I Hijacked The Timeline

Chapter 204 - 204: The Curtain Falls and the Audience Disperse

Chapter 204: The Curtain Falls and the Audience Disperse

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He sat in the confined cell in a daze, his vision shrouded in darkness.

He was going to the execution ground tomorrow.

Feng Qi realized that his heart was very calm, neither happy nor sad.

The taut string in his mind finally had a breather at this moment.

At this moment, the lights suddenly lit up. The prison supervisor accompanied a beautiful figure to the special glass window of the cell and stood still.

“Director Wei, this is Feng Qi.” The supervisor looked at Wei Wei respectfully and introduced him.

“The Alliance Military interrogation methods are ineffective against him?”

“We’ve tried everything. His vitality has already been exhausted and he can’t withstand any more torture. The higher-ups have already given up on interrogating him and decided to send him to the execution ground tomorrow to give the outside world an explanation in the form of a live-stream execution.”

“The Scarlet Research Institute has reserved his body. Perhaps we can find some secrets from him.”

“We’ve already submitted your application to the higher-ups. The approval should be given soon,” the supervisor immediately replied.

“Can I go in and take a look at the injuries on his body? They seem to be formed from biochemical modification. Perhaps I have a way to make him talk.”

“Well… 1 can only give you half an hour. He’s too important, we can’t let him die now.”

“Half an hour then. If he dies, I’ll be responsible. Open the door,” Wei Wei said immediately.

After the supervisor heard this, he immediately pressed the switch he carried with him. The iron door at the side opened slowly at once.

“Director Wei, go in and study him carefully. As long as he doesn’t die, you can do anything. Let me know if you need anything else.”

Wei Wei nodded and walked into the cell.

The iron door slowly closed. The supervisor standing outside walked to a bench in the distance and sat down.

Coming to Feng Qi’s side, Wei Wei first took out a device to detect listening devices from her pocket. After confirming that there were no such devices around, she carefully sized up Feng Qi.

“Do you regret it?”

Feng Qi slowly raised his head and looked at Wei Wei. A smile appeared on his face.

“You will be despised by history and bear the crime of being a human traitor until the end of human civilization. Do you regret it?”

“I only regret not being able to go further.”

Hearing this, Wei Wei’s eyes flashed. She squatted down and reached out to touch the scabbed wounds on his body.

“You’re so ugly now.”

“I’m not in a relationship. Why do 1 need to be so good-looking? Who would be looking at me?” Feng Qi said with a smile.

It’s a pity you’re going to die tomorrow. Otherwise, perhaps we could make do with each other. Besides, I’ve never been in love.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qi was stunned for a moment before shaking his head.

“Forget it. You’re already so old. Robbing the cradle is a no-no.”

“It hurts, it hurts.”

At this moment, Feng Qi suddenly cried out in pain because Wei Wei had clearly used more strength to touch his wound.

Although the supervisor sitting outside could not hear the sounds in the cell through the glass, he was also shocked when he saw Feng Qi’s distorted face.

Fortunately, Feng Qi quickly returned to normal. Otherwise, he would really be worried that Wei Wei would kill Feng Qi, who was on the verge of death, in her research.

“Do you have any last words?” Wei Wei asked.

“I can only accompany all of you until here. 1 won’t be able to walk with you for the rest of the way. Best of luck.”

Looking at the smile on Feng Qi’s face, Wei Wei took a deep breath.

“That’s it?

“Um… burn me an inflatable doll after 1 die. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to find a partner down below because I’m too ugly.”

Hearing this, Wei Wei’s heart trembled. Then, she smiled and said,

“I’ll burn two for you. You can experience a threesome.”

As soon as she finished speaking, they laughed at the same time.

As they conversed, Wei Wei smiled, but Feng Qi still noticed that her body was trembling from time to time.

“Alright, go back. Let me get a good sleep before I die. Otherwise, I’ll look very listless tomorrow. Hundreds of millions of people will be watching my live-stream.”

“Then sleep well. 1 won’t disturb you anymore.”

“Don’t watch the live-stream tomorrow. It’s too ugly. If possible, think of a way to block this video. Don’t let me see it in the future.”

“I’m staying up all night to do research and sleep tomorrow morning. I won’t have time to watch it. As for blocking this video… Are you afraid that the other you will be sad?”

“He’s just a 17-year-old brat. He can’t take too much pressure. Maybe he’ll cry from watching it. Give him more hope.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Well, goodbye.”

“Good night.”

After carefully surveying Feng Qi again, Wei Wei turned around and walked to the iron door.

As the door slowly opened, she walked out without looking back.

After leaving the military base, Wei Wei drove on the road around the mountain. She finally couldn’t suppress her emotions.

She stopped the car and looked at the moon hanging high in the sky, her eyes sparkling.

Seeing Feng Qi’s scarred body, what she saw was not ugliness, but a shining sun.

“You lived for the rise of humanity in this timeline. Next, the Scarlet Research Institute will live for you.”

At noon the next day, Feng Qi was brought to the execution ground of the Alliance Military.

Hundreds of cameras were pointed at him. The number of people in the online live-stream kept increasing. The comments were undoubtedly filled with curses and disdain.

Dragging the chains, he arrived at the center of the execution ground and was pressed to the ground.

The execution did not start immediately. The Alliance Military clearly needed to let the netizens vent for a while and wait for the number of live-stream viewers to continue rising before the carrying out the execution.

Now, he was the target of collective anger.

Kneeling on the ground, Feng Qi looked up at the sky. The scorching sun was in the sky, burning his wounds.

Just then, the door of the execution ground was pushed open. Mu Qing, who was wearing Dawn’s uniform, walked in.

The members of the Alliance Military immediately wanted to stop her, but when they saw the medal on Mu Qing’s clothes, they hurriedly stopped and said,

“Commander Mu Qing, we’re preparing for the execution now. It’s not convenient for you to enter.”

Mu Qing ignored the obstruction and walked straight to the execution ground. Tears hung in her eyes as she looked at Feng Qi, who was covered in wounds.

“You have a reason, right?”

Feng Qi nodded without hiding anything. He did not want Mu Qing to lose that hope in her heart.

“Come with me. I’ll find a way to explain for you.”

“There’s no need. 1 don’t have long to live. Even if you save me, 1 won’t have many days to live.”

It’s not the same. If you die here, you’ll forever bear a historical crime.”

“I’ll be dead anyway. Does it matter?”

Looking at Mu Qing, who was pursing her lips tightly, a smile appeared on Feng Qi’s face.

“Senior Sister, I didn’t break our previous agreement. 1 hope you can carry my dream and continue forward. Don’t make any mistakes here.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Qing did not nod. She continued to look at him stubbornly.

Feng Qi felt helpless and could only continue persuading.

Actually, he could also tell Mu Qing now and get her to contact the Scarlet Research Institute. His other self could obtain Mu Yao’s contact information in the future.

But doing so was extremely risky.

It was still unclear who the spy near Mu Qing was. If the secret of the Scarlet Research Institute and him was exposed, history might be changed.

His other self would then fail to obtain the important information left behind by the Scarlet Research Institute.

Just like how the contents of his email had been exposed back then.

After being exposed in this timeline, Scarlet Research Institute might not be able to retreat to the secret base in time and would be targeted by the spy around Mu Qing, ushering in a calamity for them.

To be safe, he chose to hide it.

During the conversation, he kept persuading Mu Qing.

Mu Qing’s obsession was very deep and could not be easily shaken.

The execution time soon arrived, but with Mu Qing present, the executioners could not carry it out at all.

Realizing that Mu Qing might seize him from the execution ground, even the higher-ups of the Alliance Military were alarmed and rushed over.

However, before Mu Qing clearly took any action, they did not attack.

Attacking now would undoubtedly push Mu Qing to the opposite side. At the very least, there was still room for negotiation before making a move.

The scene fell into a stalemate.

Mu Qing’s current identity was the leader of one of the top ten domain combat teams, Dawn. She had outstanding military achievements, so they did not dare to act rashly.

Time passed and Feng Qi continued to chat with Mu Qing.

The determination in Mu Qing’s heart finally wavered under his persuasion.

When he brought up the past of their trio in Star City Academy, Mu Qing finally shed tears.

“Must you die?”

“I don’t have many days left to live. No matter what, death is a certainty. You still have a long way to go. Someone has to carry my dream, right? Otherwise, I might die with grievances,” Feng Qi said with a smile.

Hearing this, Mu Qing’s body trembled slightly.

Tears fell from her eyes as she walked towards the entrance of the execution ground without looking back.

Afraid that Mu Qing would regret it, the executioner immediately went forward and placed the bone-chilling saber on the back of his neck.

Right as he was about to bid farewell to this world, Feng Qi still had a smile on his face.

In this life, even if he had regrets, it was worth it.

The end is also the beginning.

This part of his life had already come to an end, but it also symbolized a new beginning.

When the sharp saber fell, scenes of the past appeared in front of his eyes.

It was as if he was going against the river of time and walking his life backward. Countless figures appeared on the road.

Looking back at this life, Feng Qi had no regrets. He only sighed that he could no longer explore the future for his other self.

A brilliant and prosperous era. This was everyone’s dream, and also his dream.

Many memories surged in his mind.

He saw the agreement between him and Mu Qing at the lake in the night.

He saw Old Wang, who was impassionedly narrating the achievements of historical heroes in class.

He saw Wei Wei busying herself in the laboratory day and night.

He saw Mu Yao standing with her spear horizontally and looking at the overwhelming monsters attacking from afar, guarding the last light of humanity.

In the end, he saw the oath he had made with his classmates under the starry sky before graduation. The shouts of working hard for the rise of humanity rang clearly in his ears.

He personally buried the letters for the future one after another. At that time, he secretly swore:

If the future doesn’t go my way, 1’11 turn the future into what 1 want it to be.

Countless figures intertwined in his mind, writing the history of the unyielding resistance of humans.

He turned around and looked at the path ahead that was shrouded in fog. He seemed to see a brightly lit future in the fog. In the brilliant age, there was all the beauty he yearned for, but there was no end or conclusions.

However, he had already reached the end of this timeline.

He could not go to the beautiful future.

The moment he closed his eyes, the world spun. He heard the melodious sound of the harmonica ringing in his ears.

It was as if Mu Qing was sighing softly beside his ear.

I play a song for you, not asking whether or not you will return by the end of it.

In the end, his vision was corroded by the darkness. Everything disappeared at this moment. Only the faith in his heart crossed the long river of history and descended on another him.

The stars in the sky spun, and the curtains on the ground drooped.

This life began with the lofty aspirations, but it ended in a bloated and shameful manner. From then on, it was completely over.

However, the speck of dark red that flew out remained hot.

It soaked into the long river of history and illuminated a path shrouded in fog..


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