Miss Cousin is Always Busy

Chapter 233.1

Chapter 233.1

Qiu Ziqian suddenly thought of Jian Qing.

Before they got divorced, he had also said such words to her.

He felt righteous when he said those words. After all, it was a fact that nothing substantive had happened between them.

However, in reality, what was actually taking place was something both of them knew.

In that case, was Bai Yuwan’s current situation similar to his?

Qiu Ziqian couldn’t help but find this situation absurd and ironic. When he looked at Bai Yuwan’s face, he inexplicably felt sick and tired of her.

“You clearly know what happened in the past. Now that you are my wife, why must you get so close to someone who looks like Chen Ge?”

Qiu Ziqian wouldn’t have had anything to say if the other party was the real Chen Ge. After all was said and done, Bai Yuwan and Chen Ge were still acquaintances, so there was nothing wrong with two friends meeting and chatting. However, the other party clearly wasn’t Chen Ge.

“He and I are just friends because of our matching personalities. Are you going to stop me from making friends now that I’ve become your wife?”

Bai Yuwan knew what Qiu Ziqian minded. However, she simply couldn’t control herself.

Everything she had done, she did for Chen Ge. Unfortunately, Chen Ge had disappeared, and she was forced to Qiu Ziqian due to her family circumstances.

Qiu Ziqian liked her so much. He had even nearly raped her a few years ago. Now that she had already married him and satisfied his wish, why couldn’t he feel satisfied?

Qiu Ziqian let out an angry laugh, not knowing what to say.

“So you’re intent on going against me, are you? I’m not stopping you from making friends, but you cannot make friends with people who look so similar to Chen Ge.”

“Why? What’s wrong with Chen Ge? My relationship with him is already history. I don’t even know where he is right now.”

“Then, if he appears before you again, does that mean you’ll leave behind everything and go with him without hesitation?”

“I won’t.”

Bai Yuwan had hesitated for a moment before she answered.

Qiu Ziqian did not miss this brief hesitation, and he felt his entire body growing cold. He had treated Bai Yuwan so well, so why was she still hung up over someone who had hurt her so many times and disappeared for so many years already?

“I don’t want to argue with you, Yuwan. Stop interacting with that person, and I’ll pretend none of this has happened before.”

“Why should I?”

Bai Yuwan was a prideful person. At the very least, she felt a sense of superiority when dealing with Qiu Ziqian. This sense of superiority stemmed from the fact that Qiu Ziqian loved her. She knew that he would tolerate whatever she did because he loved her dearly.

Because of this sense of superiority, Bai Yuwan did not think that just because she had to be controlled by Qiu Ziqian just because she had married him.

“Does that mean you refuse?” Qiu Ziqian snorted. “You really are despicable, Bai Yuwan.”

Qiu Ziqian never thought he would ever use such hurtful words against the person he loved dearly. However, this word had already lingered in his heart for many years.

Despicable. Truly.

Why did Bai Yuwan find the need to cling to a person who had hurt her time and again? Must she have her heart shattered into countless tiny pieces before she was satisfied? Was that her definition of happiness?

Qiu Ziqian felt disgusted from the bottom of his heart. He felt disgusted just thinking about Chen Ge. He felt even more disgusted when he thought about Bai Yuwan interacting closely with a stranger who looked like Chen Ge.

At the same time, Qiu Ziqian felt like he was a joke. While he was fantasizing about their happy future together like an idiot, Bai Yuwan was still thinking about Chen Ge.

Meanwhile, Bai Yuwan was momentarily stunned when she heard Qiu Ziqian cursing at her. Then, her mind cleared up as she realized what she had just done.

It was true that she liked Chen Ge. However, what she needed to do most right now was hold onto Qiu Ziqian. It wasn’t just for herself but also the Bai family behind her.

“Ziqian, don’t be mad…”

Bai Yuwan tried to hold onto Qiu Ziqian’s arm and stop him from leaving, but Qiu Ziqian simply shook her hands away. Then, Qiu Ziqian opened the front door and left the house.

Thanks to Little Fairy, Jun Zishu got to watch the argument between Bai Yuwan and Qiu Ziqian happening in real-time, and she couldn’t help but find the scene amusing.

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However, Jun Zishu knew that Bai Yuwan wouldn’t simply sit still and do nothing. She would definitely try her best to regain Qiu Ziqian’s heart. After all, she was a very smart woman.

After getting cursed at by Qiu Ziqian, Bai Yuwan’s first reaction wasn’t to get angry. Instead, she snapped back to reality, swiftly analyzed the situation, and immediately started redeeming herself by apologizing.

But would Jun Zishu give Bai Yuwan the chance to turn things around?

Inside a noisy bar…

Alcohol was a wonderful beverage. Even if only temporary, it could numb a person’s senses and make them forget about their unhappy experiences.

Several empty bottles were already lined up beside Qiu Ziqian. Even so, he continued chugging beer into his mouth.

Qiu Ziqian’s life had been smooth-sailing from childhood to adulthood. The tragic incident he experienced during childhood didn’t leave too much of an impact on his life. This was because shortly after his parents passed away, Tang Qianqiu adopted him and allowed him to live the life of a wealthy young master. Even though this life came with strict training to become the Tang family’s successor, it wasn’t so bad that he could consider it suffering.

Throughout the years he had lived as the Tang family’s successor, the only time he had suffered a loss was because of Bai Yuwan.

The girl he liked was deeply in love with another person.

Qiu Ziqian had thoroughly lost to Chen Ge when pursuing Bai Yuwan’s affection. Although his arrogance forbade him from acknowledging defeat, he didn’t think that just when he thought he had already succeeded, his success was nothing but an illusion.

In reality, Qiu Ziqian more or less knew about the matter of the Bai family forcing Bai Yuwan to get married. However, he did not try to look into the matter. In his opinion, it didn’t matter what methods he used to reach his goal. All was fine so long as he reached his end goal.

“Hey, Handsome. Alone?”

A warm body leaned into Qiu Ziqian. However, Qiu Ziqian ignored the other party and simply continued drinking his beer.

“Isn’t it boring to drink by yourself? I’m alone as well, so how about we drink together?”

Qiu Ziqian refused to respond to the woman next to him, only finding her a nuisance.

“You look unhappy. Actually, I’m also feeling unhappy. I just broke up with my boyfriend today because he got together with his childhood love.”

Qiu Ziqian froze, his hand clamping down on the beer bottle.

“What’s so good about that woman? Did you know that he had only gotten together with me after his childhood love had dumped him? Yet, as soon as his childhood love came running back to him, he cast me aside and went back, wagging his tail at her without hesitation. Tsk. Are all men dogs?”

The woman chattered incessantly. Meanwhile, Qiu Ziqian laughed in self-ridicule before he continued drinking his beer.

Jun Zishu spectated the entire exchange between the two heartbroken people from the comfort of her home. Of course, the woman speaking to Qiu Ziqian wasn’t someone who just so happened to have experienced a similar encounter as Qiu Ziqian. Instead, she was someone Jun Zishu had sent.

However, even Jun Zishu couldn’t prophesize which bar Qiu Ziqian would visit. So, the woman was someone she had hired on the spur of the moment.

After getting drunk, Qiu Ziqian also began opening up about his situation. Then, when the woman helped Qiu Ziqian to a hotel, Jun Zishu had Little Fairy stop the broadcast.

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When Qiu Ziqian woke up the next day and saw that there was an unfamiliar beauty in his arms, he smoked three whole cigarettes before he managed to calm down.

Setting his mood aside, his body felt pleased after last night’s experience.

Suddenly, Qiu Ziqian realized that since Bai Yuwan could approach people who resembled Chen Ge, why couldn’t he also approach other people?

When Qiu Ziqian returned home and met Bai Yuwan’s smiling face, an inexplicable sense of exhaustion filled his body.

After their argument, Bai Yuwan deliberately kept her distance from Zhao Ge. She would refuse his invitations to share a meal saying that she was busy. She would also ignore his messages when he tried to initiate a conversation.

Seeing this, Jun Zishu felt it was time for “Chen Ge” to leave the stage. Before he left, though, she would have him leave behind some kindling for a forest fire.

Jun Zishu had Zhao Ge tell Bai Yuwan that he would soon be leaving this city and would never return in the future and that he hoped they could meet for one last time. However, it was also fine if she was reluctant to meet.

Sure enough, Bai Yuwan started panicking.

Chen Ge had also left her life in such a manner in the past, never returning.

Would this person, who looked like Chen Ge, also disappear in a similar manner?

Eventually, Bai Yuwan agreed to meet with Zhao Ge with a complicated heart.

Zhao Ge gave Bai Yuwan a parting hug before they bid goodbye. However, outside of Bai Yuwan’s view, he wore a satisfied and happy smile.

The private investigator naturally captured this scene and sent it to Qiu Ziqian.

When Qiu Ziqian saw the photo, his mind thoroughly crumbled. From how he looked at it, the two people in the photo must’ve gotten together. Otherwise, why would that man wear such a happy smile on his face?

Bai Yuwan returned home in a crestfallen mood. When she opened the door to her room, the sound of a woman moaning and the bed creaking promptly entered her ears.

Qiu Ziqian had used the most decisive way to take revenge on Bai Yuwan.

Never had Bai Yuwan suffered such humiliation and grievance before. To make matters worse, the person who had humiliated her was none other than the person who had promised to love her for the rest of their lives.

Bai Yuwan slapped Qiu Ziqian on the spot and ran away from the house.

With that, Qiu Ziqian and Bai Yuwan’s relationship was thoroughly shattered. Although Bai Yuwan wanted to move out of the house, there was no way Qiu Ziqian would allow that.

Jun Zishu let out a yawn in Tang Qianqiu’s embrace. After listening to Tang Qianqiu telling her about the situation regarding Qiu Ziqian and Bai Yuwan, she said, “We can start the final step.”

This last step required Tang Qianqiu to make an appearance.


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