One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 4752 Never Too Late to Love (159)

Chapter 4752 Never Too Late to Love (159)

Yueyao quietly walked along the main road leading to the airport, with the flowers in her arms.

This place was not far from the drop-off area. Taxis drove their passengers here, and left with new ones. On the wide bridge, she was the only one walking by the side of the road. A solitary figure.

During this period, countless cars passed her by and some drove too close to her. However, her expression did not change at all. It was just that when passers-by saw this, they could not help feeling a little nervous. From time to time, someone would stop the car to remind her.

"Young lady, it's so late. Why are you walking alone on the street?"

"Where are you going? Do you need a ride?"

"Need to hitch a ride?"

Yueyao was so focused on shaking her head that she couldn't hear what they were saying at all. Whether it was out of concern or with other intentions, she wished that they would just leave her alone.

Until a nanny van pulled up behind her.


The car honked. The sudden noise made her jump.

Yueyao held the trampled-on bouquet in her arms and turned around in surprise. However, all she saw was a pair of glaring headlights. Noticing the Mercedes-Benz logo and the completely dark car window, she frowned and looked at it suspiciously. She was about to turn around.

From behind her, a few more honks sounded.

This time, it completely angered her.

Still carrying the bouquet, Mu Yueyao walked towards the door of the passenger seat. However, she saw the door of the back seat open all of a sudden, and a man in a black suit got out. He looked like a bodyguard.

"Miss Yueyao, please get into the car."

"Get into the car?"

Mu Yueyao asked suspiciously, "What do you want?"

"Please get in." The man repeated, his mannerism seemed scary.

Mu Yueyao tried to peer into the backseat. From where she was, she could vaguely make out a man's silhouette. She was slightly taken aback. The physique and silhouette of the figure reminded her of Jing Yang.

Could it be him?

The girl started towards the car door, but the bodyguard raised his hand and placed it lightly on her back to help her into the car.

After helping her into the car, Yueyao sat in the backseat and immediately felt cautious.


Jing Yang didn't say anything. Instead, he looked straight ahead.

The bodyguard got into the passenger seat and shut the door, cutting off all the noise outside the car. The car was well-soundproofed. She could even clearly hear the quiet breathing of the man next to her.

For a moment, she was at a loss. She lowered her head and looked at the bouquet in her arms that had been trampled on by countless people, feeling increasingly embarrassed! She must look really foolish in his eyes! She wanted to dispose of it, but at this point, she couldn't possibly open the window and toss it out.

Mu Yueyao held the bouquet tightly in frustration. She didn't know whether to throw them out or not, and just sat there foolishly.

The man next to her kept silent. His attention was not even on her. He looked out of the window indifferently.

After a long while, he suddenly let out a sigh. "Don't ever do such things again."

Such things? Yueyao's eyes widened in surprise. "What sort of things?"

Jing Yang didn't look at her. Instead, he snorted. "What do you think?"


Mu Yueyao felt rather aggrieved.

She had traveled thousands of miles to Hong Kong to meet him upon his arrival, but he had brushed the act off with the notion of "such things".

No matter how much enthusiasm she had felt before, it was instantly doused by the wet blanket.

"I got it." Mu Yueyao was a little angry. "I won't do it again!"

Jing Yang asked again, "Where are you staying? I'll get the driver to send you back."


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