Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 1091: Combat Readiness

Chapter 1091: Combat Readiness

In a rarely visited area in the middle of the Sahara Desert, on Earth, three figures walked out one after another through a golden magic portal. In the vast desert, these three individuals seemed insignificant, like ants.

“It’s so dry…” Lin Rui, who had instantly gone from downtown New York to the heart of the Sahara, raised his hand to shield his eyes from the intense, unobstructed sunlight and muttered. He had never been to such a deserted place before.


Just as Lin Rui finished muttering, a slight magical ripple emanated from his clothes, and a refreshing sensation spread from his chest, quickly enveloping his whole body. It was the protective talisman he always carried that was taking effect. In that case, Lin Rui didn’t need to wear the Phantom Suit.

Sensing the magical ripple emanating from Lin Rui, Jack blinked a few times and glanced at him. Clearly, he was quite interested in the unique magical energy on Lin Rui’s body which was distinct from the Earth sorcerers.


After his gaze swept over Lin Rui, Jack’s right hand moved slightly. Then, a wave of magical energy emanated from him as well, as Jack used magic to isolate the harsh environment of the Sahara Desert.

Although Lin Rui and Jack’s physical condition could easily endure such a harsh environment, it was more comfortable this way. Consequently, only Thor stood under the scorching sun, feeling uncomfortable from the intense heat.

“You guys aren’t being fair!” Thor exclaimed, watching Lin Rui and Jack enveloped in an infinite magical defense, shielding themselves from the intense sunlight.

Hearing Thor’s words, both Lin Rui and Jack looked over at him.

“It’s just a bit of sunlight. Can you, an Asgardian prince, handle it like us?” Lin Rui smiled and glanced at Thor, who was already starting to sweat.

Thor: “…”

“Jack, are you sure this place is safe?” Lin Rui turned to Jack next to him and asked again, as Thor remained speechless.

“Well, even the military’s exploration teams would find it difficult to reach this place. And if you’re still concerned, I can create a protective shield for you. Although I can’t create a Mirror Dimension, I can create a large-scale shield,” Jack assured, nodding in response to Lin Rui’s question.

“A shield? That would be great!” Lin Rui quickly exclaimed upon hearing that Jack could create a protective shield.

“Yes, just let me know the range, and I’ll handle it.”

“For the range… let’s make this spot the center and expand it outward by two hundred meters. Can you create a shield that large?” Lin Rui surveyed the surroundings and then stomped on the ground, creating a pit.

“No problem. As long as you don’t intentionally strike the shield, I can even block all the satellites passing overhead,” Jack assured, understanding Lin Rui’s requirements.

“Alright then!” After determining the battlefield’s range, Lin Rui didn’t want to waste any more time.

“Okay, here I go.”

Whoosh~ Buzzing…

After getting the confirmation, Jack quickly formed hand seals in front of him, and golden runes emerged from his hands, drifting in all directions. Soon, those golden runes covered the area that Lin Rui had mentioned.

“Rise!” At the next moment, Jack’s eyes widened, a flash of golden light gleaming in his eyes as he shouted loudly.


With Jack’s shout, a faint golden magic barrier slowly rose from the position where they stood, two hundred meters away. It was as if a science fiction military base was hidden beneath this desert, and the massive golden barrier rose and converged towards the center, eventually coming together about fifty meters above Lin Rui and the others’ heads, forming a gigantic bowl-shaped shield resting on the desert.

“Wow~ Spectacular!” Lin Rui exclaimed, looking up at the golden shield before him.

From within the massive golden shield, Lin Rui could clearly feel the magical energy it contained. Unbeknownst to him, his companions had grown to this level without him even realizing it.

“Phew~ Now, this shield is sufficient to protect you from relatively weak attacks. Even if there are satellites passing overhead, they won’t be able to see us. So, you can rest assured,” Jack said as he lowered his hands after the shield took shape. He sighed in relief and then turned to address Lin Rui.

“Well, thank you, Jack!” Lin Rui sincerely expressed his gratitude, seeing that Jack looked somewhat tired.

Due to Lin Rui’s own reasons, Jack hadn’t continued participating in the selection of the new generation Sorcerer Supreme. Although Lin Rui knew about the existence of Stephen Strange and knew that Jack’s chances weren’t great. However, he had also missed the opportunity to continue learning more powerful magic.

“It’s fine. I’ll keep an eye on things over there and won’t disturb your battle,” Jack nodded to Lin Rui and walked toward the edge of the shield.

As Jack made his way there, the color of the shield, emanating a faint golden light, gradually faded until it became completely transparent, as if it didn’t exist at all. At this point, Lin Rui and the others could still clearly see the situation in the desert, but those outside the shield couldn’t see the three of them.

“The battlefield is ready. Thor, are you prepared?” After Jack walked away, Lin Rui turned to Thor by his side and asked.

“I’ve been ready for a while!” Thor replied earnestly, his gaze shifting from the “disappeared” shield back to Lin Rui.

“Then shall we get ready to start?” As Lin Rui spoke, his aura gradually emanated, and the momentum around him grew stronger.

Huff, huff~

As Lin Rui’s aura gradually surged, the same thunderous might of Thor’s powers surged from him as well. Soon, tiny blue arcs of electricity began to flicker around Thor.


“Aren’t you wearing your Phantom Suit?” The blue arcs around him multiplied and grew thicker, and Thor looked at Lin Rui, who hadn’t made any movements yet, with a solemn expression, asking an additional question.

“Haha! You don’t have your War God suit either, and I don’t feel like taking advantage of you!” Lin Rui’s eyes sparkled with Azura’s radiance as he laughed and replied.

As the Asgardian prince, Thor had a top-tier defensive War God suit in addition to Mj?lnir as his weapon. However, he couldn’t summon it at the moment. So, Lin Rui didn’t really care whether or not he wore the Phantom Suit. After all, he wasn’t fighting Thor as Mirage Knight.


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