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111 PDS - Chapter 111 - Morning plan

111 PDS - Chapter 111 - Morning plan 

I wake up in the early morning and I lower my gaze while smiling to look at Katie. My poor little slave wife is sleeping soundly, still spent from yesterday adrenaline's spikes and the multitude of fucks she received. I can't help but smile fondly as she has wrapped herself around me like a horny koala, her arms around my neck and her leg straddling me. I decide to let her be and close my eyes again, immersed in my thoughts. Lately, it is hard for me to find the time to take stock of the situation, so I might as well make the most out of it while she is asleep and the girls are not present to claim their morning breakfast. 

System, how many points do I have now? I remember that after buying the pill of restoration I had something like 23200 points left. 

[You have 123200 points left, user.] 

Uh? After using the pill, we did it only once. How did the points skyrocket like this? 

[New feat acquired: Deja vu all over again. Restore a woman's virginity and take it again. Reward: 100000 PDP] 

I snort in laughter at the name 

e of the feat. Apt, though. 

Now, let's think. Things have settled at home a bit, and now that I and Katie are officially married, I have an extra shield to cover any suspicious movements I might make. It is still not enough to start fucking everything that moves in the building, but it gives me some leeway. Hmm. As Hope's new daddy, I guess it would be only proper to go and introduce myself to her teachers at school. With a bunch of pins of trust, I can quickly take over the whole faculty, ensuring that I can start fooling around without issues. Besides, I still need teachers for my own school, so I can poach some of them from 
here. Oh, if I find a suitable candidate, I can also fulfill my promise to Paul and get him a playmate. I guess it depends on the quality of the teachers, as far as I know, they might all be old biddies, and I see no reason to force Paul to get it on with a granny. Hmm... I can also try and set my next target. If I have Paul contact the girl's mother and convince her that her girl is about to fail math and let it slip that Hester had the same problem but solved it with my help... hmm... a lot of possibilities there. If the girl resides in my building, it will give me a nice excuse to spend time with her. Given that I am living with my wife and daughter, the mother will be more likely to accept having her daughter take lessons at my place... I kinda miss the excitement of having a girl slobber her equation all over my dick... hehe... 

As for the target... let's go big! I have a single mother in the building with twin daughters, two beautiful brunettes with blue eyes, and titjob-sized breasts. But first, I need to upgrade my tools. 

System, I seem to recall that I can upgrade Mentor to work on multiple targets. 

[User is correct. The next upgrade of the skill Mentor will raise the duration to four minutes and unlock the ability to target up to 2 persons simultaneously.] That is to say, I can give three suggestions that will apply to both girls or that I can give three different suggestions to each girl?] [User will be able to give three suggestions that will apply to both potential daughters. If the user wishes to give different suggestions to each potential daughter, User will have to upgrade once more to unlock the skill: Private Tutor, besides raising the duration to 8 minutes and raising the target limit to 3 potential daughters.] 

[Private tutor: User will be able to influence multiple potential daughters with different suggestions targeted to each potential daughter. The maximum number of suggestions and the maximum number of daughters are dependent on the limits of the skill Mentor.] 

Hot damn! I can really stage a hell of a party with this! 

System, how much would both upgrades cost? 

[Calculating... Mentor's first upgrade will cost 10000 PDP while the second upgrade required to unlock Private Tutor will cost 50000 PDP. Total cost: 60000 PDP] 

Damn, that is a shitload of points, combined with the suggestion sprays, the aphrodisiacs, the Pins of Trust, and whatnot, it will probably clear the bank! Still... worth it! 

Go ahead and buy the upgrades needed for Private Tutor, system. 

[Applying upgrade ... Upgrading... Mentor upgraded.] 

[Mentor. Instill new knowledge in your (potential) daughter for your convenience. Can be used on 3 (potential) daughters at the same time. Duration: 8 minutes.] 

[New skill created! Private tutor.] 

[Private Tutor. User will be able to influence multiple potential daughters with different suggestions targeted to each potential daughter. The maximum number of suggestions and the maximum number of daughters are dependent on the limits of the skill Mentor.] 

[New Title! The Cockfeller.] 

[The Cockfeller: The more points you spend, the more you can get a loan for. Useful when the User finds himself in an emergency and lacks points. The loaned points will have to be returned in 7 days. If the user fails to do so, the user will lose a title. Lost titles cannot be earned again.] 

[Remaining points: 63200 PDP] 

Nice! That title is perfect for getting out of a jam, of in case I get a rare chance and dont want to miss it! Now, Private Tutor is truly a broken skill... just imagining what I can get the twins up to makes me damn hard... 

I think about it for less than a second, then without waking her up, I guide my cock inside Katie's cunt which is already perfectly positioned due to her straddling me in her sleep. MY horny slave wife moans lightly in her sleep as she feels my cockhead invade her insides but fails to wake up. I start pistoning slowly and gently in and out of her pussy, a feat easily achieved as she is already filled to the brim with cum by last evenings events. As I move gently in and out, I close my eyes and fantasize about what I would make the twins do... 


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