Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System! [BL]

Chapter 828 15.47

828  15.47

"Bai Gege, I'm so sorry for last night."

"Sorry? For what?" Bai Shijue asked. He sipped his tea while listening.

"For kissing your cute nipple—"

"PFFTHHH!!" Bai Shijue spurted out his tea as he heard what Han Shun confessed just now. "W—Why would you say that? Who told you that?"

"Chinchin told me…." Han Shun said. He looked really guilty as if he had been doing a big sin towards his own teacher.

Bai Shijue sighed. He patted Han Shun's head and said, "It's not your fault. I know that you have no intention to do that. Just ignore it and continue your cultivation," Bai SHijue said.

"Yes, Bai Gege," Han Shun sat on the spot appointed by Bai Gege and started cultivating again.

This time, he could really feel the power of the man named Ling Kai flowing in his body. His body felt really cold, so this man named Ling Kai must've had a very cold body himself.

Bai Shijue watched the growth in Han Shun's qi refining process, and he stopped sipping his tea once he realized something.

He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He thought he saw the wrong thing, but it turned out it was really true.

"Han Shun…"

"Yes, Bai Gege?" Han Shun replied while he kept cultivating with his eyes open.

"What did you do last night?"

"I—I was sleeping…." Han Shun replied. He didn't want to tell Bai Gege that he dreamed of kissing Bai Gege's shoulder and nape last night.

"No, that's not possible. It's just—" Han Shun couldn't believe his own eyes. "Your qi… it has been refined. You've passed the qi refining stage…." Bai Shijue said. But there was no joy in his voice because he felt it was simply impossible to happen overnight.

Han Shun's qi was now condensed enough, and he should be able to go to the next stage, which was establishing his foundation.

It was amazing, a miracle, in fact. Nobody was able to reach the threshold in less than 3 days. It was so quick that Bai Shijue started to doubt Han Shun.

Because no matter how gifted you were, 3 days were just impossible to reach, even Bai Shijue had to spend at least six months until he could reach the threshold. He was already a talented genius in the immortal realm.

"Han Shun, are you sure that you're not doing anything? Did something strange happen?" Bai Shijue asked with concern. But Han Shun didn't want to tell the truth. Because the man was just in his dream, he didn't know if it was true or that man was just a fragment of his dream after all.

But in the end, he got all the benefits, so Han Shun wouldn't complain.

"I don't know, Bai Gege. I just woke up and suddenly feel so strong…." Han Shun said.

[Pupa, are you there?]

[Pupa: What?]

[What is this? I can't believe that Han Shun could meet the threshold in three days. THREE DAYS! What kind of magic am I missing here? Is this some sort of divine intervention that I don't know?]

[Pupa: Don't ask me. I don't know either. I have already scanned his body, and he seems normal. There is no sign of demonic cultivation as well.]

[Pupa: Maybe it is indeed the divine intervention that makes him ultra strong. He is still God Han Ye's soul in the end. It's like a cheat code from God Han Ye.]

Bai Shijue still couldn't believe this, nor did he think this process was natural. There must be something that he missed.

It was also very anticlimactic because usually, there would be a big explosion or at least some shining aura around a cultivator who had just broken a stage. But with Han Shun, everything felt so flat.

No amazing event happened once he achieved many important steps of cultivation as if everything he did was a big pile of menial things for Han Shun.

"Well, today, you've officially broken the qi refining stage. We can establish your foundation, but—I think we need a rest first, right? Let's go around the village and see if there is a tailor and see if there is an empty house for sale."

"Okay, Bai Gege…"

Han Shun wondered why Bai Gege didn't seem happy with his progress. He was progressing for Bai Gege, so he wouldn't be a burden that would only harm Bai Gege's life in the near future.

Bai Shijue asked the inn lass about the tailor, and after getting direction, he asked whether there was a house for sale around.

The inn lady was thinking for a while and nodded, "There is a big residence. The owner is an old woman, her name is Lady Yao. She lives alone with her servants and wants to move out with her son because it's too lonely to live alone. She is still selling her house, I believe. Just follow the straight road, and you will find the big residence quickly."

"Thank you," Bai Shijue thanked with a smile, making the young woman blush. Han Shun's face soured instantly.

He really disliked that Bai Gege was still charming countless men and women no matter where they were going.

'At least, Bai Gege should stop smiling to anyone other than me. It makes me so annoyed, argh!' Han Shun complained in his heart but dared not show it to Bai Gege.

They walked to the tailor to order robes for them and then went to the big residence that the inn lass pointed.

Bai Shijue knocked on the front door, and a servant came out. She was stunned by Bai Shijue's handsomeness, of course. But Bai Shijue quickly distracted her, "Excuse me, is this Lady Yao's house? I've asked people around, and they said that Lady Yao wants to sell her house, so I'm planning to buy it."

"O—Oh! Yes, Lady Yao said so. Please come in. I will help her get up first and serve the tea!"



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