New Age Of Summoners

Chapter 1789 Essence of Rebirth

Chapter 1789 Essence of Rebirth

Even though Ajax could not use the Rule Awakening Crystal for himself, he was still satisfied with the item because Siora could use it to awaken a Divine Rule.

After awakening the Divine Rule, Ajax could help her in increasing the awakening percentage of the Divine Rule.

'Her Emperor Realm Soul is about to upgrade into a Divine Rule and using this Tule Awakening Crystal, she could awaken another Divine Rule. Having two Divine Rules was absolutely a good thing.'

With more Divine Rules, a cultivator could launch a surprise attack on the enemies by fooling them that they have already used their Divine Rule.

Even though it would be a little difficult for cultivators to increase the awakening percentage of the Divine Rules, Ajax felt it was not a big deal.

Also, Ajax decided to let Siora crush the remaining Lesser World Fruits hoping to get more special Mythical Grade items.


The host's fiancee crushed a Lesser World Fruit (4000 years) and received 1500 drops of Plant Essence.


The host's fiancee crushed a Lesser World Fruit (5000 years) and received an Eternal World Fruit.


The host's fiancee crushed a Lesser World Fruit (6000 years) and received a portion of Essence of Rebirth.


The host's fiancee crushed a Lesser World Fruit (7000 years) and received a Greater World Core


The host's fiancee crushed a Lesser World Fruit (8000 years) and received a Special Mythical Grade Treasure [World Protection Array].


The host's fiancee crushed a Lesser World Fruit (9000 years) and received 2000 drops of Plant Essence.

Each item that came from the Lesser World Fruit was much better than the items that Ajax received when he crushed the Lesser World Fruits.

'It's decided….from now onwards, all the Lesser World Fruits and the Standard World Fruits will be crushed by Siora.'

Looking at all the items he received, Ajax didn't have to think much as he decided to let Siora in charge of crushing the fruits.

'Adding these two Greater World Cores to my collection, I will have nine Greater World Cores and all I need is another Greater World Core to have my second Divine World Core.'

Ajax stored the Greater World Cores because he was afraid that he might use them to increase the awakening percentage of his Divine Rules with him.

'However, I don't have to resist my temptation of using the Divine World Core in increasing the awakening percentage of my Divine Rule after I find another Greater World Core.'

Ajax was excited when he thought about the collection of world cores that was rapidly increasing just by nurturing the World Tree.

'Also, with these newly gained 3500 drops of Plant Essence, I have 7000 drops which is enough to nurture my Fourth Lesser World Tree.'

Ajax was thinking about the Fourth Lesser World Tree that he was planning to plant in the Purple Stone World and continued thinking, 'If I am lucky and get another 3000 drops of Plant Essence from the Lesser World Fruits, I can help it trigger its evolution process just like the other Lesser World Trees.'

If it was before, Ajax would not have placed such futile hopes; however, looking at Siora, Ajax could help but have faith in those futile hopes.


"Hey, look, the Lesser World Tree is shining…is this the legendary evolution process of the Lesser World Tree?"

"It looks like Master Ajax was really determined to evolve his Mother-in-law into a Standard World Tree. The more powerful the tree becomes, the stronger we can all become."

"Haha…I am looking forward to it too."

"Master Ajax is spending so many drops of Plant Essence in nurturing the Lesser World Tree. We should try our best and become more powerful to help Master Ajax when the time comes."

"Yeah. Recently, my cultivation speed has increased and I believe that it has something to do with the Lesser World Tree reaching 1000 years. However, now, that the tree has reached 10000 years, I wonder how fast my cultivation speed will be?"



All the onlookers were looking forward to the Lesser World Tree to successfully complete her evolution and become a Standard World Tree as it would only give them more benefits.


"Other than the Greater World Cores and the Plant Essence, there are some good things I can use."

On the other hand, Ajax looked at the remaining items.

Eternal World Fruit is added to his collection of Eternal World Fruits before Ajax looks at the shining liquid in a crystalline bottle.


Item Name: Essence of Rebirth.

Grade: Special Mythical Grade.

Use: A treasure that can be consumed by the Soul Orbs before they start the process of creating a new body for themselves. It is believed that drinking the Essence of Rebirth will remove all the impurities and the karma of the cultivator from his previous life.

'So, this is the Essence of Rebirth. With this time, I got one set of materials for the creation of a body.'

Ajax silently muttered, 'Who should I let create their body? Father or Snow?'

After thinking for a moment, Ajax decided, 'I think Father should have his own body and with his knowledge and leadership qualities, he could slowly cultivate and take care of all his followers.'

Even though Ajax was planning to nurture the 100-year-old cultivators he got from the Secret World, Ajax decided to let his father take care of them and use them as he saw fit.

As for him, he would be in charge of providing the cultivation resources to them and in the future, if by chance, he required any manual labour, he thought to use them.

'Compared to using them here, I believe there is something bigger happening in the Heavenly Realms. So, having more followers ascending to the Heavenly Realm might be quite useful.'

Although it seemed like Ajax was helping his subordinates a lot, he was doing it only in the hope that they would be useful to him in the future. At that time, he wanted them to be as powerful as possible.


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