Despite Being Pursued As a Villain, All The Heroines On My Side?

Chapter 165.1: What's the layout? (Part 1)


Why did Ruoruo suddenly call me that?

Su Mingyuan was taken aback for a moment. Seeing Ruoruo's shy and attractive appearance, his heart beat uncontrollably.

Ruoruo was really too attractive.

That look of bowing her head and blushing shyly made people want to hold her in her arms and love her a lot.

A little earlier, before Su Mingyuan came.

In the room, Liu Mengning was showing Xiao Ruoruo the roles and scenes she played with the revised script.

"Eh? The role I play in the movie is brother

Mingyuan's wife… wife?" Ruoruo exclaimed as she read the script, looking very surprised.

Liu Mengning was the heroine, and Su Mingyuan was the actor. According to common sense, they should be a couple in the movie.

But now, Liu Mengning revised the script so that she and brother Mingyuan became a couple.

Even if it was just in the movie, even if it was fake, but when she thought of becoming brother Mingyuan's wife, her heart beat loudly against her chest.


Why did Sister Meng do this?

Since it’s a movie under the full control of Sister Meng, she should use this power to turn Brother Mingyuan into her husband, and have more emotional scenes with him, but why… me?

Ruoruo looked at her in surprise and incomprehension.

Because people have selfishness, if possible, she would of course want to monopolise brother Mingyuan more.

If she and Sister Meng's identities were switched now, she would not be able to do such a thing.

"Sister Meng, is this really… okay?"

"What's wrong?" Liu Mengning smiled lightly and pinched her cheek. "Or Ruoruo, you don't want to be Ming Yuan's wife in the play?"

She immediately picked up the pen, teased Ruoruo and said, "If you don't want to, I'll change it right away."

Ruoruo quickly grabbed her hand to stop her, and summoned up the courage to say loudly, "Of course I want to become brother Mingyuan's wife!"

I even dream about it!



"What about you, Sister Meng?" She looked up at Liu Mengning.


Liu Mengning playfully fiddled with a strand of hair next to Ruoruo's ear, and said with a smile, "Ruoruo, if you become his wife, then I have no choice but to pursue him. I love him deeply but can't show him. I can only stay away. Looking at you from afar, the poor people who love each other and silently wish you happiness."

Looking at the smile on her face, Ruoruo felt even more incomprehensible.

She felt that she should play such a role. Watching Sister Meng making out with Brother Mingyuan in the play from a distance, while she would stand alone, drowned in her own sorrow, wishing the couple well.…

"Don't you think it's funny, Ruoruo? In reality, it’s Su Mingyuan who pursues me crazily and adores me, but can’t get my love; in the movie, the person who pursues and love became me, and I became the one who couldn’t get her beloved."

At this moment, Liu Mengning giggled lightly.

But, Ruoruo knew it well. Even in reality, how could brother Mingyuan be the one to not get love? After being reborn, they all longed for brother Mingyuan's love and care, so how could they reject him?

Even if she had long since given up fighting for the position of the main place, seeing brother Mingyuan dating other sisters, and smelling their scent on him every time he came back, she would feel sad and jealous for a while.

But Sister Meng not only did not take advantage of the movie to dominate Brother Mingyuan, but instead fulfilled her wish in a disguised form…adventure

For such an arrangement, although she was extremely puzzled, Ruoruo was undoubtedly pleasantly surprised and happy.

However, the kind-hearted woman felt that this would be a little bit unfair for Sister Meng…

She let go of Liu Mengning's hand, looked at the latest changes in the script, hesitated for a while, and whispered, "Sister Meng, thank you for making such a script arrangement for me. But if you change it like this, you will definitely not feel good in your heart, right? Or… Or forget it?"

After saying this, she felt regretful in her heart.

This was a great opportunity to become husband and wife with brother Mingyuan, even if it was an act, even if it was fake!

Why did I just give up?

But even though she felt a bit of regret, she felt inexplicably relieved, as if… she wasn't that uncomfortable?

Liu Mengning suddenly stopped talking.

She stared at Ruoruo for a long time, and then suddenly burst into a bright smile.

Seeing my beloved being intimate with other women, and even pushing him into someone else's embrace with my own hands, wouldn't I really feel sad about it, wouldn’t I feel aggrieved?

Who is not selfish, who has no selfishness, who does not want to be loved wholeheartedly by the one he loves?

But if that was his wish, if it made him happy.

Even if she felt sad, even if she felt wronged, his happiness was her own happiness.

So that little bit of sadness became insignificant and not worth mentioning in front of him.

However, Ruoruo, who made such a request on her own initiative, suddenly became even cuter in Liu Mengning's eyes.

Ruoruo did have selfishness, but she also had a kind and beautiful heart.

It was precisely because of her beautiful and kind heart that Liu Mengning really didn't feel aggrieved or sad when she was arranged as Xiaobai’s wife in the play.

She even took the initiative to add a kissing scene for Ruoruo!

So Liu Mengning didn't change the script again as Ruoruo said, but smiled and rubbed her cute little head, walked into the room under her puzzled eyes, and took out a beautiful gorgeous dress from the closet.

This was specially made by her.

"Ruoruo, quickly change into this outfit and show me. From now on, you will play Mingyuan's wife in the play with this image!"

"Eh? Eh?!"

Ruoruo was so surprised that her eyes were bulging. She never expected that even though she had already made such a request for concessions, Sister Meng still didn't plan to change the script, and still wanted her to play the role of brother Mingyuan's wife!

"Sister Meng, can I really… Can I?"

"Of course." Liu Mengning handed the clothes to Ruoruo, shaved her upturned little nose, and said with a smile, "I'm not as greedy as your other sisters, wanting to occupy all Mingyuan's mind and time. For me, as long as I can get a little bit of attention from him, occasional care, and a little bit of love, that's enough."

"Because I think Ruoruo you are very similar to me, you don't fight or grab as long as you can stay by Mingyuan's side silently. You are so cute and kind, so I am willing to let you and Mingyuan become husband and wife in the play , and even added a kissing scene for you guys. Ruoruo, this is the reward you deserve!"

Ruoruo blushed a little, and lowered her head in shame.

Because she knew that she was not as good as Sister Meng said.

She also had a selfish side. She also wanted to greedily seek more from Brother Mingyuan, not to fight or grab something. Maybe she had thought this way in her heart, but when the opportunity came, would she really choose to let it go?

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