Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 1264: The Final Decision

Chapter 1264: The Final Decision

The Dark Moon Residence.

“Have you decided?” Catherine asked Chen Rui. After learning of his decision over the phone, the Dark Shadow Empire Her Majesty Empress, who was usually busy with government affairs, rushed to the Dark Moon immediately without thinking.

Not only Catherine, but also Shea, Tiffany, all friends, and relatives came.

“I have decided.” Chen Rui nodded. Catherine looked at the girls and said nothing, but he just hugged Duoduo tightly.

“How confident are you?” This time it was Python who asked the question.

“Maybe… 10%.” Chen Rui replied honestly.

“That means less than 10%?” Isabella sighed, “You want to go to the human world to defeat Quilliana with less than 10% chance?”

“It’s not that I want to take such a risk, it’s because Quilliana doesn’t give me or this world a chance at all.” Chen Rui looked up at the gloomy clouds all over the sky. The clouds had undergone tremendous changes. They looked more and more similar to everything on the ground. Looking from the distance, it looked like a blurred reflection.

In the scene predicted by Kilanya, the “reflection” would become more and more clear. Once it was fully formed, it would overlap with the real world. Just like creation and destruction were in contact, everything would be completely annihilated.

It was not that Chen Rui and Kilanya didn’t attempt to prevent such fate, including everyone who tried before when the clouds first appeared, but they couldn’t dispel the clouds or change the formation of the ‘mirror image’. Therefore, Chen Rui decided to leave the Demon Realm and go to the human world occupied by the Abyss to eliminate the behind-the-scenes controller, Quilliana.

As he answered Isabella, facing the strongest the Abyss rulers, and being in the ‘main field’ of the Abyss, 10% chance was actually an overestimation.

Even so, Chen Rui must go, because if he didn’t do anything, he could only sit and wait for the end of the world. Even if he could barely escape this catastrophe with the power of the Super System, what’s the purpose? The people he loved, the people he wanted to protect, including this world that survived after sacrificing countless lives, and all creatures, would be annihilated in this catastrophe.

It would be meaningless to live alone.

“Daddy, where are you going?” Duoduo, who was in mommy’s arms, stretched out her hand to Chen Rui again.

Chen Rui took her daughter and hugged her tightly, “Daddy is going to a faraway place, but I will be back soon.”

“Isn’t the space between the 2 realms sealed? Even Quilliana can’t get through, how do you get there?” Shea asked a technical question.

“I’ve tried it. The [Star Gate] can teleport me there.” Chen Rui looked at ‘Your Majesty’ Princess Royal who was showing a rare nervous expression, and he smiled slightly, “This is the only advantage. If I can’t defeat the Abyss, I can still run away.”

“You won’t run away.” Shea didn’t speak, but Tiffany did. She knew this man very well. In the Holy Light Mountain back then, in order to save her, he did not hesitate to directly face Raphael who was totally unmatched to him at that time.

“Tiffany is right.” It was Athena who spoke. She had been through life and death with Chen Rui several times, so she knew him better than Tiffany. Now that everyone in the Demon Realm was facing life and death, he would never run away.

Looking at Doudou in her arms, Athena’s eyes showed maternal tenderness, “Son, this is your daddy.”

Doudou understood the word ‘daddy’. He immediately pointed to Chen Rui with his small hand. Although this naughty child often cried in Chen Rui’s hug, when he heard the word “daddy”, he would always immediately look at the one connected to his bloodline. At the same time, he was also the unique “bad guy” in his life.

Chen Rui looked at Doudou, then he caressed Duoduo’s face in his arms and glanced at everyone present. The faith in his heart became stronger and stronger.

“Brother, I’m going too…” Alice clenched her fists.

Kia secretly tugged on Alice’s clothes and shook her head. Alice also knew that going would be a burden, so her eyes turned red.

Adeline and Helen held each other hands without speaking, but they both felt each other’s tension, Paglio, Roman and others also fell silent. Python smiled lightly, “Anyway, let me see your strongest power now. I need to judge something.”

Chen Rui knew that Python would not say this without purpose. He nodded, handed Duoduo to Catherine, and stood in the middle of the yard.

Unlike before where he activated [Pole Star Transformation] and then merged with [All Star Gods View] bit by bit. Now, only his golden pupils reflected the infinite galaxy. His body gradually became transparent with countless bright lights flowing in his body. He looked like a ‘star man’.

The ‘star man’ was filled with a serene presence that was as calm as the starry sky, but in the eyes of everyone, this inner momentum was more dangerous than that kind of explosive power.

“It turns out that your strength has reached this level.” Python exclaimed, but she shook her head again, “Perhaps, you are able to confront Quilliana head-on, but you have not reached the level of defeating her, let alone ‘transcending’.”

“I really didn’t think about being able to so-called ‘transcend’ right now. I just want to…” Chen Rui didn’t go on, but Python understood it very well, and everyone present understood it, except for Duoduo who half understood and Doudou who really didn’t understand.

Although he couldn’t ‘transcend’, he just wanted to keep everyone alive.

“To be honest, your strength… should be much inferior to Quilliana’s. It’s impossible for you to defeat her quickly. Moreover, in your state, the life force burns too fast, even if you want to find opportunities in a protracted battle, it can’t be done… because you will be the first to fall, not to mention that you will still be suppressed by the Abyss Will in the Abyss Kingdom.”

“I know……”

Before Chen Rui finished speaking, he was interrupted by Python, “Alright, don’t move yet!”

With that said, Python gave an eye signal to Zola, who had been silent all this time. The fairy dragon understood. The light of Rainbow Constellation instantly appeared on her body. The power of the constellation merged into her body, actually burning on the surface of her body, then she turned into a rainbow and flew toward Chen Rui.

Chen Rui clearly felt the power contained in the rainbow light, which resonated the burning life force in his body. The rainbow light submerged into his body and actually merged with him. He felt the power of his soul and body soar at the same time. It was like when he faced Quilliana for the first time, a part of the transparent body became more and more bright.

“This is…” Chen Rui was surprised to feel the changes in his body. Since that time, he and his family and friends had been trying to comprehend this kind of “fusion” power, but unfortunately, they all failed. When Python returned, she solved the biggest problem.

“Burn.” Python said lightly. A touch of golden light appeared on her fingertip, like a seed wrapped in golden flames. Chen Rui could vaguely feel that this was the special breath of Saint Fighting Heart.

“When you are burning, she is also burning. Just like you, she must have the awareness to give up everything and integrate her life into the constellation kingdom power to burn. This is the basis of fusion.”

Chen Rui was startled. He already clearly sensed the rapid fading of Zola’s life force. This fade was integrated with his main body. That meant, when he burnt out, even if Zola still had more life force, she would extinct together. He quickly canceled his power. With a flash of light, Zola figure reappeared. Her face was slightly pale.

It turns out that Chen Rui finally understands the reason why Zola has been staying with Python these days, and it turns out that he has been studying the power of this integration.

“The experiment just now is considered a success. The efforts of these days have not been in vain. Then, all those, who have been conferred the 2-star enhancement, only need to accept this ‘seed’ containing the power of the Saint Fighting Heart, then they will be able to trigger the ‘burning’ power, which will merge into your power. Your strength will also be multiplied.” Python looked at everyone with bright eyes, and she smiled lightly, “It seems that I don’t need to explain anymore.”

“This will put you all in danger. The loss of life force alone is…”

Before Chen Rui could finish speaking, Roman had already snorted, “Sir Uncle is being arrogant again. You were always the hero, now it’s finally my turn to shine!”

“For the first time, I fully agree with the bastard’s narcissism, leader.” Delia smiled.

“I also agree,” Paglio grinned and glanced at someone who was being proud, “Since this is the case, I will not expose the fact that a certain widow lover flirted the elf widow at the Blackberry Tavern the day before yesterday.”

“You have already said it. If I were you, I would just say that someone molested a human young woman at the west city gate yesterday.” Ms. Emerald Dragon added. Roman’s face suddenly became bitter, because Delia and Medilu had already surrounded him from left to right.

“Your Highness, please give me a chance to fulfill the oath I made back then.” Samuel stepped forward with a firm gaze. The oath back then was to follow to the death.

“Master… master, follow master, truly handsome!” The slime was brave for a while, but the next sentence revealed his true nature, “Master just has to give me 10 coupons for the Princess Retail Store, 15 sparkling gems, uh, no, 20 plus 30…”

The greedy slime created more and more hands. Due to his negative math IQ, he could only count from 0 with his fingers. His brain was getting fuzzy, and his head was full of sweat.

“According to this increased rate… No, the calculation is wrong. Let me do the math. Now there are 500 coupons and 730 shining gems.” Ms Black Dragon with super financial management skills got the result in an instant. She came to the front of Chen Rui and said with a smile, “Boss, I’m very honest. You only need to pay me half of the price and 1000 years of settlement expenses, then I will do it with you.”

Before Chen Rui could answer, Lalaria also jumped out, “We owe you a few lives! Take this as 1 life! Duoduo is getting more and more pretty. If I can survive, you will be my…”

The first two sentences seemed to be fair, but for the third sentence… even the Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law Auglas couldn’t stand it anymore. He covered the mouth of his daughter who had lost all integrity.

Alice and Adeline looked at each other, pulled Helen together, and made a fighting gesture.

The rest of the people, especially Catherine, Shea, Kia and others, just looked at Chen Rui quietly. Many things could be understood without saying.

Athena spoke to Meria and the others, “Aunt Meria, Uncle Span, Sir Auglas, and you guys, please take care of Duoduo and Doudou.”

Auglas did not accept [Star-level Enhancement] and star conferring. Both Meria and Span accepted 2-star enhancement, but they had not yet comprehended this power. The same was true for the rest such as Joanna, Ina, half-elf, etc.

Chen Rui felt sour in his eyes. His vision blurred involuntarily. He felt that he could only nod his head.

Duoduo, who was in Catherine’s arms, asked, “Daddy, when are you, mommy, and aunties coming back?”

“Daddy doesn’t know either,” Chen Rui wiped his red eyes, walked in front of Duoduo, kissed his daughter, then he went to hug Doudou who was staring at him with big eyes.

“However, daddy promised you and Doudou that we will definitely come back!”

TL: Finally the final battle? Will this life burning power be enough?

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