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Chapter 484 Missing People

Chapter 484 Missing People

Today was yet another shareholder meeting, with several leading figures appearing at headquarters one by one.

Some looked playful, others looked worried and some were extremely confident in their shrewd schemes, plans and abilities.

Seated in the board office, everyone leaned back into their seats, waiting for all members to appear.

"Hey, where is old Jawel? How come I don't see him and his annoying dogs anymore?"

"Yeah. I don't see Mrs. Vilablaire as well. They know how important shareholder meetings are so why aren't they here yet? They haven't even scheduled video meetings to take their places."

"Wait! Many other people are also missing too. This is their second time missing a major board meeting with no excuses."

"Tsk. Isn't this great? The fewer people there are, the more important our voices will be when making group decisions."

"Right! As per the clause, if any major shareholder is absent for missing from company-shattering meetings without reason, their thoughts on matters discussed here do not count. If they grumble about it later that will be their damn problem."


Many sneered, thinking of how to make their decisions today fully instated.

Why? Because within the room, many of them belong to different groups, opposing others in the same room too.

All 9 in the room felt it was quite good for these people to not show up.

However, several complicated thoughts stormed their brains, wondering if these sons of bitches had secretly sold their shares, allowing new and random game pieces on their already well-designed chess board.

Was this why the lawyer was coming?

Many thinned their lips and slid their hands across their ties in wait to see if they were right or not.

Wei Kwo was the least bit happy about the matter, knowing for a long time now, he has tried to buy off shares from these shareholders to no avail.

What was it they told him?

[Sorry. No matter what you offer, we won't sell our shares to you.] (~v~)

Who was it that said they didn't see the leaves giving out their shares in the next 10 years?

Who was it that said their shares guaranteed them sustainable lives?

Sure, the company might be facing crises now and even on the verge of bankruptcy soon. But don't just look at the cons, look at the pros too.

Until Bankruptcy, they still have an immeasurable status that can venture into places across the Capital city and other terrorizes that only the super wealthy mix in.

Almost always, they are recognized and given perks for free just because of their unique positions as major shareholders who make millions a year.

Another pro was that their top positions allow them to blatantly become thieves before bankruptcy.


Their embezzling might be what eventually causes the company's fall, but before it goes down shouldn't they take as much as they can from it to secure their continuous lavish lifestyle?

Only those in top high positions can bribe and threaten those below to send the money their way.

Understand that sometimes, they took on contracts and budgeted 3~5 times more for contract completion, pocketing the rest, knowing there was truly no one to hold them down here.

They also gathered as much money as they could to buy shares in other up-and-coming companies.

They also scrambled to buy shares from the other major families within the famous Big 6, like the Ghu, Su, Hou and Gia.



Although the Gias were mostly a military family, they too ventured into business, though their businesses also focused on combat too.

Understand that the Gias have the top best privately owned Guard training schools and camps scattered around the country.

You want a professional guard on your estate, then you go to their companies to sort the matter out.

The guards they provide also came in tiers, levels and classes, with some even having S-tier abilities.

They also train some of them on how to become outstanding butlers since almost all wealthy families get their butlers from them.

Butlers also send their children or protégés to the training academy to take their places once they retire.

Wealthy homes always need Assassin-level butlers scattered around their many villas and mansions.


Remember that people like old Hou had several sons, with the clan heir staying in the main metal, while his other children stayed in privately owned villas of their buying.

So who ensures everything is in top shape there? Of course, the butler's belonging to their children.


Old Hou's butler will remain in his main mansion, taking care of the heir. But the other children had to get the same deadly assassin class butlers who graduated from the academy too.

In the future, a majority of children will also branch out, buying villas of their own across the country, and will also get new butlers and guards of their own too.

The Gias's guard and agencies were uncountable to count across the country.

They often leave their competition in the dust because the Gias do have the resources to train the best of the best, as well as attain the latest model weapons for training sessions.

They even trained their guards to be low-key tech people because when guarding such vast estates belonging to the wealthy, security surveillance and other factors are key.

In the end, you just can't compare with the Gias, leading to over 99% of wealthy families, especially the up-and-coming ones, to use or permanently hire their trainees.

Mind you, these businesses are already stinkingly rich and worthy of worldwide awe from the basses.

But what is even more shocking is that many speculate this wealth only contributes to 7~2% of their wealth.

It cannot be stressed enough just how powerful their military influence is.

Their family was the founding families stationed right next to the ears of the many emperors leading the strongest dynasty before the Country's founding period when they went into the ear of guns and voting.

At that time, the Gias already had their teeth sunk into all matters, even becoming shareholders in something like military operations.

Why? Because at the start, they contributed a lot of their wealth and lands to open barracks.

It wasn't for free. ( →^w^→)

At that time, the country experienced poverty because of the many wars. But the Gias came through, turning the country into what it was today thanks to their many efforts back then.

This was why whether it was police work, marines, navy, air forces and Barack operations, they were in it all.


All in all, many shareholders spent their time hoarding money to buy shares from the companies belonging to the Big 6 while maintaining their shareholder status within the Tian company.

Now seeing Lawyer Lee enter the conference room, they couldn't help wondering if their guesses were true or not.

Who is it?

Who is the new toy in their playhouse?

Even Wei Kwo wasn't prepared for the shock he was about to receive.

"You-you-you! Nephew Tian! What are you doing here?"



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