Glory [e-sports]

Chapter 253.2: We’ll always keep playing.

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editor: apricot

It had been a long time since Wei Xiao had soloed with Lu Feng. He was quite excited about seizing this difficult-to-come-by opportunity.

In the early stages, the death knight could beat up the shadow thief in the same way that the berserker warrior could suppress the berserker thief.

However, in the later stages, it would depend on their level of skill.

There was no need to question Close’s death knight, and Wei Xiao’s shadow thief had also grown rapidly; his nine light arcs, which had originally required debuffs to brush out, had gradually become something he could brush out at will. This was especially the case in 1v1s against Close, where his success rate had reached 99%.

Close had exhibited his famous double standards all the way to the end.

During this entire game, he hadn’t once entered direct conflict with Wei Xiao. Even when they met in team fights, his skills would fly toward the berserker warrior, and he hadn’t interrupted Wei Xiao’s skills once.

As Yuan Ze had said, he’d gone overboard with taking it easy on them with acting that was good enough to compete for the golden broom (meaning this acting was too fake and the Oscars wouldn’t accept it).

But now, Wei Xiao clearly wanted to solo with him, so the death knight grew serious.

His heavy blade swung mercilessly, and his ability to interrupt combo moves could only be called deadly accurate.

Wei Xiao became even more excited. He turned sideways to dodge the death knight’s strengthened basic attack, then dodged low behind him to try and land a new critical hit mark. Lu Feng saw through his moves at a glance, and at the moment when his skills almost landed, he instantly switched to his light form. His three dogs charged forth, and he shifted slightly to avoid the shadow thief’s attack from behind.

At this time, Old G had already fallen to the ground. He watched as the death knight and shadow thief soloed together and only felt his heart thud in fright.

The death knight was even more on point.

The shadow thief had also become even better.

Unfortunately, the singles competition had been changed to a new competition system. Otherwise…

Oh, there was no otherwise, because Wei Xiao and Lu Feng were on the same team and were destined not to meet in the singles arena.

However, there was still Yuan Ze and Lu Feng!

This year’s singles competition would definitely be a showdown between Yuan Ze and Lu Feng!

Yuan Ze, who’d killed Gary, stood far off to the side. He didn’t go up to help Wei Xiao, or try to kill Lu Feng. He just crossed his arms over his chest and watched on.


Hit each other hard!

It was most lively when lovers fought each other!

The shadow thief’s health had already been seriously cut down by the death knight by the time he was finally able to brush out his light arcs.

Lu Feng withstood the damage from the nine light arcs to take away his own jungler king’s life with his blade.

The shadow thief fell to the ground, but his light arcs were still there. The death knight was bathed in the light arcs, and his health bar plummeted downwards. At the last moment, he stabbed his long blade into the ground to hold up his bloody, battered body.

A life like death and a death like life.

The death knight would never fall.

At the end, only Yuan Ze was left alive.

Kim Sung-hyun sneered. “Feeling great?”

Yuan Ze: “Like hell!”

Sure enough, changing wives… oh, wait, changing teams wouldn’t make one happy!

Old G came running back in tears. “Captain, you’re still the best!”

Yuan Ze: “……”

Don’t ask, if you asked, then he wanted to beat someone up.

This lively and enthusiastic entertainment game ended, and the semi-finals finally arrived.

The first day’s game was between Y1 and Pro.

Kim Sung-hyun was in an unexpectedly calm mood. He had even been in the mood to watch L&P and FTW’s entertainment game two nights ago, which was enough to prove that he was mentally in a good place.

Did he think that he could win?

It wasn’t that he felt that he could lose.

It was just that after going through a season and watching as FTW climbed up step by step from their slump, his mentality had changed a lot.

Out of the four people who’d left the Team of Gods, Kim Sung-hyun had been the most uncontroversial one.

He was the one who’d wanted to return home long before his contract expired. Although people couldn’t bear to part with him, they also understood, and even the fans didn’t scold him.

Kim Sung-hyun had done his best while in the Team of Gods, and it was understandable that he would want to return home to continue playing.

However, Kim Sung-hyun had still felt guilty at the time.

His thoughts were different from Yuan Ze. He felt that if he hadn’t wanted to return home, and if he hadn’t wanted to leave, then maybe the stupid higher ups at the management level wouldn’t have been so excessive.

Kim Sung-hyun’s departure had been the ** that started the collapse of FTW’s management team.

After the peak, there was only decline.

The five members of the Team of Gods were all unruly, difficult characters, and the management team couldn’t be certain that they could keep the Team of Gods.

Instead of waiting until they left, they might as well take this opportunity to have the players change hands, making a final bit of profit.

With just this kind of thinking––

––They brutally dismembered FTW.

Kim Sung-hyun couldn’t help thinking; if he hadn’t left, would things have been different?

But there was no ‘if’. Everyone was responsible for their own choices.

Notwithstanding the fact that it was impossible for him to stay.

Li Heran was waiting for him when he went back to the dormitory.

Kim Sung-hyun accepted the cup of milk he held in his hand, gulped down half of it, then said, “Big brother, how much longer can we play for?”

The moonlight spread out over the youth’s shoulders, stretching out over his figure.

Li Heran answered quietly, “We’ll always keep playing.”

Just these five words were enough to make Kim Sung-hyun’s compressed lips curve upwards. He turned around, leaning his elbows on the railing as he looked out at the distant lights. “Go have surgery after this game.”

Li Heran looked up abruptly.

Kim Sung-hyun didn’t look at him, but his voice was very firm. “I can handle the domestic games.”

Li Heran’s voice was a little hoarse. “But..”

Kim Sung-hyun turned his head to look at him. “Didn’t you say we’ll always keep playing?”

Li Heran fell silent.

Kim Sung-hyun continued. “Fix your wrist, then let’s have a proper competition!”

He’d figured it out. This time, he’d really thought it through.

The championship that he wanted wasn’t a one person championship. Neither was it a championship where Li Heran stayed with him and they scraped out a win that belonged to the ADC.

He wanted a real championship, a full and satisfying victory by Pro when they were in their best state, a happy and hearty world championship!

Just like FTW, like Lu Feng.

If Wei Xiao could do it, then so could he.

If Lu Feng could do it, then Big Brother Heran could do it too!

Li Heran looked at him and agreed. “Mm.”

He’d use half a year’s time to fix his wrist, so they could play to their satisfaction next season!

The semi-finals were at 6PM in the evening. At noon, FTW’s chef went to the old base and earnestly cooked a pre-competition meal for Pro.

Wei Xiao began by comforting Old Park. “Eat this, my success rate of invading the other side’s jungle zone is 100% whenever I eat it!”

Park Guizhi stared at the unknown object in front of him. “This…”

Kim Sung-hyun glanced over and explained it to him in Korean.

Once he heard that it was the mystical animal viscera dish, Park Guizhi’s reaction was: “…………”

Forget it, forget it. He might not be able to invade the jungle, but he definitely didn’t want to eat pork liver!

God Kim, who’d lived in China before, was different. There was nothing he didn’t dare to eat, and he was very good at trying things. He was just like a gourmet. “It’s delicious. Eating liver helps the eyes. The little lunatic didn’t lie to you.”

Park Guizhi: Although I don’t quite understand, would it mean that I can see more clearly after eating it? Could it even take effect so quickly?

Seeing that Kim Sung-hyun was eating a lot, Yuan Ze stared at him. “Hold back a bit, are you going to go look for a toilet in the canyon later?”

Kim Sung-hyun stared back at him. “You don’t need to concern yourself with that, eighth place.”

Yuan Ze: “…………”

He really wanted to destroy a certain flower with his own hands, what should he do!

FTW didn’t go to watch the semi-finals between Y1 and Pro at the scene since their game with EVE was the next day. They had to take advantage of every minute and every second. Miracles might happen as they tried to improve themselves prior to the game.

But not going to the scene didn’t mean they wouldn’t watch the game.

Watching such a wonderful game between the two teams may help them come up with new ideas.

It was just that they stayed at the base to watch the live broadcast in order to save time on traveling back and forth.

No one from FTW went to the scene, but everyone from L&P went.

They managed to get insider tickets and sat separately in order to hide from prying eyes and ears. VIVI and AA were heavily armed with caps, big sunglasses, and masks.

Yuan Ze refused to follow suit. He’d stopped at the top eight, but he was still the most badass guy in North America. At most, he’d wear a cap to block out the sun, but the rest of the gear certainly didn’t deserve to cover up his handsome face.

Old G tried to persuade him to cover up, but Yuan Ze glanced at him. “Would it be of any use?”

Gary: “It would! Look at me, who would recognize me?”

Just based on your big figure, your white arms, who the hell wouldn’t be able to tell!

Yuan Ze rolled his eyes. “What about the earring?”

Gary: “…………”

Yuan Ze strode into the audience stands.

What was the point in blocking out his face? No matter how severe it was, it wouldn’t be able to hide the champion earring.

The five players from FTW skipped over the official warm-up segment and the star appearances. By the time they started watching the live broadcast, the players had already been seated, and the competition interface was loading up.

The host gave a bilingual introduction of the players.

In fact, there was really no need to introduce them. They were all peak Glory teams, and even passers-by would know their names. The introduction was just a matter of going through the motions.

Little Ning made a comment. “Quas has a nice hair color.”

Quas was Y1’s mid-laner, and his silver hair was very bright. It wasn’t like Little Ning’s granny gray, but rather a dazzling silver, which looked bright against his pale skin.

After the camera swept around, it finally fixed on Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang still looked the same as usual. He was like an icy spring no matter how big the competition venue was or how lively the occasion was. He always remained cool, calm, and cold.

There were very few people and things that interested him.

That was why the attention he paid to Wei Xiao had surprised so many people during the opening game for the singles competition mode.

After the interface finished loading, both sides began to choose their talents.

The first match, the battle of freedom. What kind of line-up would they come up with?

Even without mentioning the audience, Wei Xiao and the others were also looking forward to it.

“Will Captain Yan use the soul warlock?” Wei Xiao’s tone held a bit of excitement.

Lu Feng: “Yes.”

His voice had just rung out when Yan Jiang locked in the soul warlock.

Even those who weren’t at the scene could imagine how fired up the audience was!

The soul warlock had come out again and was being used by the world’s number one support player in the global semi-finals.

There would be good things to watch!

Wei Xiao’s eyes were burning. “Great, we can take a look at their line-up.”

If they could learn it, then they would’ve really gained a lot!

Regardless of whether it was against EVE tomorrow or the global finals, FTW would definitely use the soul warlock line-up again. Being able to improve it ahead of time would be great!


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