Master Of None

Chapter 1944 1944. Corrupted Caterpillar

Chapter 1944 1944. Corrupted Caterpillar

There was a lot to think about when it came to what this might all mean. Walker had already started in on his own theories. He had discovered a turkey becoming a proper monster that has unfortunately been infected with the corrupted mana instead of taking the proper evolutionary steps to be a monster.

If this had not been found, then Walker would struggle to believe that there was anything that happened making the egg born of these moths to become a corrupted egg of a monster. But here he was. It was clearly possible.

There was also a corrupted jungle caterpillar that had already been affected by corrupted mana. It was a good chance to sense how it was surviving.

What really struck him though, was that he would be able to potentially see the differences between a corrupted monster born as one, and one that had been infected by the corrupted mana and forced to suffer due to that.

The simple proof that this was a bad thing had come from many simple examples. The monsters that had corrupted mana gathered in them, had become in pain and lost their minds. Their instincts had been broken and they only looked for basic things. Fight and earth. That was it.

This had been because of the pain that they were in along with many other factors. Yet, it was why everyone had immediately begun to think that the corrupted mana was something that the demon lord and his two demons had managed to create.

If this wasn't the case like Walker's theory stated, then it might be a different thought process moving forward. Walker had one of his theories about the natural mana and the corrupted mana being two sides of the same coin. It would make a lot of sense that way.

The corrupted mana was repelled by the natural mana the same way that fire and water mana were repelled by one another at times. That was a good test of what was going on. It wasn't just the same as purifying poison. Hence why some purification skills had absolutely no effect on the corrupted mana whatsoever.

If this was the case, then Walker would be forced to decide what was happening in a larger picture. If the demon lord was bringing chaotic mana that directly opposed the natural flow of the world from outside the world or from different places, then that was a new issue to handle.

If it was just that natural mana was made chaotic and it was not called corrupted mana because it was acting in the most violent of ways, then it also made some sense. Walker couldn't sense the corrupted mana the same because he had only been able to sense manas as they were naturally occurring. Hence why he was now able to manipulate the natural mana. It also would make sense that natural mana in chaos would repel normal natural mana.

"Look at it, we have it restrained using a special harness. But it is still trying to attack us just for walking in. normally the jungle caterpillars will not eat a single living thing other than plants." Elise made it clear that this was an issue since they, as tamers, found that their knowledge was failing them right now.

Atmers spent generations creating reliable information for young tamers to use. Even those that were not tamers relied on the information gathered about certain monsters to survive. Some monsters could be avoided entirely just by seeing the right signs to leave their territory alone.

"The egg is even different colors compared to what a jungle caterpillar egg should look like. The normal light green color is dull red with stripes of bright green. It makes me think that it is a different species of monster all together now." This was troubling more than just Elise, but if it was true, tamers would have a whole new set of work to do.

Finding these corrupted monsters and documenting them could take years. It was not an easy task. The dangers that persisted while countermeasures and studies were done would also be forefront in many minds.

" Let me use the all around appraisal skill on the eggs. Maybe I can make it work and see what it is. I know I had some trouble using normal skills of corrupted things before. But I can most likely do it." Walker feared that there would be some issues when it came to the skills working, but for now, he could only try.

The first time, the skill failed. It was because of the corrupted mana. But when Walker started to pull in natural mana, the all around appraisal skill worked like normal.

'Plague caterpillar

This is known as a plague because it is able to consume entire forests without issue. It is a new species of jungle caterpillar that can easily consume the most toxic plants and even the monsters that would normally live in a forest or jungle.

The plague comes from the fact that their bodies carry and secrete the toxic poisons of whatever they eat. This includes venoms. Therefore, even touching it is extremely dangerous.

Because it was born with corrupted mana within its body, it is more acclimated to the chaotic nature of corrupted mana. It would easily survive the dangerous environments between the elemental planes where corrupted mana exists without order.

The plague caterpillar is considered highly aggressive and will show its sharp pincers and legs to anything nearby. If it finds anything organic, it might eat that as well. Its skin is easily able to be used to contain toxic plants and venoms but it highly dangerous to use due to being able to transfer it to those that touch it.

If it is able to consume enough, it will form a pupa and eventually hatch in to a chaos spatial moth which is able to easily live between the elemental planes. However, this species does not currently have the ability to travel within this central plane of existence.

This beast can not be tamed by any known skill due to the world being-'

Walker was floored. His jaw had dropped and Elise knew that something major was discovered. He tried to read more, but when he did, he noticed that the system had somehow blocked the information. As if he wasn't able to use it. When he tried again, he received a different line in addition.

'The world limits this appraisal.'

That alone proved that there was more information about this new monster that he could not worry about right now. If he tried to pursue it, he would find himself with a new mystery. One that started and ended with things he could barely comprehend right now, let alone without even more information.

The things he found the most useful though, were the corrupted mana and its source. It was the mana between elemental planes and this plane.

That alone explained so much. The demon lord was able to draw that out and force the balanced manas of the world to break away from their current state. It was mana, that was clear. The corrupted mana wasn't in order of any kind. The system had literally said that it was chaotic. Therefore, it was completely understandable that it would be hard to repel and have within the body of a monster or person that had never had touched it before.

A deep breath later, Walker looked at Elise. "This egg won't be able to be tamed because the world can't allow the skills to do so because of soem reason. I have no idea why but this is the first time that the appraisal was incomplete like this. That's not the good part though. I learned more that I need to explain to everyone about where the corrupted mana is coming from and what it is."

Walker first explained the species of this new monster. The plague caterpillar was something that already existed, but was not this real of a monster. It was a garden pest. Now the name of that garden pest would be changed and this real monster would take that name. Furthermore, Elise was able to understand the gravity of the situation.

She understood that an egg like this could hatch and lay waste to a massive area. Therefore, they had to keep close tabs on every monster and breeder working with them or even within Genesis.

She also understood that knowing where the manas came from and that this species would most likely not survive here was part of the battle. If this caterpillar grew, it would perish because it needed to be somewhere with more chaotic mana, corrupted mana, or else. Thus, they had to be able to understand how to unite the plains if that was ever to happen. So many questions were not raised.


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