Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 821 - 821 – The Origin of The Biological Warship

821 – The Origin of The Biological Warship
“Secondly, the Douluo Federation has always been wary of Shrek and the Tang Sect. They have been actively cultivating various forces, especially in the construction of their space fleet. As you should know, graduates from the Inner Court of Shrek Academy are not allowed to join the military. Even graduates from the Outer Court can hardly become commanders of warships. This is the Federation’s suppression of you. As for the Tang Sect, they even face technology and resource blockades. These are all power struggles at the top. It is all in order to eventually bring Shrek and the Tang Sect, this independent kingdom, under complete control of the Federation, while also controlling the most important and precious resource, the Eternal Tree.”

“Therefore, the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy need to have the power to protect themselves. While remaining low-key, they have been continuously striving to cultivate their own strength. However, the space available on our home planet is too limited. This place can be considered another stronghold for the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. And we are their most reliable partners. So, the Biological Warship belongs to us, but it also belongs to the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. We provide resources, while the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy provide technology. Here, there are thousands of Tang Sect technicians and engineers.”

Lan Xuanyu frowned and said, “Are the academy and the Tang Sect already facing such difficulties within the Federation?”

Elder Shu replied, “It’s not exactly difficult. Although the Federation has been trying to suppress us, they also rely on our power. After all, god-rank powerhouses are irreplaceable strategic assets. And the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy have the most god-rank powerhouses. As long as we maintain a numerical advantage in this aspect, the Federation can only suppress us in secret and dare not directly confront us.”

“But it’s always important to be prepared and have true strength. We never wanted to oppose the Federation, but we also need the power to protect ourselves. We can’t let a scene like Shrek Academy being destroyed ten thousand years ago happen again. So, over the years, we have been accumulating our own strength.”

“Furthermore, the Federation also faces many external challenges and powerful threats. Their external wars are not smooth sailing. When the Federation is in need, our power may very well be their last line of defense.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said, “I understand. Isn’t it too early for me to know about such an important secret ?”

Elder Shu smiled and said, “It was a bit early before your breakthrough, but now that you have successfully advanced, it’s certain that you will enter the Inner Court in the future. Moreover, you are also the inheritor of the School Of Life’s helm, so you need to know these things. Because the Biological Warship itself is also a part of our School Of Life. The conversion of life energy into power is something we excel at.”

Lan Xuanyu asked, “What exactly is the Biological Warship? Is it the body of a powerful soul beast that has passed away?”

Elder Shu nodded and said, “The basic principle is like this. Different soul beasts have different abilities. The body of the Silver Armored Great Peng wasn’t originally this massive. We used the biotechnology of our School Of Life to amplify its life energy. Through long-term absorption and conversion of life energy, it became what it is now, the outer shell of the Biological Warship. All the abilities of the Biological Warship, including its flight and combat capabilities, are simulations of the amplified abilities of this enlarged soul beast during its lifetime. Therefore, when selecting the hull for the Biological Warship, we need to be very careful in our discernment.”

Upon hearing Elder Shu’s words, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but be astonished. He finally understood that the biotechnological level of the School Of Life had reached such an extent. They could even make a corpse continue to grow. It was truly terrifying.

Da Ming spoke in a deep voice, “The biggest advantage of the Biological Warship itself lies in the fact that once it is created, it is not a cold and lifeless machine but a created living being. As the pilot, you become its brain. As long as you are strong enough and possess at least the spiritual power of the Spirit Domain, then you can pilot the Biological Warship.”

Elder Shu’s eyes sparkled as he said, “The Biological Warship will undoubtedly become one of the most advanced warships in the entire Federation. Because it possesses powerful mimicry abilities, we can even retain the cost-saving features of soul beasts. By utilizing technological means and the research direction of our School Of Life, we can enhance the original physical abilities of the soul beasts. Therefore, each Biological Warship will be unique and possess its own formidable capabilities.”

Lan Xuanyu listened in astonishment. He himself was a student of the Star Wars Command Department and the captain of the Star Wars Experimental Class. But the concept of the Biological Warship was still incredibly novel to him.

Using the body of a soul beast as a warship, what would it be like in combat?

Er Ming said, “The greatest advantage of the Biological Warship is that it is not only highly agile but also, like a soul master in a warship, that it possesses its own special abilities. Ordinary warships only have soul tools for attacking. Can you imagine what it would be like for a warship to have soul skills? With the appearance of the Biological Warship, interstellar warfare will enter a new era. The powerful Biological Warship can carry out tasks that ordinary warships cannot accomplish. Moreover, the Biological Warship is mainly based on biotechnology, making it immune to the majority of detection radars.”

“Most detection radars rely on thermal and metal detection. The surface of our Biological Warships contains no metal, and the internal metallic components are extremely limited, completely hidden by their thick flesh and blood. And the self-regulation of their body temperature allows them to have any desired temperature.”

What impressed Lan Xuanyu the most was the phrase “soul master in a warship.” It was really fascinating to think of a warship that could unleash soul skills.

Elder Shu smiled and said, “With the development of technology, when technology gradually reaches its peak, more breakthroughs need to be accomplished through ingenious ideas. It was the Tang Sect who ultimately proposed this concept. After our long-term research and exploration with the soul beasts of Senluo Planet, we are finally achieving something. The Silver Armored Great Peng warship before you will be the unprecedented first warship of its kind. As you know, with the advancement of soul guide technology, the role of soul masters is continuously being weakened. Even god-rank experts can only bypass warships above the warship class. Although internally, soul masters argue that powerful soul masters can carry out tasks that warships cannot. But it is clear to everyone that with the strong presence of space warships, soul masters are no longer as important as before. Even an ordinary person can serve as a warship commander, and soul masters can only be an added bonus.”

“However, it’s different for our Biological Warships. Our Biological Warships themselves are extremely powerful and highly personalized. It is almost impossible to create two identical Biological Warships. To become the commander of a Biological Warship, one must possess extraordinary spiritual power and soul power; otherwise, one cannot become the brain of the Biological Warship. Therefore, the commander of a Biological Warship must have a cultivation level above the Title Douluo and their spiritual power must reach the Spirit Domain realm. This admission threshold will exclude the vast majority of people. And among the top-level experts in the realm of soul masters, who have more than our Shrek Academy? Therefore, the future Biological Warships will be exclusive to our academy, Tang Sec, and the soul beasts of Senluo Planet. It is impossible for others to replicate or manufacture them.”

At this point, Lan Xuanyu was filled with shock and couldn’t help but ask, “Can I see what it’s like when the Biological Warship is in combat?”


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