Manipulative Harem God

Chapter 241 Pushing Wang Xiaoying to a pit?

Chapter 241 Pushing Wang Xiaoying to a pit?

"Are you wondering why the world remains relatively calm despite the presence of such powerful individuals?" Wang Liang posed the question, addressing the perplexed Wang Zheng and his wife.

Wang Zheng nodded, his mind grappling with the implications. If there were so many formidable individuals, why hadn't the world plunged into chaos and constant conflict?

Wang Liang offered a reassuring smile, explaining, "In this realm, there are mountains upon mountains. The Martial Arts Association enforces a strict rule—no harming or killing of civilians. If a martial artist is found guilty of such actions without provocation, they will undergo a trial."

"What!?" Wang Zheng was visibly stunned, trying to fathom the implications of this rule.

Wang Liang pressed on, "Do you know who currently holds the number 1 position on the Sky List?"

Wang Zheng shook his head, eager to learn more about this complex hierarchy.

"The chairman of the Martial Arts Association," Wang Liang revealed, delivering the surprising truth. "He also happens to be the current general of the army."


Both Wang Zheng and Lei Juan exchanged stunned glances, their eyes widened in disbelief.

Wang Liang observed their expressions, shaking his head gravely. "Now, do you realize the magnitude of the problem we're facing this time?" The truth of the matter was beginning to sink in, and the gravity of the situation became all too clear.

Lei Juan, her brow furrowed with concern, interjected, "But father, if these individuals are bound by the rule of not harming civilians unless provoked, then as long as we don't provoke them, we should be safe, right?"

Wang Liang let out a weary sigh, "If only it were that simple."

Perplexed, Wang Zheng pressed, "What do you mean, father!?"

Wang Liang went on to narrate the events involving Wang Xiaoying and Zhang Wei earlier that day, elaborating on the potential consequences of reporting the matter to the Martial Arts Association.

A surge of anger flushed Wang Zheng's face. "Father, this is unacceptable! That man is harassing our little Ying. Why don't we report him to the Martial Arts Association? We can't constantly display weakness!"

Lei Juan shared her husband's sentiment, her expression mirroring his frustration and anger.

In an effort to pacify them, Wang Liang continued, "It's not that simple. There are deeper layers to this situation, which is why I called upon both of you."

Wang Zheng's fists clenched in determination. "Tell me about the problem, father! I won't let my daughter be sacrificed! If needed, I'll take her and we'll run far away!"

His protectiveness and resolve to ensure his daughter's safety were resolute. He wouldn't stand idly by and let his family suffer.

As Wang Liang unraveled the intricate details, the imminent threat weighed heavily on the family.

The notion of potential slaughter and genocide sent shivers down their spines, a terrifying reality that seemed surreal to comprehend.

Wang Liang, seeing the distress on their faces, continued to explain, "The problem lies exactly where you mentioned—the Martial Arts Association. Senior Zhang Wei has indeed caused chaos, even killing a civilian, yet the association has not taken action."

"What are you trying to say, father? Be clear!" Wang Zheng's patience was wearing thin.

Wang Liang pressed on, "There is a higher power at play here, someone shielding Senior Zhang Wei from facing retribution by the Martial Arts Association."


Wang Zheng's eyes widened in astonishment. "S-Someone more powerful?" he stammered, struggling to fathom the extent of influence required to influence the Martial Arts Association.

With a heavy heart, he realized the perilous depth of the situation.

The Wang family was facing a threat far beyond what they had imagined. Unlike their adversaries, the Wang family lacked deep roots in the martial arts world, leaving them helpless in this perilous struggle.

However Wang Zheng was still determined, "But father, I won't allow little Ying to be used as chess piece!" He spoke, his sudden determination caught Lei Juan by surprise, as her gaze turned more loving towards her husband.

She was the second wife, who was orgianlly his lover and married after the death of his first wife, and even then failed to give him a child.

When it comes to fate of her daughter and whole Wang Family, she believed Wang Zheng might choose to protect the family over her daughter!

Fortunately, he didn't let her down, and stood for their daughter!

Wang Liang, "I won't force little Ying, but she should also be informed about everything, and should be allowed to make a choice for herself."

Wang Zheng remained resolute, firm in his conviction. "But father, I won't allow little Ying to be used as a mere chess piece," he declared, his determination taking Lei Juan by surprise.

Her admiration for her husband deepened in that moment.

As Wang Zheng stood strong for their daughter's well-being, Lei Juan, who was originally his lover before becoming his second wife, felt a surge of love and respect for him.

She knew the sacrifice he was making, choosing to protect the family and their daughter over everything else.

Wang Liang acknowledged his son's determination, stating, "I won't force little Ying, but she should be informed about everything and allowed to make a choice for herself."

Wang Zheng's expression shifted, concern etched on his face. "Is there no other option, father?"

Wang Liang sighed, "That is the best I can offer."

Wang Zheng took a deep breath and conceded, "I won't interfere with Xiaoying's decision, but, father, you must not force her."

Wang Liang nodded in satisfaction, understanding the weight of the situation. On the other hand, Lei Juan grappled with a complex array of emotions clouding her face.

This circumstance had forced her into a challenging position, torn between her daughter and her responsibility to the family. It was an agonizing choice, and she felt an urgent need to speak with her daughter.

Wang Xiaoying must not be thrust into a pit!

She needed to ensure her daughter's safety and well-being.


As tension thickened within the Wang family, the instigator of their worries was reveling in bullying some high school girls.

Zhang Wei's face bore an amused smile as he casually hugged Wang Xiaoying's shoulder, a gesture that left her blushing deeply and biting her lips.

She had never encountered someone as shameless as him in her entire life.


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