I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1877 - 1877 Yan Wuse, Save Me! (1)

1877 Yan Wuse, Save Me! (1)
A cry of pain and sorrow resounded.

A mass of the Body of Consciousness exploded out of the back of Number Two, but it was not Number Two’s residual consciousness. It belonged to…

“Situ Yongren?”

Hearing this cry, Xu Xiaoshou was stunned by the familiar fluctuations produced by the expulsion of Body of Consciousness through the Deity Taming Whip.

“Let me go! Let me go!”

With just one lash, Situ Yongren’s Body of Consciousness seemed completely destroyed.

Stripped of Number Two’s protection, Situ Yongren could not even withstand a single blow. He was instantly assimilated by the power of the Secular Sword, as if all his physical pains had dissipated into thin air. Bowing from a distance, his consciousness swirled and convulsed, coalescing into a cloud.

“I… I humbly stand before you, Master Siren…”


The Deity Taming Whip did not cease and lashed once again.

Amidst the fluttering red plum blossoms, ancient characters shattered once more.

There were hardly any characters left on Number Two’s back, as if his flesh and blood had been drained.


Another cry of agony rang out.

This time, it was not just a twisted and convulsing Body of Consciousness that was extracted.

There was also an illusory eyeball that did not seem to belong to this Falling Flower World.

“What is this…”

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes widened in surprise as he recognized it to be Jiang Buyi’s Body of Consciousness that was swallowed by Number Two earlier.

Was he also extracted?

Would all disobedient consciousness be expelled by the Deity Taming Whip?

And that eyeball…

Xu Xiaoshou could not see or touch it, but he could easily sense the intense aura of catastrophe emanating from it.

The Three Tribulation Eyes?

Recalling Lei Xi’er’s previous speculation, Xu Xiaoshou wanted to pull her out and ask her about it.

But he refrained from taking the risk.

Master Siren’s battle with Number Two’s Body of Consciousness in the Arena was a horrifying sight to behold. Xu Xiaoshou could not help but feel that he might get caught in the crossfire at any moment.

How could Lei Xi’er be placed in harm’s path?

Bereft of protection, Jiang Buyi could only resist for less than three breaths of time before his weakened Body of Consciousness succumbed to the power of the Secular Sword.

“I humbly stand before you, Master Siren…”

Jiang Buyi bowed from a distance. He was in a slightly better state than Situ Yongren, but not by much.


The Deity Taming Whip no longer paid any attention to these two subjugated, or rather, edified individuals, and lashed out once again.

Enduring the pain of two strikes without making a sound, Number Two, who had been trying to resist the third strike of the Three Streams of Red Plum Blossoms, finally reached his limit.

“Ugh… ah…”

Involuntary twitches escaped his mouth.

And as the third attack of the Deity Taming Whip struck his back, it burst open as he released a breath.


Countless ancient characters exploded.

The structured form of Number Two’s Body of Consciousness shattered like water splashing from a giant stone sinking into the sea, scattering in all directions and losing its ability to reform.

In the Falling Flower World, the fluttering red plum blossoms danced alongside those ancient characters.

As the ancient characters, carrying remnants of Number Two’s consciousness, made contact with the sword energy of the red plum blossoms, they briefly halted in mid-air amidst the swirling red dust.

Then, they turned and bowed toward Mei Siren, who stood high with a sword image on his back.

“I humbly stand before you, Master Siren…”

“I humbly stand before you, Master Siren…”

The voices of Number Two echoed from all directions.
Carrying a sense of reverence, the folded ancient characters rushed forward like eager students in the presence of their teacher.

Goosebumps spread across Xu Xiaoshou’s body as he listened, unable to hide the turmoil in his dark eyes.

He had known that Master Siren was strong, but he did not know that Master Siren could be this powerful after achieving sanctification!

He had thought that the liberated Divine Oracle was already invincible.

Little did he expect that even Number Two, who had nearly rendered him and Five Decays of Heaven and Man completely incapacitated, could be effortlessly dealt with by Master Siren. He skillfully led him into a realm of consciousness that favored his own advantage in battle.

And it was a scenario of stringing up and whipping the opponent… quite literally!

Only now did Xu Xiaoshou fully understand the steps Master Siren had taken.

From the beginning, Jiang Buyi was never his intended target.

He had fought against Jiang Buyi and knew that he possessed the Three Tribulation Eyes that Number Two coveted.

And so, he executed the Three Streams of Red Plum Blossoms technique.

The first strike overturned reality and illusion.

The second strike severed the structured form of Number Two’s Body of Consciousness.

And when the third sword struck, Number Two’s Body of Consciousness was completely shattered.

Every step was connected. After the three strikes, the most powerful demi-saint had become nothing more than a fleeting cloud.

“Is this the power of the Sword Saint?”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Master Siren, who remained calm and composed from a great height. The formidable nature of his newly acquainted teacher left him in awe.

Perhaps only Number Two could have withstood the third strike of the Three Streams of Red Plum Blossoms?

If it were an ordinary demi-saint… Xu Xiaoshou believed that ninety-nine percent of them would not have survived until this point.

They would have flustered after the first strike of the Three Streams of Red Plum Blossoms, the Falling Flower World, unsure of how to fight or nullify it.

At least, the real world and the world of consciousness were completely subverted.

If it were not for Master Siren’s guidance, Xu Xiaoshou himself would not have been able to enter the Falling Flower World.

His strength had been instantly suppressed to less than a thousandth, and he did not even know how to use his skills or techniques to break the Falling Flower World.

Perhaps all that remained was the “Vanishing Technique” to save his life.

But just hiding would not change the fact that Master Siren would execute the next strike…

Number Two had already demonstrated this. In the face of these high combat strength demi-saints, this approach would only lead to certain death.

“So terrifying!”

“The Sword Saint is indeed the most untouchable and incomprehensible profession in battle.”

The more Xu Xiaoshou thought about it, the more excited he became.

Because this incredibly strong Master Siren was not his enemy.

And this battle… it seemed like a battle but was actually a lesson!

Master Siren was showing him not only the first realm of the Hidden Sword Technique, the Unsheathing Sword, but also the first realm of the Eight Great Sword Techniques.



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