Evolution to GOD

Chapter 196: Alien Attack?

Chapter 196: Alien Attack?

"Believe in me," that mysterious figure's voice reached my ears.

Believe in you for what? I don't even know whether he is telling the truth or not. I just can't believe anyone, right?

My gaze was fixed on that mysterious figure.

"What are you thinking?" He asked me.

"Why did you come here?" I asked. I have observed that these people are visiting very frequently in the past few days. 

One time it was Lucia, while the other time this mysterious figure.

In the past few days, I started having a hunch that I am being part of a big game. If my past self knew that he was going to die, then why did he go with those people?

"I know that you are having many doubts in your hearts? Well, for most of the part, you are right. You are in a game. A game that has been played by those arrogant figures."

That figure sighed. "I don't know. But you should believe in me."

"Why should I believe in you? You don't know, but I have a hunch that you people are playing with me. Why everyone is targeting me? What is the reason?"

"There is a long story, but I know that it is very early for you to face the truth. You should believe in me. Once you are powerful enough, you will get to know." That mysterious figure vanished after saying those words.

I was dumbfounded. If he wanted to say something, he should have said it. These fuckers are really annoying.

I returned to my room, and suddenly Eve's voice resounded in my mind.

"Do you know about anything?" I asked her. I know that Eve knows many things about that world. Maybe she also knew about the secret.

"No, this is the first time I heard about it." Eve was also kept in the dark. I don't know whether those GODS know about this or not? Are they really the puppets of those figures?

I shook my head. Whatever it may be. I don't want to think about that. I know that I am stuck in a swamp and it is very difficult for me to jump out of it. But I have to adapt to the situation.

I couldn't help but recall my life on earth. I was free from this game. I didn't know that these GODS exist in this world and I am a reincarnation of someone. I was ignorant, but I was living my life without any worries.

But now, I know that I am a variable. I am a reincarnation of that man, and I am stuck here to clean up the mess he has created.

A sigh escaped my lips as I moved to my room. Suddenly, I felt lonely. No one could understand my thoughts. 

Suddenly, Eve's voice resounded in my mind. "I am with you."

I shook my head. "I know."

As I lay on the bed, my thoughts swirled. I am really frustrated. I couldn't help but recall the words of that mysterious figure. There is a bigger world out there and these GODS are just clowns who are there to entertain those mighty figures.

Previously, I thought that those gods were powerful figures. But who would have thought that there is such a story?

I shook my head and stood up and walked towards the window again. I don't know, but I really like to stand by the window.

The headquarters were lit up, and everybody was busy with something. I know nothing about the forces. Even though I am here and signed for the forces. But they didn't know that I was a Supreme Level Power user. I know that they would be confused about my position in the forces.

Even though I was the part of the competition of Prime Three. But now that I am this powerful, they would decide on my position.

Hah, life is so complicated. I was really enjoying my life on earth. Anyway, I should not think about that life. Maybe, my life would be interesting in the future.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of Door Bell. 

My brows were raised. Who would come at this time?

When I opened the door. I saw Tanya was standing in front of me. She wore a red nightgown, while her lips curled into a smile.

To be honest, she is really beautiful. Apart from Amelia and Lucia. She is the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life.

But she is an important part of my life. My lips curled into a smile. "You are back?"

Her brows were raised. "You were expecting someone?" 

For the first time, I felt the jealousy in her tone. I was surprised. I didn't expect that she would be jealous of someone.

But I didn't mind it. 

"No, I was not expecting someone. I thought that you would meet me tomorrow."

Her brows were raised when she heard my words. But then her smile grew wider. "I can't resist myself."

She jogged me and came in. 

I shook my head, closed the door, and turned around to see that she was sitting on the couch. 

Her eyes were fixed on me.

I went and sat beside her. "So, you can't resist my charm, isn't it?" I smiled and asked.

She nodded. "Yes, you don't know, but I missed you so much."

She kissed me on my cheeks. "I love you,"

"I love you too," I kissed her back.

Suddenly, her face turned serious. "The situation is very complicated. We have found the trace of those Alien races. They may attack this planet anytime."

Huh? What is she saying? I thought that there was some time left.

"What happened?" I asked her.

"I heard that they are very close to our planet. I don't know what happened to our bases. But most probably, those planets would be destroyed. I didn't expect that these alien races would attack this planet so quickly."

My brows were raised when I heard her words. They are really ferocious. That is the race that those clowns have bred. Yes, those gods are the clowns. But I didn't expect that they would destroy everything in their path. I know the goal of these races. They want to find me and kill me. But would I give them the chance?

"How much do we have left?" I asked her. My third evolution is around the corner. If they come to this planet after my evolution, no one could save them. I still felt that I was weaker than that figure. The figure that killed Tanya in my dream.

Tanya shook her head. "Maybe a month or two. We have to save the citizens of this planet."

When I heard her words, I took a deep breath. A month or two? Isn't it the same time when I will go through the evolution? I have to prepare myself. Eve told me that my body is not strong enough. I would be killed if I go through the evolution in this state. I have to do everything to get strong. I know that there are many resources in this place that could help me. Now the time has come to use those resources.

I took a deep breath and looked at her. "I know that the time is not right, but I have to use everything to get strong. I heard that many things in the headquarters would help me to get strong."

Tanya's brows arched. "Yes, I know that the situation is quite urgent. Even though you are strong, we don't know the depth of those Alien Races. It's best to use your time to get strong. I would do everything to support you. Even Alexandra would not keep quiet."

"You know about her?" I asked her. I wanted to tell Alexandra when she came last time. But she didn't give me the chance to explain.

But I know that she has an excellent relationship with Alexandra. They would have discussed something. 

And as expected, she nodded, "Yes, I know. She told me."

"Are you upset?" I asked her. I wanted to know her reaction. Even though she told me that she only cares about me. I wanted to know her thoughts.

She shook her head. "I know that you would have many women in your life. What I want is you. I don't care about anyone."

Her reply surprised me, but I exhaled and smiled. "I know."

"As I told you before, she would not keep quiet and would do everything to make you strong. We don' know how much powerful those alien races would be. It's better for everyone to be in their peak state."

I nodded, "Yes, I know. I would do everything to get strong. But you have to be careful. I know that you are powerful enough to fight those Aliens but you have to ensure your safety. I would do everything to make you safe."

She smiled, "Yes, I know. But I have my duty towards the forces, towards the people on this planet. I would not keep quiet and see the destruction. Even though my past was not good.. But I have done everything to keep the people of this planet safe."


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