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Chapter 332: Heavenly Flame Secret Realm, shocking coincidence!

Chapter 332: Heavenly Flame Secret Realm, shocking coincidence!

"Dead?" Bai Jiangye was slightly taken aback.

To become a supreme sect protector, one had to be at the mid-stage of Deity Transformation or above, or even at the half-step level.

Although the depths of the Eastern Sea were filled with danger, their location was not a true forbidden area. Logically speaking, this should not have happened.

"What's going on? Could it be that other powerful beings were attacking?"


Feng Wanjiang's expression was gloomy as he sighed, "After protector sun and I infiltrated the Eastern Sea, we encountered a Spirit Devouring Demon at a depth of five thousand meters…"


Bai Jiangye fell silent.

Spirit Devouring Demon was a demon that only existed thousands of meters deep. It would only leave the bottom of the sea under rare circumstances, yet it was actually bumped into by these two?

"Chief Feng is really unlucky."


Feng Wanjiang was speechless.

The accompanying protector sun was a mid-stage Deity Transformation cultivator. He thought he could deal with this secret realm, but in the end, he encountered a peak Deity Transformation Spirit Devouring Demon.

It was especially difficult for demon beasts to cultivate compared to human cultivators. Therefore, compared to their cultivation realms, demon beasts were much more powerful.

Not to mention the Spirit Devouring Demon and the ancient demon bloodline, plus the difference between the two realms, as well as the various restrictions in the deep sea.

Protector sun was instantly swallowed.

If he weren't too fast, he would have probably been digested by now.

Bai Jiangye narrowed his eyes.

This was good news for him.

Without a strong opponent, he would naturally gain more benefits.

Feng Wanjiang saw through his thoughts and shook his head. "Brother Bai is too happy… Protector sun had a key on him."


Bai Jiangye was startled.

"What did you say? You gave the key to the guardian?"

Feng Wanjiang nodded and said dejectedly, "There are two keys in total. This one is mine, and the other is on the protector sun's body. That key is already in the Devouring Spirit Demon's stomach…"

He had wanted to prevent putting the eggs in the same basket, but it was self-defeating and unexpected in the end.

Bai Jiangye gritted his teeth. "In that case, no one can enter this secret realm?"

Feng Wanjiang shrugged. "Unless we find the Spirit Devouring Demon and pull it out of its stomach."

Of course, these words were just nonsense.

Eastern Sea was so vast that it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Moreover, even if they found it, it was still a problem whether they could beat it or not.

Bai Jiangye panted heavily, his anger slowly rising.

Although this was a small secret realm, there was a Heavenly Flame within it!

Most importantly, only a few knew about it!

The secret realm had a total of three keys. Bai Jiangye had one, and Feng Wanjiang had two.

Only by inserting three keys at the same time could the door of the secret realm be opened.

This was originally a great fortune, but in the end, it was ruined by Feng Wanjiang!

Bai Jiangye hated that he couldn't kill him with one strike!

Feng Wanjiang had his hands behind his back, tightly clenching the Blood Escape Talisman. He shook his head and said, "Compared to you, I'm uncomfortable with you."

Previously, because he had provoked Li Ran, the Sect Master had removed him from the position of Chief disciple and ordered him to break through the pill and become a baby within a year.

With the help of various medicinal pills, he finally reached the Nascent Soul realm and returned to the first palace.

In the end, due to his performance in the Immortal Ascension Assembly, he was once again punished and scolded by the Sect Master. His position in the sect had plummeted.

Originally, this Heavenly Flame was his only chance to come back, and he had even invited a Deity Transformation expert to protect him.

However, the Heavenly Flame had not been seen. The guardian had already been buried in the demon's belly.

One could imagine the consequences after returning!

The atmosphere froze.

Although Bai Jiangye was furious, he couldn't really kill Feng Wanjiang.

"Now they decided. We can only go back and invite the Heavenly Tribulation Elders to try."

"There's no other way."

Even though both of them knew that this hope was extremely slim.

Eastern Sea was so vast, and there was more than one Spirit Devouring Demon. How could it be easy to find a key?

From the looks of it, there was basically no chance for this Heavenly Flame Secret Ground to appear.

"Forget it. Let's go back first." Bai Jiangye calmed down and turned to leave.

Feng Wanjiang also planned to use the Blood Escape Talisman to return to the land.

However, the black-clothed man stopped in his tracks and said hoarsely, "Someone's coming."


When the two heard this, they turned to look.

Not far away from the sea realm, a ball of silver light pierced through the darkness and flew toward the hill.

In the blink of an eye, they were right in front of them.

When they saw who it was, they were all stunned.

"Chief Yue!"

Yue Jianli floated in front of them, and beside her was a disciple of Myriad Sword Pavilion. She looked a bit unfamiliar, but she looked somewhat valiant.

Yue Jianli frowned. "Bai Jiangye? Feng Wanjiang? Why are you two here?"

"We’ll ask you the same!"

Two looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

Logically speaking, no one else would know the location of this secret realm.

Could it be that their whereabouts had been discovered?

Looking at the three of them, Li Ran thought of something.

As he floated to the side of the hill, he saw complicated patterns carved on the rock mass. There were three small circular holes at the center.

"Sure enough, this secret realm requires more than a key."

When Yue Jianli saw this, she quickly understood.

It seemed that the other two keys were on them.

Seeing this, Bai Jiangye simply said, "Myriad Swords Pavilion is indeed worthy of being the over Lord of the Eastern Sea. Not a single movement can escape your eyes and ears. However, Chief Yue's arrival was rather unfortunate."

Yue Jianli asked, "What do you mean?"

Bai Jiangye spread out his hands, "As you can see, three keys are required to open the secret plane. Chief Feng originally had two, but unfortunately, one of them is already in the Devouring Spirit Demon’s stomach."

"Spirit Devouring Demon?"

Yue Jianli pondered for a moment before suddenly realising it.

Li Ran shook his head and smiled.

Was there really such a coincidence in this world?

Feng Wanjiang helplessly said, "Today, Chief Yue has no choice but to return. If you have the chance to find the secret key, the three of us can come here again."

"That…" Yue Jianli took out a piece of light blue jade and said, "Is this the secret key you're talking about?"

The breath of the three of them froze!

It was actually a secret key!

How could it be in her hands?

Bai Jiangye suddenly turned to look at Feng Wanjiang. Could it be that this guy was lying?

However, Feng Wanjiang was also dumbfounded.

"Chief Yue, where did you get this jade?"

Yue Jianli casually said, "We encountered a Spirit Devouring Demon just now. We killed it and accidentally obtained it from its stomach."


Three of them gulped as their throats tightened.

This was too much of a coincidence!

And that was a demon at the peak of the Deity Transformation realm. Was killed?


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