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Chapter 1594 Cui Qi and the President

Chapter 1594 Cui Qi and the President

"What's strange?" Qiao Nian asked in confusion. She had a vague feeling that as long as she could figure out what Cui Qi was thinking, all her problems would be solved.

Gu Zhou said, "The information I found was that Cui Qi's father was killed by the president. Later on, Cui Qi's mother couldn't take the blow and chose to commit suicide. From then on, Cui Qi's brother disappeared."

Gu Zhou paused for a moment and continued, "Cui Qi especially hates the President because the President caused his family to be ruined. That's why he turned to be loyal to the President's formidable enemy, Mark. He has made a lot of contributions to Mark. He still wants to take revenge on the President."

"So, there's an irreconcilable conflict between Cui Qi and the president. By the way, how did his brother disappear?" Qiao Nian asked.

"Well, the Cui family and the president have a shaky relationship. Logically speaking, the president shouldn't have given General Cui Qi the position, but the president still did. Although Cui Qi is Mark's subordinate, the president seems to trust Cui Qi very much." The more Gu Zhou spoke, the stranger he felt the situation was. He felt that something was wrong.

Qiao Nian lowered her gaze slightly, thinking about Gu Zhou's words. She said tentatively, "The president killed Cui Qi's parents. Logically speaking, it's impossible for him to trust Cui Qi."

Seeing that Qiao Nian was frowning as she thought about his words, Gu Zhou reached out and smoothed her frown. He said gently, "I only got these things from Cui Qi's trusted aide. As for the details, we still have to investigate carefully. However, Cui Qi is a tough nut to crack. He won't say anything."

"I think what happened between Cui Qi and the president is a little strange. Perhaps we can get what we want after investigating this." With that, Qiao Nian smiled at Gu Zhou. "What happened with Cui Qi's brother disappearing?"

"At that time, Cui Qi's brother had been working for the president with his father. If the president really killed Cui Qi's father, then Cui Qi's brother might have died at that time," Gu Zhou said with a serious expression. "But his body wasn't found. This was really strange."

Qiao Nian recalled what had happened at Cliff Mountain that night and asked in confusion, "Logically speaking, although Cui Qi doesn't show his face often, he's still a general of Europe. No matter what, he shouldn't have gone to kidnap Lina. The fact that he could do this means that Mark is very important to him. By the way, did he look for his brother?"

"I don't think he found him," Gu Zhou said calmly.

A glint flashed across Qiao Nian's eyes. She suddenly stopped and looked up at Gu Zhou.

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian in confusion and asked softly, "What's wrong?"

Qiao Nian pursed her lips and said, "Do you think someone is using the Cui family?"

"Yes, it should be Mark," Gu Zhou said with certainty. He led Qiao Nian out. "I suspect that there's something wrong with Cui Qi's parents' deaths."

"Yes." Qiao Nian nodded and said approvingly, "But this matter has been going on for a long time. Will it be very troublesome to investigate?"

"No." Gu Zhou's deep eyes narrowed dangerously.

His gaze landed in the distance. He thought of his eldest brother, whom he had seen previously. His eldest brother had been living with a foreign face. He pursed his lips. He still remembered that the person above his eldest brother was Cui Huai.

Cui Huai?

Cui Qi?

Both of their surnames were Cui?

How strange. If Cui Huai was just an ordinary businessman, Big Brother would not have needed to hide his identity and stay by Cui Huai's side.

There was only one possibility. Big Brother had always been afraid of the forces behind Cui Huai. Big Brother had said that those people wanted the lives of the Gu and Lu families.

The European royal family did have the ability to kill both families at the same time. He had already investigated thoroughly. The president back then did not have the ability to do those things at all. Earl Harry and Earl Mark did have the ability to do these things.

Seeing that Gu Zhou didn't look well, Qiao Nian asked worriedly, "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

As she spoke, Qiao Nian was about to take Gu Zhou's pulse. It wasn't easy for her to control Gu Zhou's condition. She didn't want his health to worsen.


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