I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 720 - 720 Picked Fruit (2)

720 Picked Fruit (2)
“But no matter what, we can feast our eyes this time.”

At this point, Wei Zhou, who had always been a steady person, could not help but sound a little excited.

On one hand, it was the Level 7 Storm Thunder Dragon, which had sent away more than a hundred people in a day, and on the other hand, it was a Level 8 mutant from the legendary Giant Dragon Family in the Western Continent.

There was no difference between the two in terms of strength on paper.

There was definitely no situation where he would be insta-killed.

Therefore, Wei Zhou had already aimed the camera at the sky above Lake Island.

If this battle scene could be recorded, it could be sold for money.

Just as he aimed the camera at the person in the sky, a golden bolt of lightning accurately landed on the figure’s head.

However, the moment Lightning fell, a layer of red flames directly separated the lightning and the figure.

Although this flame only looked like a thin layer, it seemed to be incomparably firm. After the lightning struck down, it only made the color of this layer of flames dim a little, but it was still firm.

At the same time, Big Beard and the other mercenaries, who had already driven the boat to the shore of Lake Island, were shocked when they heard the thunder in the sky, thinking that another bolt of lightning was striking them.

But then after they thought about it.

If it had really struck them, they would have been long gone by the time they heard the sound.

At this moment, the bearded man, who had regained his senses, looked up at the sky.

Emmm, he didn’t see anything.

However, he was certain that there was an aura in the sky that was much stronger than him.

This discovery immediately made the bearded mercenary beam with joy.

“Quick, quick, quick!”

“There’s someone up there for me!”

“Quickly max out the shield. Even if we die, we have to die in front of the Concentration Fruits!”

“Don’t be afraid of crystal cores. I’ll pay for them all today!”

The bearded man, whose face was filled with fanaticism, couldn’t care less about the cost.

In any case, he had saved a lot of crystal cores and money previously.

Wasn’t this the time to use it?

“Whoever gets a Concentration Fruit will be rewarded with double the price!”

In order to obtain the Concentration Fruits, the bearded mercenary had gone all out.

After all, after discovering that he was far from advancing to Level 7, he had already begun to give up on himself.

Even the Golden Toad Mercenary Group did not want to continue.

After all, they had earned enough money.

However, this money could not buy a Level 7 crystal core.
Until the beasts appeared.

Although he couldn’t break through directly, a talented beast could be much more useful and powerful than a mutant of the same level.

If he could really nurture it, his career might be able to rejuvenate.

This was undoubtedly a great temptation for a person who had money but could not spend it.

Upon hearing the price the bearded man offered, his lackeys rushed towards the Concentration Fruit Tree with red eyes, as if they had taken drugs.

Three of the speed-type mutants were the fastest.

In just two to three seconds, he appeared under the fruit tree.

Moreover, there was no thunder or lightning this time.

This gave the bearded man hope.


However, before the big-mustached man could smile, two huge lizards, each as thick as a bucket and more than six meters long, with lightning flashing all over their bodies and a pair of short fleshy wings on their backs, rushed out from the low bushes under the fruit tree.

Looking at the two huge lizards that could only fly at a height of one to two meters, the smile on the bearded man’s face froze for a moment before it turned into a ruthless expression.

“Ignore them!”

“Pluck the fruits!”

In fact, even without the bearded man’s command, the three speed-type mutants knew that as long as they obtained the Concentration Fruits, they would be able to escape immediately.

Therefore, even though the two lizards were only two to three meters away from them, they still reached out to the Concentration Fruits hanging on the tree.

At this moment, the two lizards moved.

Their two thick tails that flashed with lightning were like heavy hammers as they swept across its waist.

The three of them had no room to dodge.

As long as they wanted to pluck the Concentration Fruits, they had to endure the sweep of these two big tails.

In a flash, none of the three of them thought of retreating.

They all stretched out their hands.


The two thick tails were extremely fast, and they even made sonic booms.

The three of them were directly cut in half.

At the same time, there was lightning on their bodies, making them tremble.

Seeing this scene, the bearded man’s expression was about to contort.

Just a little bit more!

Just as he was thinking about how to continue sending people over to take a gamble, he saw one of them grab a Concentration Fruit with his right hand when it was cut off.

In the next second, the Concentration Fruit left the branch with that person’s hand.

Because two of them overlapped in the same direction.

Therefore, when one of the lizards’ tails broke one person and hit the second person, because of the shield, its strength was offset by a lot.

Although this mercenary also looked like he would not survive, he had indeed obtained a Concentration Fruit.

This made the bearded man jump up in excitement!

“Quick! Go back!”

“Press the button!”

The bearded man seemed to have gone crazy as he shouted at the mercenary who only had half his body left and was still vomiting blood.

Although this mercenary looked very scary now, he was destined to be a dead man.

But he was still alive.

After all, his most important body part, his head, wasn’t blown off.

He was conscious and able to move a little before the blood came to shock him.

Obviously, pressing the button on the Beast Taming Index was an extremely simple action.

The moment that half of his body disappeared, the bearded man looked at the remaining mercenaries and shouted with bloodshot eyes.


“These two lizards can’t stop you!”

After saying that, the bearded man immediately pressed the button on the Beast Taming Index.

He wanted to go back and take a look.

Otherwise, if his Concentration Fruit was snatched away.

That would be interesting.

The next second.

When the bearded man appeared at the teleportation gate of the Beast City, he happened to see his subordinates who had just been teleported back surrounded by a few people.

Seeing this scene, what would happen to the bearded man?

He immediately roared and rushed over!

“Let go of my brother!”

Yes, they were really brothers!

They were blood brothers from different mothers!

What a joke. He had already brought the Concentration Fruit back for him. Not to mention brothers, it was not impossible to call him father.

Hearing the bearded man’s shout, the few of them turned their heads and looked over.

It looked like a Level 6 mutant.

These young-looking boys hesitated for a moment before preparing to disperse.

After all, they were just curious.

However, when they dispersed, a sharp-eyed kid saw the fruit in the person’s hand.

Normally, he would not care about this.

After all, there were many fruits in the beast world.

There were also many people who could eat.

However, the Concentration Fruit on the island in the middle of the lake had recently caused a commotion because of the photo, so this young man took a few more glances.


He recognized this thing.

Thinking of the bearded man running towards him, the young man opened his hand slightly towards the Concentration Fruit.

In the next second, the Concentration Fruit appeared in the young man’s hand.

Then, this young man mixed in with the others and began to disperse towards the surroundings of the square.

Throughout the entire process, there were no clues on the young man’s face.

It also made the bearded man, who had been in an excited state, not notice his cheap trick.

After all, there were still dozens of meters between the two.

Therefore, when the bearded man walked to the dead underling, he saw his empty right hand.


“Stop right there!”

After a loud shout, the bearded man burst out with a rather astonishing speed and directly rushed towards the few young men who had not gone far.



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