I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 548

Chapter 548 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chi Qian’s long-lost sensation of victory!

Hearing what Chi Qian said, Lin Yuan raised his head and looked at her.

Chi Qian was smiling right now.

And Lin Yuan knows why.

Chi Qian wants to compete again.

She wanted to compete in table tennis.

And Chi Qian’s table tennis skill is definitely not bad.

After all, according to Chi Qian, her grandfather represented the country in international competitions.

And so, Chi Qian’s skills definitely should be good.

Adding to Chi Qian’s physique, she may be as good as that of the representative of the national team or maybe even better.

The country’s place in this sport is quite good to put in comparison with other countries.

Chi Qian’s table tennis level is indeed very good.

She is still quite confident as she can fight 30 rounds with her grandfather.

Although her grandfather may not be young anymore, his experience in the sport is vast. So, although his physical strength has declined, he is still at the level of a national athlete.

So, Chi Qian is quite confident in table tennis.

But of course, Lin Yuan would not refuse.

Although his table tennis skill is average, it is not impossible to improve it.

He can always add skill points.

So for the competition proposed by Chi Qian, Lin Yuan just smiled and nodded in response.

“Okay. Let us try.”

Seeing Lin Yuan and Chi Qian walking towards the table tennis table, Yu Shanshan and Song Yuwei stopped.

And then they walked towards the two.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian are loading rackets and table tennis balls from the box on the table.

Seeing them taking out the table tennis balls and racket, Yu Shanshan immediately asked: “Huh, Qian Qian, do you want to play with my cousin?”

Chi Qian clenched the table tennis racket then smiled at Yu Shanshan and said: “Hmmn, I want to play with Brother Lin Yuan.”

After saying that, Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan.

Yu Shanshan also nodded.

It looked like it was just for fun.

But Lin Yuan could see the seriousness in Chi Qian’s eyes.

Obviously, Chi Qian still wants to beat him.

“Let’s go.” Lin Yuan held the racket.

The two stood on each side of the table tennis table.

Chi Qian held the racket and the ball.

Obviously, Chi Qian will serve first.

But Chi Qian did not rush it.

Instead, she said: “Brother Lin Yuan, four wins in seven games. Whoever wins four times out of seven games wins and whoever loses each time serves. How about it?”

She said it was just for fun but also laid out the rules.

Obviously, Chi Qian still places importance on winning against him.

Lin Yuan nodded and said: “Okay.”

“Then I will serve first, Brother Lin Yuan. Don’t you mind?”

“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

After getting Lin Yuan’s confirmation, Chi Qian’s slender and white hand gripped the racket tightly.

Chi Qian has a forehand grip while Lin Yuan has a backhand grip.

Chi Qian held the ball in her other hand.

She is about to serve.

However, Lin Yuan did not choose to directly improve his table tennis skill immediately.

He wants to try first.

After all, his physique and strength right now are no joke.

Whether it is reaction or control, he can be compared to Superman.

Compared to Chi Qian’s physique, he is stronger.

So Lin Yuan plans not to upgrade his table tennis skill first.

After all, for table tennis and similar sports, reaction is the foundation.

Seeing Lin Yuan nod and looked ready, Chi Qian served lightly.

She served the table tennis ball.

It traveled in a beat and boom!

Chi Qian just served but her aggression has already been reflected.

The table tennis ball flew extremely fast.

It flew towards Lin Yuan at a complex angle and at a breakneck speed.

Yu Shanshan on the side did not even see clearly.

Only the shadow of the ball can be seen.

But in the eyes of Lin Yuan, the ball has nowhere to hide.

He can see it clearly.

The table tennis ball kept spinning to the right in the air.

If he hits it back to the right, the ball might slide directly out of the table.

So Lin Yuan turned slightly to the left while hitting the ball.


The table tennis ball was returned back smoothly.

Seeing the ball being hit back smoothly, Chi Qian was not surprised.

After all, she also knows very well about Lin Yuan’s physique.

She also knows that Lin Yuan’s physique is better than hers.

It would be weird if Lin Yuan couldn’t hit the ball back.

After the ball hit her half table, she swung the racket accurately and hit back.

Lin Yuan can still see clearly Chi Qian’s actions.

Same as the one before, Lin Yuan continued to swing the racket and hit the ball back smoothly for some time.

But after a while, it did not go smoothly as before.

The ball was hit back but did not fall on Chi Qian’s half table.

Instead, it fell directly outside the table!

Lin Yuan squeezed the racket.

He understood he had exerted a little more force.

His control of his strength is absolutely not bad, even better than Chi Qian.

But for the specific degree of strength required in playing table tennis, obviously, Chi Qian knew better.

Just now, Chi Qian showed she knew better in terms of angle and technique in table tennis.

So Lin Yuan hit the ball directly out of the table.

Lin Yuan looked up and saw the smile on Chi Qian’s face and her shining eyes.

“Brother Lin Yuan, it is now 1 to 0.” After a long time, Chi Qian feels like she’s going to be able to beat Lin Yuan.adventure


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