Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess

Chapter : thank you for the whole book

Everyone likes to read, Zhuzi likes to write.

In fact, from the beginning of this book, the Daxia chapter has been set, and the origin of the system has been explained.

The confiscated pens are only behind the bronze door, where are the moon beasts and the ancestors of Daxia, and the past and present lives of the white-haired goddess, Zhen Mier and Dajiuer. Their clues are connected together, you can guess , there will be time later in the postscript, if you are not interested, move on, and interested brothers can take a look.

This book has always been liked by many people, and some people slandered it, but Zhuzi doesn’t care, after all, the background income is visible to the naked eye. Just be dedicated to readers who like you with enthusiasm.

Zhuzi has written three Douluo books, the first one has a single heroine, the second has multiple heroines, and this one is the most satisfying.

Why don’t you write single heroines anymore, because the Douluo writers Zhuzi knew who wrote single heroines almost starved to death...

Douluo has tens of thousands of works, this book still has a place in terms of achievements, and the likes and support of brothers are indispensable.

Zhuzi's writing skills have been summed up and improved, and he has made great progress compared with two years ago, and his grades will get better and better. adventure

The mountains are high and the rivers are long, the rivers and lakes are far away, brothers are destined to see you again!

Thank you for your company, the end of the flower ~

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