Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2988 - 2988 Persistence

2988 Persistence
There was only one last day and one night left. In this vast primeval forest that was shrouded by the morning mist, there was a group of soldiers who were not afraid of death. They carried the glory of fighting for their country. They knew that there was danger ahead, but they did not retreat. Even if every cell in their bodies shouted that they needed to rest, it could not stop them from moving forward.

Even if they had to bite off their tongues, they had to continue walking… for no other reason than to fight for their pride.

They weren’t fighting for themselves. They were fighting for their country. They wanted to let those Western countries who looked down on China see the tenacity of the Chinese soldiers. In order to protect the dignity of the country and the honor of the country, these soldiers would die without regrets!

“This is the correct route. However, this is a swamp. We need to pass through the swamp. It’s also the last swamp of the entire competition. I’ll confirm it again. Wait.” In the morning fog, Ye Jian’s legs were trembling as she leaned against the tree trunk. Last night, when she landed on the beach, her knees hit the sharp beach rocks. It was so painful that she almost fainted.

At this moment, although the pain had subsided, her knee joints felt rusty. She struggled to even squat. Her knees hurt, and she was tired. She couldn’t bend her legs normally anymore.

Around three o’clock in the morning, hailstones fell from the sky. Although the sky was bright now, the coldness was still bone-chilling. There were a few crystal-like hailstones of different sizes beside Ye Jian’s military boots.

The cold air was rising. Her injured knees hurt even more.

However, she didn’t say anything. She gritted her teeth and pressed her backpack against the rough bark of the pine tree. She used her back to support her entire body’s center of gravity. She held the topographic map in her hand. Based on the location and the large map in her mind, her brain was like a computer. The two maps in the depths of her mind became one.

She was focused on her thoughts. Xia Jinyuan, who was standing beside her, glanced down secretly. After glancing at Ye Jian’s tense legs, he frowned slightly.

Then, Ye Jian heard Xia Jinyuan speaking to her in a low voice. “Did you hurt your knees?” It was an affirmation, not a question.

Although Ye Jian didn’t want to say anything, he had already asked. Moreover, he acknowledged it with such certainty. She didn’t say anything else and continued thinking about whether the route she came up with was correct.

She had always been a tolerant person. She didn’t care about the pain at all. Now that she had admitted it, it could be seen that she was really in pain.

As the captain, Xia Jinyuan suppressed his heartache and said to Li Jinnian, “Give me a hand. Your knees hurt. You can’t bend your legs.”

He didn’t hide anything in his treatment of Ye Jian. When he opened his mouth, all their comrades looked over. Ye Jian, who was still deep in thought, seemed to have noticed something. She raised her head from the topographic map and saw her comrades staring at her legs. In an instant, she felt her legs trembling even more.

“Last night, I got hurt by the rocks on the beach. It’s not a big problem.” She smiled slightly. Her smile was as soft as a dandelion floating in the wind. It was pure white and bright. However, there was a cold sharpness in her dark eyes. The two completely different expressions merged together, but it wasn’t strange at all. The others only felt that this female soldier was so strong that it moved them.
G3 and the other male soldiers had already tilted their heads slightly. The corners of their mouths were pursed tightly, and their fists were clenched even tighter.



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