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Chapter 63. They Are Brother Sister After All

Chapter 63. They Are Brother Sister After All

"I should ask about her talent. It should be because of her talent. That I feel that dreadful feeling. But what could be her talent." Liam thought about it but couldn't find anything except time and space talent, So he stopped thinking about it.

"My journey has been just started. I will meet many friends and enemies. Though I would prefer to meet milf's, tsundere, yandere, kuudere and many more." Liam thought and after some time later lewdly. "Ummm It would be better if the tsundere was not really tsundere."

He stands up from the bathtub while saying.

He cleaned himself with a towel while thinking 'I don't like women who refuses a man even if they love him.'

After cleaning his stepped from the bathroom and wears some clothes.

"Hmm should I create some spells specially for..." Liam had is suspicious that there may be some other reincarnator and time traveller like him. There may be also other persons with great luck.

He had already thought what to do with them if he found anyone. First he will plunder their wealth. As for women if they meet his criteria then he would also plunder them but if they don't then it's very simple. He will kill them.

As for the person with great luck. He didn't even need to think because he will kill them and will also wipe their souls out.

He is simply thinking of wiping them whether it's his body or soul.

When he knows what kind of world is this he had already made up his mind to kill people's if they stand in his ways.

It's not that he is cruel but if needed he can massacre people's just for his women.

He didn't think himself as a saint or devil and neither a protagonist or villain. He think that he is a 'normal person.'

After wearing the clothes he stepped out from the room and goes where they train everyday.

After arriving there he find out that they were smiling and chatting with each other.

This scene was not different from any other day and was quite usual. But he could find a little difference.

He thinks that Celestia was obviously showing more polite then usual to his mother. While his mother behaviour was usual.

When they saw him coming, his mother smiled at him while waving him to come here with her hands while Celestia was also happy but she was more shy then usual.

She knows that there relationship will go on and Liam will be her husband in the future.

She naturally love's him but her mother-in-law is near. That's why she is shy.

But she didn't know that her mother-in-law is also her husband's women. Talk about complicated relationship.

"What were you talking?" Liam asked after coming near them. He took their hands into his and rubbed Celestia hands a little.

"N-nothing." Celestia said while feeling his little hands wrapping around her's.

"We were talking about you." Lilith said with a chuckle. She wasn't even shy when her son took her hands.

Taking her hands and playing with them is very normal. They are already 'husband and wife.' So she wouldn't shy over a small things.

At this time Leah also opened her eyes and find her brother. She comes near him but didn't jump on him as usual. Her little face was blushing and she greeted him.

She didn't wanted her teacher to find out their family relationship. Liam finds out that his sister is clever even if she is small. He sighed in relief as her brother he was happy. Not only because of that that she is intelligent even if she is little but also because he didn't wanted Celestia to find out their weird family relationship.

It's not that he won't tell her but he just didn't wanted to tell her now and would tell her about his relationship later before he had sex with her.

He didn't wanted her to find his relationship on her own and later after having sex. He knows that she would naturally find out once she started living with them.

'I don't whether she would accept me after knowing my relationship with my family.' Liam thought he was also a little ashamed to tell her because he is having sex with his mother. Incest is frowned upon by the society.

'As a normal person she would have disgust later or not?' Liam thought as he continued 'But what would I do if hse decided to leave me?'

He thinks of a question and immediately finds out that he knows the answer.

The answer was 'Yes, even if she decided to leave me then I can only force her.'

As usual even though he loves her but he still see himself as first and wouldn't see consider her feelings if she decided to leave him just because of this. In the end he would use force if needed. As for being a villain or anything. Sorry he didn't think himself a great person in the first place.

So he wouldn't have any guilt because of this.

After thinking this he relaxed feeling his future bright and released their hands as he goes towards his sister who greeted him.

After going near him he looked at Celestia a little and kissed his sister. He decided that he would show some behaviour. So she would have already prepared for it.

He did feel a little guilty before kissing his sister who is 11 year's old but thinking of his age which is also same as his. He decided to leave that matter behind.

Because their age is same and kissing and having relationship with a person whose age is same is not wrong at all but he still decided to that he wouldn't advance and would stop at kissing her for now.

He kissed his sister cheeks but his lips was near her lips. He kissed her like this to show Celestia that and she could naturally see them.

Celestia saw Liam, her future husband, was kissing his sister. The smile on her face abruptly stopped and now her face was a little stiff.

But the next moment her face becomes normal and her smile also continued as normal. She thinks that he kissed his sister because she was little and even though she knows that Leah love's her brother but it shouldn't be that kind of love right?

'They are brother sister after all.' She thought


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