Medical Master

Chapter 1751 - 1751 A Big Project

Chapter 1751 A Big Project

Boom! Boom!

Under the control of the young officialling, a luxury car, which was not considered that luxury in the local area, quickly came to the door of a very ordinary residential house.

As soon as the car stopped, the officialling immediately rushed down with three examination reports in his hands while running to the residential house excitedly.

“Dad! Dad…”

As soon as he rushed to the front of the house, the young officialling immediately knocked crazily on the door as he shouted excitedly.

Soon, a middle-aged man with curly white hair and fair skin came to open the door.


Looking at the young man in front of the door, the middle-aged man asked with a bored face, “Shouldn’t you be working?”

“Yes. I’ve been patrolling the coastal area all day today.”

The young officialling who was called Matthew immediately nodded and said, “But today, I found something very strange, so I have to report it to you as soon as possible.”

As he said that, Matthew walked into the house.

The middle-aged man also returned to the house. He looked at Matthew with distrust and said, “I hope you can really give me a good inspection report. In this way, it can at least prove that you aren’t staying at work because of my reputation.”

“Don’t worry, it must be a big deal this time.”

Matthew patted his chest and promised, “This business deal is definitely worthy of your name and identity as the famous Charlie Rodd!”

“I’m an official in tourism development, not a businessman.”

The middle-aged man named Charlie curled his lips and said to Matthew, “My duty is to help the country develop more attractive tourist attractions and contribute to the development of tourism as much as I can.”


Matthew looked at his father and said with a serious face, “I promise that you will definitely fall in love with this project. Your round belly will also disappear because of this!”


Charlie raised his eyebrows and reached out to grab those three reports from Matthew. After reading it carefully, he shrugged helplessly and asked, “Are these examination reports the project you want to tell me about?”

“That’s right.”

Matthew immediately nodded and said, “Don’t turn it down so soon yet. When I tell you the whole story, you will definitely go crazy about it!”


Charlie knew that Matthew would not give up so easily, so he could only say helplessly, “I’ll only give you five minutes. As you know, I don’t want to waste my rare vacation.”


Matthew immediately stepped forward and said, “Today, when I was on patrol, I used some of my privileges to take my good friend to an island. You know that good friend. It’s Riley. You also know that he has lung cancer, right?”

“Yes, I’ve heard of it.”

Charlie nodded in understanding.

“Look at the examination reports in your hand.”

Matthew said with great excitement, “He has recovered. It’s as if he had never been ill at all. His body has completely returned to normal, and all this happened when he went out to sea with me. On the island I told you about, we met a person called Heavenly God by the locals!”

“Heavenly God?”

Charlie couldn’t help laughing.

“That’s right.”

Matthew said with a smile, “In the beginning, my reaction was the same as yours. When I heard that someone in this era is called Heavenly God, I also felt like laughing. But in order to verify whether the so-called Heavenly God was capable or not, Riley and I found a cancer patient in the hospital and took him to the island to the one called Heavenly God by the natives.

“And guess what?

“That patient also got cured!”

At this point, Matthew rushed to Charlie excitedly, pressed his palm on Charlie, and said, “That’s how it was done. It only took Heavenly God more than ten minutes to cure the man’s cancer as he maintained this posture!

“Now, what you’re holding is the two’s examination reports. The two examination times of the second patient, in particular, were less than two hours, which is the best proof!”

Charlie’s expression changed.

He had never expected to hear such an incredible thing.

Charlie asked, “This is indeed incredible, but what does it have to do with the development of the tourism industry?”

“Isn’t that simple?” adventure

Matthew immediately said, “The reason why Riley wants to surf there is that the waves there are very suitable for surfing. Moreover, it is a natural island with a pure natural beach and a very beautiful environment. In addition, with Heavenly God there, the island has a great attraction, which will promote its development.

“Once this attraction spreads out, it will not only draw a large number of investment funds, but it will also definitely attract people all over the world to go to the island for pilgrimage!”

At this point, Charlie’s eyes lit up.

What Matthew said made sense.

As an official in tourism, he knew very well that from the current situation, any place in Autranssy could be developed into a scenic spot. However, because there were too many scenic spots, most tourists would only choose one or two to visit. As a result, after many scenic spots were developed, the benefits would not be as expected.

This was the biggest problem that the government of Autranssy was facing.

However, the attraction on this island was indeed very attractive.

With the natural beach and the Heavenly God who could cure incurable diseases, as a great surfing place, the wild island would inevitably attract countless tourists, which would directly drive the local economy.

That would be a big promotion for tourism.

Matthew had already begun to make a small plan in his heart.

Because the people on that island were natives, they had never been in contact with the current world. In this case, as long as Charlie decided to do this project, Matthew could negotiate with the people on the island as a contact person. Maybe he could make a lot of money from it.

“Although it sounds like a good project, I still can’t believe that such a thing exists in this world.”

After thinking about it carefully, Charlie, as an official, couldn’t help shaking his head and said, “This is the era of science. As an official, I can’t believe what you said. Your proposal will be kept before there is any evidence!”

“Let’s go now. I’ll take you to the evidence now.”

As Matthew spoke, he grabbed Charlie’s arm and pulled him out.

Charlie really wanted to see what was going on.

Therefore, he did not refuse.

They went out and got in the car.

Not long after, they arrived at the port.

It was already evening, and it was not dark yet.

After getting on the boat, Matthew immediately began to drive it quickly and soon arrived at the edge of the island.

“This is the island.”

Matthew pointed to the island and introduced it to Charlie.


Charlie surveyed the surroundings and remarked, “Not bad. There are no treacherous reefs encircling the island, so maneuvering the boats toward the shore won’t pose any challenges. The beach is exquisite, and the natural environment of the island is breathtaking. It’s undeniably an excellent location.”

“You’ll know later what’s the most attractive part of this island.”

Matthew stopped the boat on the shore and got on the island.

Soon, he found the native tribe and began to communicate with them.

Fang Qiu clearly heard their purpose of coming here through the conversation between Matthew and Charlie while he had his eyes closed on the side.

He opened his eyes.

By observing and recognizing the symptoms, Fang Qiu gave Charlie a check. After that, he went up to Charlie in person, grabbed his wrist, and secretly performed another check. He found that Charlie had diabetes.

At Matthew’s request, Fang Qiu began to treat Charlie.

Because he had treated diabetes at the World Medical Conference before, Fang Qiu performed the treatment with ease.

In as short as 10 minutes, Fang Qiu cured Charlie’s diabetes completely.

After the treatment, Fang Qiu waved his hand and asked them to leave.

Without hesitation, Matthew immediately grabbed Charlie, who was in a state of confusion, returned to the boat quickly, and then quickly turned back.

On the boat, Charlie asked with a puzzled look, “What happened?”

Matthew said with a smile, “Dad, didn’t I tell you that this is his unique treatment? Let’s go back to the hospital now so that you can have a detailed physical examination. When the examination report is made, everything will be clear!”

Soon, they returned to the city.

After getting off the boat, Matthew immediately took Charlie to the hospital where he had a detailed health examination.

Forty minutes later, the examination report was made.

After getting the report, Matthew took a look at it first and then handed it to Charlie excitedly.

Charlie took it and read it.

In an instant, his expression changed drastically.

His examination report showed that all his health indicators were within a normal range, and his physical condition was particularly good.

In terms of blood sugar, his indicators were already at the level of a normal person. He didn’t have glycemia.

Charlie couldn’t believe it.

In fact, he had always believed from the bottom of his heart that what Matthew said was impossible.

But it actually happened, and it happened to him.

He found it hard to believe that his diabetes, which had made him suffer for so long, was completely cured in just ten minutes.

Moreover, it seemed that the treatment method was so incredible.

Charlie flipped the report over and over again. After making sure that there was nothing wrong with it, he came to his senses from the deep shock.

Then, he became excited.


Grabbing Matthew’s arm, Charlie said excitedly, “Matthew, you’re right. This is indeed a very good opportunity. It’s a great opportunity to establish a brand new tourist attraction for our country. We must seize this opportunity and squeeze our cities into the top ten tourist cities!”

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