Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3521 Maybe a Liar

Chapter 3521 Maybe a Liar

"What? Madam Ling? You're saying the person who treated your father is actually a woman?" Elder Yang was furious when he heard this.

Yu Chengde was taken aback and said, "Yes, I met Madam Ling on my journey home. We travelled together, and she said she could cure my father's illness and wake him up, so I did as she said and collected the spirit herbs."

"Ridiculous! You actually believed the words of a woman. That's just ridiculous!" Elder Yang scolded, sternly glaring at Yu Chengde. "Are you saying that she, a mere woman, is more skilled than I, the Saint-rank physician? I couldn't treat his illness, but she can? And you actually believed her? Absolutely ridiculous!"

Yu Chengde was embarrassed. Indeed, by entrusting Madam Ling with his father's treatment, wasn't he saying that he thought Madam Ling was more skilled than Elder Yang? However, recalling the calm and confident Madam Ling, he was actually more inclined to trust her. After all, they were no ordinary couple!

Seeing Elder Yang's displeasure, Yu Chengde knew that continuing this conversation would only make things more awkward. Madam Ling was still waiting for him to bring back the herbs. So, he thought for a moment and said, "Elder Yang, why don't you come back with me to the manor? Once you meet Madam Ling, everything will become clear. If this Millennium Blood-Red Heart Grass truly can't save my father, then I'll give it to you as an apology. What do you think?"

"Hmph!" Elder Yang scoffed and exclaimed, "Fine! I'd like to see for myself what kind of skilled physician this Madam Ling is, as she claims to be able to remedy a disease that I myself deemed incurable. Lead the way!"

Yu Chengde smiled. After examining the herb, he gave the remainder of the money to the steward. He then collected the spirit herb from the table and left for the manor with Elder Yang.

After sending the two guests off, the steward suppressed his astonishment and thought: Everyone in the city knows that Patriarch Yu's father is gravely ill and that they had sought Elder Yang's help just recently. Now they claim some woman can cure him? He was most likely fooled!

As the steward walked back inside, he met the master of the Centennial Herbs Tower, who came out and asked, "I heard Elder Yang was here. Where has he gone?"

"Master, Elder Yang has gone to the Yu Manor. He just left with Patriarch Yu," the steward explained.

"He went to the Yu family? Didn't they just seek his treatment for their father recently? Why did he go again?" the master asked in astonishment.

The steward quickly explained the situation.

"Oh? Really? Hehe, how interesting," the owner chuckled. Just then, another steward came out and said, "Master, the spirit herbs that Elder Yang bought were left behind."

The owner smiled. "Well, I have some spare time. Go get the herbs. I'll deliver them to Elder Yang and see what's going on."

Both men were taken aback. Steward Lin remarked, "The Madam Ling mentioned by Patriarch Yu could be a liar. Why bother travelling there?"

The master's eyes gleamed as he said, "That's not necessarily true."


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