Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 601 601: [Phantom Splitters]!

Chapter 601 Chapter 601: [Phantom Splitters]!

Tang Li Xue never expected that the burly human general still had such a surprising hidden trick like this.

All previous attacks from the burly human general were almost unblockable for Tang Li Xue, let alone now after the burly human general merged his martial soul with his weapon!

[Wings of Freedom] activated~!

Tang Li Xue hastily used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] to avoid the mace's extremely heavy head that was flying swiftly toward her!

But the heavy mace head suddenly made a sharp turn in the air and chased after Tang Li Xue as if it could track Tang Li Xue's movement!

A silhouette of a hideous silver lizard head appeared on the mace's extremely heavy head as it bore its fangs at Tang Li Xue!

"Damn it~!" Tang Li Xue cursed as she could no longer avoid the heavy mace head since it was already too close to her.

Since she could no longer dodge it, Tang Li Xue decided to block it instead!

'I do not believe that I cannot block it with all of my divine abilities~!' Tang Li Xue thought full of confidence in her own divine abilities.

[Sun Dragon Claws] holding a compressed white broadsword plus [Sun Dragon Fangs]~!

[Mother Earth's Gift], Three Layers of Thick Defensive Stone Wall~!

[Energy Manipulation], Transparent Protection Barrier~!

[Spider Scorpion Transformation] activated~!

A pair of [Sun Dragon Claws] executed a defensive sword skill with a compressed white broadsword to parry the heavy mace head, while the [Sun Dragon Fangs] tried to push it away.

[Sword Art of Mystic Harmony], Redirection Flow!


The extremely heavy mace head smashed the white broadsword, [Sun Dragon Claws], and [Sun Dragon Fangs] apart in only a single moment!

[Three Layers of Thick Defensive Stone Wall] destroyed to pieces in the blink of an eye!

[Transparent Protection Barrier] shattered to dust in one blow!

Tang Li Xue raised her paw and decided to strike the heavy mace head down first with her offensive skill!

[Moon Shattering Strike]~!


Tang Li Xue's paw was broken along with her entire shoulder, and the extremely heavy mace head mercilessly slammed onto her chest.

Tang Li Xue spurted out a few mouthfuls of blood as her small furry figure was blasted off more than a hundred meters away.

Even with the protection of [Spider Scorpion Transformation]'s thick carapace, Tang Li Xue could feel that all the bones on her chest were shattered to pieces.

Well, it was not that bad since at least she was still alive right now.

"Cough, cough, cough... I will definitely be a goner if that hits me for the second time..." Tang Li Xue muttered as she coughed out another few mouthfuls of blood.

Tang Li Xue slowly got up again while activating another [Talisman of Regeneration +2] tied to her neck with vines.

But the burly human general already spun the extremely heavy mace head faster and faster, then threw it at Tang Li Xue for the second time!


Meanwhile, the situation of Little Loki's battle against the long-bearded general was actually completely reversed from Tang Li Xue's battle against the burly general.

The long-bearded human general swiftly swung his golden dragon crescent halberd rapidly in a row to split Little Loki.

Who knew that he actually really managed to split Little Loki in two with his golden dragon crescent halberd?!

"Tsk~! I thought this beast was quite strong." The long-bearded human general disdainfully said.


But after Little Loki's tiny black figure was cut in two, it had become two Little Lokis instead!

Yes, there were two Little Lokis sitting leisurely right in front of the long-bearded general right now!

The long-bearded human general frowned as he thrust his crescent halberd on the two Little Lokis!

[Rapid Vanishing Thrusts]~!

However, two Little Lokis had actually vanished at the same time when the long-bearded general used his battle skill!

[Instant Teleportation]~!


Two Little Lokis instantly teleported right above the long-bearded human general, and the two of them unleashed [Scythe Claw Qi] in unison!

The [Scythe Claw Qi] from two Little Lokis managed to tear apart the long-bearded human general's black armor and left criss-cross deep wounds on his chest!

The long-bearded human general's wounds were so deep that anyone could see his internal organs and his beating heart with the naked eye.

Two Little Lokis sat leisurely again on the ground while licking their paw to clean their bloody claws.

Even though Little Loki looked calm on the surface, but in fact, it was actually very amazed by the new divine ability it had just gotten from the round crystal fruit that Tang Li Xue fed to it before.

[Phantom Splitters]...

Those two Little Lokis that the long-bearded human general was currently facing were not even the real Little Loki.

Those two were Little Loki's [Phantom Splitters]. Not only did they possess 50% of Little Loki's overall strength, but they could use all of Little Loki's abilities... well, except for [Heaven's Devour] of course, since only the real Little Loki could use it.

With Little Loki's limited amount of energy, it could only create two [Phantom Splitters], but if it had more energy it could create more of them.

Even Little Loki itself did not know how many [Phantom Splitters] it could create if its energy was completely full.

But speaking about a full Taotie itself was a big joke since Taotie would never feel full.

The long-bearded human general shouted out loud all of a sudden as he began to summon out his martial soul!

He finally stopped looking down at Little Loki and decided to go all out!

Completely different from the burly human general, the long-bearded human general's martial soul was actually a Golden Lightning Sable!

The size of Golden Lightning Sable was not that big, but it was continuously emitting terrifying golden lightning that destroyed everything it touched!


The Golden Lightning Sable merged into one with the long-bearded human general's weapon, the golden dragon crescent halberd!

Right in that instant, the long-bearded human general's body was clad in terrifying golden lightning!

Even the criss-cross deep wounds on his chest had stopped bleeding.

When the long-bearded human general opened his eyes, the spark of golden lightning shone through his eyes.

The long-bearded human general's figure suddenly disappeared all of a sudden!

His movement speed and his golden dragon crescent halberd's speed had soared by many folds after he merged his weapon with his martial soul!


His body and his golden dragon crescent halberd also kept emitting terrifying lethal golden lightning!

Surprisingly, the long-bearded human general actually appeared again right behind the real Little Loki who was currently hiding with its stealth skill!

The long-bearded human general swung his golden dragon crescent halberd toward the real Little Loki with breathtaking speed!

The current speed of his golden dragon crescent halberd was at least more than ten times compared to his previous vanishing thrust!

The long-bearded human general thought he would surely be able to kill the real Little Loki with this extremely swift attack wrapped with extremely lethal golden lightning!

The long-bearded human general's current attack was definitely an unblockable and unavoidable sure-kill strike!

Well... At least, for other creatures, it might be so...

Unfortunately, what he currently faced was Little Loki...

The long-bearded human general was completely dumbfounded in that instant when his golden dragon crescent halberd really vanished!

Uh, it was not like the previous vanishing thrust. This time, his weapon had disappeared for real!

Little Loki casually licked its lips in satisfaction while thinking in disdain: 'Human, just because I cannot eat anyone does not mean that I cannot eat your weapon! Umm, it should be okay, right?'

Actually, Little Loki never planned to devour anything, but the long-bearded human general suddenly shoved food into its mouth on his own, so how could Little Loki refuse, right?!

'Well, it really could not be helped this time. It is really not my fault, okay?!' Little Loki tried to deny its mistake in its mind.

The long-bearded human general not only lost his main weapon but also his martial soul that was fused with his main weapon at once!

The criss-cross deep wounds on the long-bearded human general's chest were bleeding even more profusely than before.

Even the long-bearded human general's spirit was impacted so much that he became completely unresponsive for now.

Little Loki felt bored when it saw the blank-looking long-bearded human general, so it decided to finish him off by cutting his neck using its [Scythe Claw Qi].


The long-bearded human general's head fell onto the ground, and his headless body kneeled down in front of Little Loki. Then his head and his headless body transformed into a group of white light and disappeared from there.

Little Loki greedily licked its lips again and felt unfulfilled as it recalled the taste of the long-bearded human general's golden dragon crescent halberd merged with his martial soul.

Little Loki licked its paw to clean sticky blood from its claw.

It yawned lazily while taking a glance at Tang Li Xue who currently faced so much difficulty in the battle against the burly human general.

Then its eyes shone excitedly when it saw the burly human general waving around his combined heavy mace weapon.

'That looks really delicious~! Oh, no... I mean that looks really dangerous, so I should help her out as soon as possible~!' Little Loki thought in its mind while putting on a smug expression.

Little Loki immediately used its [Instant Teleportation] without any hesitation and teleported right in front of Tang Li Xue.

When the burly human general threw his extremely heavy mace head onto Tang Li Xue for the second time, Little Loki suddenly appeared right in front of Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue was very surprised and instantly became panicked.

"Watch out, Little Loki~!" Tang Li Xue shouted out loud to warn Little Loki.


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