Reincarnated as the Son of Conglomerate

Chapter 206 Dinner (II)

Chapter 206 Dinner (II)

Robert Lee settled back into his chair; his legs could no longer support him for much longer. A maid attempted to assist Robert, but he declined. He didn't want to appear weak in front of his sons and grandkids, even though his body was terribly fragile. Robert understood that his announcement would change the course of his family's future, and he had to convey it clearly and firmly.

"In my previous will, I stipulated that the heir must be capable of establishing a guild on par with the Five Pillars," Robert said in a soft voice, his face pale.

Everyone listened carefully, knowing that this was a pivotal moment in the history of the Lee family.

Robert continued, "I know it was too difficult to fulfill, but I hoped that at least one of you could achieve a quarter or half of what they have achieved. And what do I get? One of my grandsons died so tragically."

All the family members hung their heads in shame, especially William and Steve.

"It's too difficult for you to create a guild that can compete with one of the Five Pillars," Robert said with disappointment. "That's why I've decided that the heir must be capable of establishing a guild that can join the Five Pillars."

Vincent's death had a profound effect. He had no heir or will if he died, resulting in Morning Star losing its status as one of the Five Pillars. Robert saw this as an opportunity.

If you can't beat your enemy, join them.

Robert's only concern was the future of LR Enterprise. He didn't want what he had built to crumble after his death. He wanted LR Enterprise and his family to endure for as long as possible. But he could do anything except rely on his family members for the future, and now it was their task to devise a plan and strategy that would allow the Lee family to survive in this harsh world.

Robert would do anything to ensure that his legacy continued.

The lively dinner atmosphere had turned into a thoughtful silence. Everyone began to contemplate the implications of this change in the will and how they would deal with it. Especially William and Edward. They were the two in the most disadvantageous positions.

Edward Lee saw this situation as a threat to his position in the family. He realized that his cousin was now in a favorable position. Edward, with a tense expression, began to speak, "I think this change is unfair. It's essentially killing my chances of obtaining this position. Please, reconsider this decision, Granpa."

Klaus quietly chuckled as he watched Edward plead with his grandfather.

Morning Star had once been a part of the Five Pillars, after all. It possessed a force that was no less powerful than the other four, even though it had lost its glory after its leader left. With Klaus acquiring Morning Star, his chances of meeting this new requirement increased. This indirectly meant that Robert had appointed Klaus as his successor.

"Exactly," William backed up his son's opinion. "We all know that Klaus has acquired Morning Star, while my son has just started his guild. We should evaluate the heir's capabilities from all aspects. I'm sure Edward is more competent than Klaus in various ways."

Now, the father and son were showing their true colors.

Naturally, Anna was furious after hearing that statement. Especially the last sentence.

"What did you say about my son?" She stood up from her seat. "Klaus built a huge company at the age of 18 and made incredible inventions. He also turned a dead district into a shopping center in just 6 months. And now he's acquired the number one guild in New York. My son has immense potential to lead the company."

Joanna couldn't stay silent either. "Klaus is also incredibly strong. He can defeat dozens of criminals single-handedly! I've seen it with my own eyes!"

"That's right!" added Anna. "My child is very strong. He can beat a Top-Class with his eyes closed!"

"And he has a lot of bitches!"

"Yeah—! Wait, what?" Anna stopped herself. There was something wrong with what she had just heard. She then turned to Joanna. "Hey! What did you say?"

"Bitches,"Joanna said innocently.

Klaus could not help but shake his head. He knew his little sister would surely mess things up if she opened her mouth.

Meanwhile, Steve smiled with hidden confidence behind his smile. He shared the same thoughts as William and Robert. The sudden change in the will provided Klaus with a significant advantage in winning the top position at LR Enterprise.

However, their assumptions were wrong.


Everyone was shocked when Robert slammed the table. Taking a deep breath, the old man tried to contain his anger.

"Anna, as a mother, you should set a good example for your children. You should be calmer and not easily provoked like your daughter," Robert sighed. "You're an adult!"

"I'm sorry, Dad," Anna said apologetically.

And Joanna lowered her head.

Robert rolled his eyes at Steve. "As a husband, you should be firm with your kid and your wife. Don't just stand idly by when they run their mouths."

Lowering his head, Steve clenched his fists as he heard his father's disappointment. At the same time, William grinned slyly.

Steve was usually an obedient son. He would always follow whatever Robert said. However, tonight was different. He wouldn't be that son anymore.

Raising his head, Steve looked at Robert with a determined gaze. "I'm sorry, Dad, but this time I don't agree with you."

Naturally, Robert widened his eyes.

Steve continued, "My wife and daughter aren't wrong. They were defending our great son. I actually wanted to say the same thing as them, but I'm not good with words."

William stood up from his seat. "What did you say, lil brot—"

"Stop calling me 'lil brother'!" Steve snapped. "I've been holding back for so long. But this time is different."

Gritting his teeth, William was taken aback. He didn't expect Steve to rebel.

Anna quietly glanced at her husband, smiling proudly. Though Steve seemed brave, deep down he was worried. He feared that his words might offend Robert, and the will might change again. However, his worry was unfounded.

Robert suddenly laughed, and instantly, everyone turned to the old man with puzzled faces. It had been a long time since they had seen Robert laugh so heartily.

"Finally, after forty years, my son has found his courage," Robert looked at Steve, his face displaying a genuine smile. "Time flies by so quickly. I never thought you'd grow up."

"Thank you, Dad," Steve said.

Meanwhile, William bit his lip in envy.

The atmosphere improved from before.

Robert Lee took a deep breath. Then he said, "I understand what you're worried about. But don't worry; I will be fair in the new terms." Robert gave them a determined look. "I emphasize it once again. The condition for winning is an original guild joining Five Pillars. And the guild formed by Klaus is the Rays of Hope, not Morning Star. So, Edward still has a chance to win."

This statement silenced the entire family. They realized that Klaus still had a long way to go to fulfill the new terms in Robert's will. Everyone contemplated what lay ahead and how the future of the Lee family would be shaped by the recent changes they had experienced.

However, Edward and William still couldn't calm down. They felt disadvantaged in this situation.

William gently asked, "Dad, isn't there a cure for this disease? Is there any hope of recovery?"

This man had just found out that Robert's sudden change in decision was due to his illness. He thought it might have clouded his father's mind.

Robert Lee shook his head. "I'm afraid not, William. It's Dungeon Lethargy. There's nothing we can do."

His answer left everyone silent. They knew how dreadful this disease was.

Dungeon Lethargy was a rare disease caused by exposure to the intense "mana energy" radiation from dungeons. This disease gradually weakens the human body and reduces sensory abilities, such as the sense of taste. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this illness.

It was closely related to the existence of dungeons, which emitted energy radiation that could negatively affect the human body. It could only infect ordinary humans but not awakeners.

Robert continued, "I've been battling with this disease for some time. My body is growing weaker, and my sensory abilities are fading. Even right now, I can't taste anything from tonight's dinner. My tongue is numb."

All the members of the Lee family felt devastated hearing Robert's confession. They wanted to help him but couldn't do anything.

As the mood at the dining table grew increasingly somber, Klaus suddenly lifted his head and confidently said, "I know the cure for Dungeon Lethargy, Grandpa."

All eyes turned to him, including those of his grandfather, Robert Lee. Klaus's voice was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the darkness.


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