


Ayaka’s motion pushed Lily’s hand away, causing their breasts to press together, separated only by the thin towel on Lily’s body.

That sensation sent Lily into a blissful trance.

She could feel Ayaka’s rapid heartbeat through their compressed chests.

Even though they were in the warm hot spring and despite Ayaka’s reputation for being strong, she was trembling with fear.

At that moment, Lily cast aside her concerns about the physical boundaries between women. She circled her arms around the slender but still tall Ayaka and hugged her back tightly.

“Sister, don’t be scared! No matter what happens, Lily is here with you! Regardless of how terrifying it is, I’ll be standing by your side!”

“Lily…” Ayaka nuzzled her face into Lily’s shoulder, her hair disheveled, tears streaking down her face. In a move seeking comfort, she parted her lips slightly and nibbled gently on Lily’s shoulder.

Her teeth were chattering.

Lily endured the mild discomfort, feeling a surge of determination welling up within her.

She looked up at the dark night sky, her voice steady, “Who? Who dares to torture my dear sister to such an extent? Show yourself if you have the courage. I will make you pay!”

“Lily?” Ayaka was slightly taken aback by her assertive words. That conviction…

“Oh…” Ayaka weakly turned her face towards Lily’s chest, seeking solace in the younger’s vibrant, fearless, and justice-filled aura.

It brought her a sense of peace.

“Lily… Will you… really help me? Will you not view me with contempt?” Ayaka recalled the painful memory of relinquishing the Ancient Magatama, which symbolized her destiny, just to preserve her life. She had made a pact with a dark force, a decision that haunted her every day, casting a shadow of shame over her life.

Even though she had preserved her purity and was untainted in all ways, she would be tormented every single night when darkness fell. This was an unknown nightmare that tortured one of humanity’s brightest lights, the Dynasty’s Chief Advisor.

That being wanted to make her reveal that secret!

“Sister, no matter what you’ve been through, you’re my sister! I’ll do everything to help you!” Lily hugged Ayaka closer.

“Lily… I once promised you that I would reveal something to you. Now, I’ll confess all of my secrets. Alright



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