Story About Buying My Classmate Once A Week

Chapter 272: I want to watch Sendai-san — 272

Chapter 272: I want to watch Sendai-san — 272

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV

「Miyagi, open up.」

From the other side of the door, I hear Sendai-san’s voice as usual.

There is no fixed number of knocks, sometimes once, sometimes twice, but there is always one. Even now, Sendai-san is calling me outside the door after knocking. But somehow I don’t want to open it.

It’s been ten or fifteen minutes since I went to the bathroom to check on her survival.

Because Sendai-san hasn’t come back easily, my hazy mood has doubled rather than cleared up, and I want to see her face, but I don’t want to.

「Miyagi, I know you’re in there. Open up.」

The door is knocked again.

But I don’t hear the door open.

I think it’s just words, but I don’t want it to be opened without my permission, so I raise myself up from the bed.

「…I’ll open it, just wait there.」

I tuck the Penguin in, cover her with the covers, put the black cat on the bookshelf, and open the door.

「You’re taking long in the bath. You’re not always this long.」

I put together a short sentence that I wanted to keep saying for about 30 minutes, and kicked Sendai-san’s leg, who was dressed in her loungewear.

「I just wanted to take my time.」

「What was the reason you were taking your time?」

「Why don’t we take a bath together? You’re going to take a bath anyway.」

She chuckles without answering my question.

「I still won’t go in.」

「I see.」

When she says this, Sendai-san falls silent.

But she doesn’t go back to her room.

I don’t know if she has something to do or not.

——That’s the way it’s always been.

Sendai-san comes to my room whether she has something to do or not, so this should be the same as her usual. But she doesn’t seem to be back to her usual self. I feel that Sendai-san is standing in front of me. I feel like that.

「…Inside, if you come in.」

She smells good, like me but different from me.

I didn’t want to open the door, but I had no reason to turn Sendai-san away. On the contrary, I want to keep her by my side. Sendai-san belongs to me, so she should be by my side at all times, and that is why I put her in my room.

「Don’t you put Roro-chan to bed?」

Sendai-san, who usually sits on the floor, sits on the bed today and looks at me.

「Because the bookshelf is in place.」

「It would be so cute if you and Pen-chan lay side by side.」

「It wouldn’t be cute.」

「The cute, the better, right?」

Sendai-san likes the word “cute.”

She immediately tries to make everything cute.

I find her a bit tiresome, so I change the subject.

「Do you like carbonara, Sendai-san?」

I ask her, sit down on the floor and put my back on the bed.

「Miyagi, you had pasta for lunch and now you plan to have pasta again for dinner?」

「No. I just asked if you liked it.」

I used a retort meat sauce I had bought and left over for pasta for lunch, but I had planned to make carbonara. But I don’t know if Sendai-san liked it, and although I looked up the recipe, I don’t think I could make it.

「What about you, Miyagi?」

「Just normal.」

「If you want to eat it, can I make it next time?」

「You’ll make it?」

「I’ve never made it, but I think I could if I saw the recipe.」

When she said this, Sendai-san tugged on my hair.

「I want to hamburgers.」

No more carbonara.

If I am going to have Sendai-san make it for me, I think it should be something other than carbonara, even if it’s not hamburger steak.

「You mean hamburger pasta?」

「Not so. It’s for dinner today.」

「Dinner, huh? I’d love to respond to your request, but I don’t know if we have the ingredients. Can we have hamburgers some other time?」

「Anytime, but I don’t want a cup of noodles today.」

「Then, let’s make something other than cup noodles. By the way, you love hamburgers, don’t you, Miyagi?」

「Not that I like it.」

「You’re quick to deny it, Miyagi.」

Sendai-san said in a soft, light voice, not accusatory, and pulled my hair again. For some reason, my hair was pulled intermittently.

「What are you doing?」

When I ask her, she replied,「braids,」which are quickly untied. Then a voice descends from above my head.

「Oh right, Pen-chan. It’s time to give her back.」


「Because it’s mine.」

Sendai-san is right.

The stuffed animal lying on my futon is hers.

I just traded it for a crocodile tissue cover that I will have to return at some point, so「why?」What a funny thing for me to ask. So I get up, pull the sleeping penguin out of bed from the covers and hand it to Sendai-san.

「I’ll give you the crocodile back later.」

I have no hesitation in returning the stuffed penguin because I was going to return it along with all the hazy feelings I have inside of me that I want to see Sendai-san, touch Sendai-san, be touched by Sendai-san, and such.

And yet, Sendai-san looks at me seriously and says,「Shall we exchange it for a while longer?」What a question, so I strongly tell her to「take it.」

「I’ll leave it with you a little longer. Miyagi, Pen-chan seems to like it a lot.」

Sendai-san’s hand, which should have received the penguin, strokes my wrist and then continues to stroke the back of my hand. At the sensation, I realize that my hand is grasping the wing of the penguin that I should have given to her.

「Not that I like it.」

I squeezed the penguin’s wings and then tries to let go, but her hand won’t let go.

「I don’t mind if you don’t like it, let’s just say this penguin belongs to both of us.」

Sendai-san smiled softly and pressed the penguin against me.

「Both of us, you say?」

「Whichever room it is in, it belongs to me and you, Miyagi. Miyagi originally took it from the crane game, and that’s fine.」

「It’s not fine.」

Penguin returns with something I would prefer not to have in mine.

I decided that earlier.

「Keep it for a while longer.」

Sendai-san pats the penguin on the head.

It was decided that the penguin belonged to both of us, and I was to take care of it for a while longer. But my hand doesn’t try to push it back. I hold it firmly.

Thanks to this, the hazy feeling remains strong inside me, blurring the rule in me not to do that kind of thing anymore.

She shifts her gaze to the penguin.

I can’t tell what she’s thinking, but I can see her brainy face. Sighing, I let out a small breath and was about to put the penguin on the bed when a good smell approached me.

「…Why do you do this kind of thing?」

I ask Sendai-san, who hugged me like the penguin without refusal.

「This kind of thing?」

「I’m asking why you stuck with me.」

「To make sure the water is cold.」

「I’m getting hot, though.」

Sendai-san, who was supposed to be hot, said shortly,「I see,」as she hugged me, and continued,「Pen-chan, take good care of her.」

「…What about my crocodile?」

「I’ll return it later.」

「Anytime is fine. More importantly, I’m hungry.」

I’m not really that hungry because of the pasta, which made more than enough to fill me up. Still, Sendai-san’s body heat is too comfortable, and I push her body, feeling that the haze inside me is about to grow even larger. But Sendai-san doesn’t move away from me.

Her lips touch my cheek and touch my ear.

Then she kissed my earring and bit my ear lightly.

「Don’t do anything strange.」

I complain and kick Sendai-san in the leg.

「But I’m only kissing you.」

「You bit me.」

「I want to do more than that.」

Sendai-san whispers in my ear and bites my ear again.

「Don’t be stupid. I’m going to eat. Step away.」

I push her body with all my strength.

This time, Sendai-san’s body moves away without resistance, and I press the penguin’s beak against her lips.

「If you want to do that kind of thing, you can do it with the stuffed animal.」

「The kiss?」

Taking the penguin from me, Sendai-san does not hide her dissatisfaction.

「And more than that.」

「Isn’t it too kinky to do it with a stuffed animal?」

「It’s just right for the perverted Sendai-san, isn’t it? But that doesn’t matter. Just make me a proper meal.」


After saying this, Sendai-san put the penguin on the bed.


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