Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 696 - 696: He Chengyi First

Chapter 696: He Chengyi First

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Xue Yan stood with Shen Yuxuan, Xu Yining, and the others. They were all below the stage and not far from Jiang Yue.

When the drumming stopped, Mister Zhang spoke on behalf of the academy to all the teachers. His words were not only meaningful, but also magnificent. It was already very classy and had a hint of humor to it as well to keep the students attention.

The people below, besides Xue Yan, were all very excited.

Even Shen Yuxuan was excited. He wasn’t excited about anything else. He was just excited about the fact that he did not need to study today or do homework.

When Mister Zhang finished speaking, all the students below bowed respectfully.

On the stage, all the teachers cupped their hands in return.

After that, three more drums sounded. Then, the gentlemen sat down.

Jiang Yue quickly sat down cross-legged and sat on the small cushion in front of the small seat prepared for her. In order to prevent Mister Zhang from worrying about her, she sat very obediently.

Everyone looked at her as if she was a lovable mascot. This made her want to look up at the sky in embarrassment.

Below the stage, Xue Yan saw Jiang Yue sitting on the stage in the middle, next to Mister Zhang. She looked small, was dressed in red, and carved like jade. Whether it was on the stage or below the stage, she was eye-catching to all…To be honest, Jiang Yue really did look like a mascot.

Xue Yan coughed dryly before he was dragged to the game area by Shen

Yuxuan. Xu Yining was even more direct, pressing him down onto a stool.

In front of him was a chessboard, and beside him was a jar of white chess pieces.

Opposite him, his classmate and good friend, He Chengyi, had already sat down and asked him to come over. He immediately smiled and cupped his hands. “Please.”

He Chengyi was the second place winner of the cultural gathering last year and the year before. He thought that his good friend Xue Yan would not be here this year, and he himself did not plan to participate if Xue Yan wasn’t here. It would have been too boring for him.

Others were no match for him, but he was far from being a match for his good friend Xue Yan.

Therefore, when Chengyi heard that Xue Yan was participating, he wanted to compete with him. Only then will he know how much he had improved after another year.

Now that all the gentlemen had sat down, it meant that the cultural gathering had begun. They could start the battle.

How could Xue Yan not know the thoughts of this schoolmate and good

friend, but there was no other way to avoid all this. He was already forced to sit here, and his schoolmate and good friend had also cupped their hands for him, so he could only shake hands with his opponent. “Shall we?

The second place was fighting with the first place again. Many people were notified of the news and immediately went over to watch.

They surrounded Xue Yan and He Chengyi until a strong wall formed.

Shen Yuxuan and Xu Yining were both trapped inside and could not get out even if they wanted to.

With so many people surrounding them, Mister Qi, who was sitting on the high platform, could not see it at all. He stood up anxiously and stretched his neck to look.

These were the two students he was most proud of. Unfortunately, he could not get a good look at their game. Therefore, Mister Qi walked off the stage.

Someone saw him coming and quickly made way.

The others took advantage of the loophole and wanted to follow Mister Qi in to take a look, but many of them could not see it themselves, so they only let Mister Qi in.

Xue Yan and He Chengyi were shocked when they saw Mister Qi come down from the stage and squeeze in. Then, they quickly put down the chess pieces in their hands and stood up to greet Mister Qi.

Mister Qi returned the greeting and tucked his hands into his sleeves. He looked at the situation on the chessboard and urged, “Continue.”

He Chengyi sat down again.

Xue Yan broke out in a sweat, but still sat down and played against He


In a game of chess between gentlemen, one should not give chances. Giving a chance would be considered disrespectful to the other party..


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