Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 208 Repayment

208 Repayment

Yu Su smiled and said, "You can help me when I need it. At that time, your help will be like sending charcoal in the snow."

Helping He Yuan was something Yu Su was willing to do.

He Yuan nodded seriously. "As long as you need me in the future, I'll definitely do my best to help you."

"Sure." Yu Su did not decline. She handed He Wan a talisman and asked her to keep it by her side.

This talisman had a protective function. If she encountered danger, it could help her block a calamity.

He Yuan hid the talisman in the innermost pocket of her clothes. For some reason, she suddenly felt an indescribable sense of security.

Yu Su looked at the time on her phone. "It's getting late. Let's go out one after another and pretend not to know each other. Let's add each other as friends on WeChat so that we can contact each other later."

At this point, He Yuan looked troubled.

"He Wan often checks my phone. If I add you as a friend, she might find out." As long as He Yuan left a public place, He Wan would take her phone away and check her contact list and various softwares.

She would be easily exposed if she added her as a friend.

"It's fine. I'll install a hidden system on your phone. Even if she flips through your phone, she won't be able to find our chat box."

Yu Su took He Yuan's phone away and tapped on it a few times. She clicked on a black colored website and fiddled with it a few more times. Finally, she added her as a friend and returned it to He Yuan.

"Pull down the mission box at the top and click on the gear. Choose to enter the settings in the last line and you will see the chat box. The chat here will be automatically destroyed after being sent and won't be intercepted by anyone." Yu Su demonstrated once.

He Yuan calmed down. "I understand. You can go out first. I'll go out in two minutes."

If they went out separately, it would not be easy for others to suspect them.

"Alright, I'll get going first." Yu Su tidied her clothes, quietly opened the door, and walked out. She returned to her seat very naturally.

He Wan glanced at her and looked at the cabin door. Only then did she realize that He Yuan had walked out of the cabin door with her head lowered.

When He Yuan sat down, He Wan said, "My phone is out of battery. Let me borrow yours for a while."

He Yuan took out her phone and handed it to her with a natural expression.

After He Wan unlocked it, she opened various chat apps and began to search for contacts.

She didn't see anything unusual.

Then, she searched for other software, not even letting go of the game dialog box. She looked around but did not find any clues.

He Yuan quietly leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes to rest. There was nothing unusual.

He Wan randomly opened a video app and started scrolling through the videos. Half an hour later, she still did not find any problems.

Only then did she return the phone to He Yuan.

Seeing that her expression was normal, He Yuan finally relaxed and slept soundly in her seat.

Three hours later, the plane landed.

This time, the He family did not chat with Xiao Bing and the others. Instead, they got off the plane and left.

Xiao Bing and the others also arrived at the hotel.

After resting for two hours in the afternoon, Yu Su was led by Gu Chen and the others to a remote valley.

"He disappeared here." Gu Chen's cousin, Wen Hao, stood at the entrance of the valley and said sadly.

He was from the special forces. It had been more than half a month since his comrade went missing.

During the mission, the troops were separated by the criminals. His comrade fought the criminals alone. After the battle ended, he was nowhere to be seen.

Yu Su observed that there was a bloody aura on Wen Hao's body. He should have been tainted with human life.

However, he looked righteous and had merit on him.

"Did you bring his personal belongings?" Yu Su asked.

Wen Hao nodded and took out a black bag from the car. "Here are his clothes, used items, and some photos."

Yu Su picked up the photo first and looked at it.

Three minutes later, she shook her head regretfully. "I'm afraid he's no longer in this world. Be mentally prepared."

Judging from his physiognomy, Wen Hao's comrade had passed away on the day of the mission.

Wen Hao suppressed his sobs. His eyes were red as he asked in a low voice, "Can you find his corpse? I want to bring him back for a burial and let him go home."

As soon as he finished speaking, hot tears flowed down his face.

Gu Chen could not help but tear up.

"I'll try." Yu Su took out a talisman and drew symbols on it with a cinnabar.

She picked up the clothes that Wen Hao's comrade had once worn, stained them with his aura, and threw the talisman into the air.

Miraculously, the talisman paper floated in the air.

Finally, it was set in the northwest direction.


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