Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

Chapter 324: Confusion (3)

Chapter 324: Confusion (3)

[The Fourth Disciple cannot become the sect leader. The current Sect Leader doesn’t want that.]

The situation in which the appointment of the Fourth Disciple as the leader was pushed forward—

[The body condition of Heavenly Killing Star demonstrates an innumerable force. If such a power was used, they will most likely die.]

[For this reason, the Fourth Disciple didn’t show interest in getting power. This passive attitude disappointed people even more, as the sect leader for the millions of sect members, he considered this to be unworthy.]

Rumors spread secretly that the Earth Demon could not become the Sect Leader.

The chaos of the Black Demon Warlord leaving, which followed the words of Seol-Hwi, but the Hidden Truth Corps which followed the Earth Demon too.

Of course, if the rumors held no truth, they would soon be criticized by the people.

But the rumors which held even a bit of truth have tenacious strength to continue.

Moreover, the more the content fit with the current situation, the greater the risk of rumors staying around.

-It cannot be…

Including the Hidden Truth Corps, who did not care about them, those who directly worked under the Earth Demon for the longest felt off.

A long time had passed since the succession was going on. Of course, there had to be an announcement from the Heavenly Demon that he would make the Earth Demon the next sect leader or an official ceremony would be held.

But nothing of that sort happened.

On the contrary, even though there were movements of the Black Demon Warlord walking out, the Earth Demon did not try to stop them.

-Did the Fourth Disciple just give up?

-What do we do then?

As this continued, the Hidden Truth Corps began to feel confused.

They were the ones who followed Earth Demon for the longest time. Normally they should be considered as the greatest contributors.

But it can be said that with the Fourth Disciple not being the Sect Leader, they would be the first to take damage too.

The process of killing the opposition helpers did not happen in the Central Plains alone.

Was it not said in the past, that if a higher position cannot be given by the leader, then it is better to disperse?

-No, Mr. Seol-Hwi is there. If he rises…

-Do not speak nonsense. He isn’t the Sect Leader’s disciple, and the process doesn’t end there.

There were some hoping for Seol-Hwi to rise, but it was just a few. The members of the sect interpreted the silence of the Earth Demon as a rejection of the Sect Leader.

And it was expected that if that happened, the next Sect Leader would get decided by the votes of the high ranking elders in the sect.

Voting in the Demonic Sect, where those who love power are? It was a bizarre thing, and so the rumors spread.

In the current situation, this kind of voting was the fastest way to bring balance into the sect and end the confusion.

The leading candidates for the position have been narrowed down to three:

The Black Demon Warlord, Bloody Death Warlord, and Seol-Hwi.

Among them, Seol-Hwi was a person who accumulated skills and achieved things unmatched by others. Considering the opinions of most of the current sect, he should be selected as the next Sect Leader.

But from the elders who will vote… Seol-Hwi was probably the one they would be the most reluctant to choose.

-He is young and has no respect for adults.

Some openly evaluated Seol-Hwi as such.

If it was some second ranked leader, they would constantly move and meet people, try to get in contact with the elders and give them gifts.

That was the custom of those in power so far, and it was a rite of passage. However neither Seol-Hwi nor the Earth Demon moved like that.

All the elders who thought they deserved better treatment hated both the Earth Demon and Seol-Hwi.

-In the first place, they say that he is unsuitable for demonic arts.

-Huh, he is weak to the bone. If they are really master and subordinate…!

-I don’t know what kind of chance came for them to have such power, but even the Crimson Hall wouldn’t die. It won’t be long before they forget they had the power to wield.

If Seol-Hwi, the person involved, heard it, he would think it was absurd. Because he had never been strong or anything.

But in fact that was the problem. The elders regarded Seol-Hwi, who did not show them the respect as much as the power he had, as an arrogant man to deal with.

It was the reason why he did not bow his head when he was back in the place or even when he came to stay for a while. In a way, it felt like a huge stubbornness but that was also enough of a reason for them to not like Seol-Hwi.

-If a person who gains strength doesn’t show respect for elders, who the hell will even acknowledge the elder or high ranking people?

The elders are those who made a living in the place by being respected by their subordinates. They risked their lives on the front lines, but when they got older, they were put into a stable position.

However, Seol-Hwi and even the Earth Demon did not say a word to them, so they did not like this. Those who once had the power and strength in the hand, but no one cared about the past.

Being treated like some old man who was to die was worse for them.

-No, just how did this come to be!

In particular, the Hidden Truth Corps was feeling insecure.

If someone was to take the post of Sect Leader through the votes of elders, it was unlikely for it to be Seol-Hwi.

Rumors that the elders did not look at Seol-Hwi were circulating, and considering this and that, it was obvious that the elder’s meeting will definitely take the issue of Seol-Hwi’s origin more seriously.

No matter how much one person was, the nature of person, even if he did have strength, he would still fall into the category of one who did not have a body suitable to be the Sect Leader.

Power was power.

Regardless of whether it was the Demonic Sect or something else, in the end there was the quality of being a leader in this place.

Shhh. Shhh.

The Earth Demon was looking at the documents in his office with a dull face.

Simple snacks and good sleep, he took care of everything at his place, and he hadn’t been out for quite some time. Most of his daily routine was drinking tea, reading a book, or simply staring at the window in silence, as if he was organizing his life.

People did not know, but it was a change which occurred after meeting with Heavenly Demon.

“Fourth Disciple. It is Yeom Hong.”


Hearing the call, the Earth Demon put his teacup down.

Just in time, the person came in.

“Come in.”


As soon as the words fell off, the figure appeared in front. This shadow covers his entire body with a mask and black clothing.

He was one of the secret warriors of the Earth Demon. During this time he was put in charge of delivering news and the atmosphere within the group, but he thought it would be pretty quiet these days.

“It is quite redundant. Right, how is everyone doing?”

“The situation is a lot… not good as expected.”


The Earth Demon nodded.

He hoped for something else, but in the end it seems like it was happening as such. The worst thoughts and ominous feelings came.

The Earth Demon sighed and made up his mind.

“Speak in detail.”


Yeom Hong knelt on one knee and opened his mouth,

“First the Black Demon Hall, and the Blood Strong Hall are moving. They attacked the commanders of the First, Second, and Third disciples. They tried to make sure they got the people under them by appealing and pressuring them through force or alienation.”

He looked at the Earth Demon.

“…I did expect it, and so?”

The Earth Demon nodded as he heard the explanation.

“The problem is that yesterday, an unexpected incident happened in the Hidden Truth Corps. Well… the death of the former commander of the troops.”


The Earth Demon was shocked.

Hidden Truth Corps—

Unlike the other units which stayed in the sect, they followed Seol-Hwi to the Central Plains under the command of the Earth Demon and showed amazing skills in helping Seol-Hwi.

To gather and assess the information, to check on the enemies, risking their lives, and those who struggled the most in death—

They fought from the start to the end. The literal subordinates who stood by the side of the Earth Demon. But because they were like that, they had the most dangerous position…

“Who… who dared to do that?”

Among them, the former commander, Heukgu, was the one who put the roots of the group in, and his relationship with the Earth Demon was very close.

At his death, the voice of the Earth Demon trembled.

“I apologize. I did try to investigate with the help of the Seven Messengers but I couldn’t find the person.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Didn’t you find the body? Didn’t you get the body checked to see which martial arts was used? Still you found no traces?”



The Earth Demon closed his lips.

The former commander, no traces of attacks on the body — he had an intuition of what this meant.

“…Is there a possibility of the two warlords?”

“No. The direction they are aiming for is not us.”

“Then. Is it…”

When the Earth Demon let out this sigh, Yeom Hong lowered his head. They were people who had already known each other for a long time. What came to their heads was the same—

A third force stepped in.

It was a warrior who could remove the commander without a trace, so it couldn’t be just anyone. Maybe someone on the Supreme Demon level.

“I don’t understand… Lord. Have the warriors who retired had any hostile relationship with us?”

“It makes sense if this was a transaction and not an adversarial relationship. There will be those who decided to get a better position.”

Among the elders who stepped back, not all of them stepped back due to dislike of the sect.

They had the ability, but it was because of the situation in the sect. Or, there were those who stepped back because their disciples were doing better.

A position to have…

The Earth Demon closed his eyes. To some extent, he was able to expect this. After he refused to take the position of Sect Leader, confusion rose.

But he did not think people would start to move like this.

The Black Demon Warlord, the fact that he took the commander of Hidden Truth Corps before Seol-Hwi felt like a threat if the Earth Demon did not choose to take sides.

“This is why I was worried.”

At Yeom Hong’s words, the Earth Demon’s gaze went down.

“What are you worried about?”

“The warrior sent to the Hidden Truth Corps. That is why the escort warriors are wanting to stick around the Earth Demon. Couldn’t you be caught and attacked by the hostile forces?”

That too, was concerning.

The Hidden Truth Corps was now a burning volcano. Normal people would not pay attention to this. At least most of those who were in position of their own ranks under the Earth Demon would be targets.

Everyone must be on edge now.

“It is fine. What more can…”

The Earth Demon looked away, and after a moment of silence he asked,

“Yeom Hong.”

“Yes lord.”

“What about you?”


“Do you hate that I refuse to be the Sect Leader? Haven’t you been by my side the longest?”

Yeom Hong did not answer it, and then after a short pause he said,

“Lord, I know better than anyone that becoming the Sect Leader means death. So in order to live, you chose to fight until the end.”

“And what if everyone dies?”

“As always, we will find the answers.”

At those words, the Earth Demon’s eyes shook.

A person who appeared in front of him waiting for death and defeated everyone—

And the one who stayed by his side even now—

It was Seol-Hwi.

“But where is he?”

For some reason, the news was cut off.

“Fortunately I heard the report that he moved back to his residence. And now he…”

After a short pause he said,

“They said he moved to settle confusion within the Hidden Truth Corps.”


The Earth Demon walked slowly, and he looked out the window.

I just wanted to be free…

He could not help it. He was born with such an unfortunate fate. But he never felt offended by it.

In the end, should I just move towards death?

The reason why he kept thinking about it, it was to make Seol-Hwi get a chance to move more freely.

The only way for his idea of romance to come true was for him to step out.

“Where is the Sect Leader now?”

Heukgu died, one of his best warriors. adventure

Whoever it was, there was this other force moving behind the scene. There was just the Heavenly Demon, Cheon Wol-seong.

“…What are you asking?”

Yeom Hong’s eyes widened. He let the ominousness rise.

That should be the case since the Earth Demon was looking up now.

“Tell him that I need to see him right away.”

Compared to when he came here, he looked bright, like a person who had put his worries to rest.

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