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Chapter 199 199:Death Is Just A Step Away[3]

Chapter 199 Chapter 199:Death Is Just A Step Away[3]

The Evil Heavenly Spirit Abacharu, a spirit that was second in command under Evil God Mephisto who has four Heavenly Spirits as its generals.

They were beings who were born in primordial times and consumed the negative emotions of the world to reach their current level.

While Gods rely on people's faith and goodwill, the Evil spirits rely on people's ill feelings.

They were the opposite of Gods and could grant terrifying power in exchange for souls and sacrifices.

Even though Abacharu hadn't descended in its original body, its power was utterly terrifying, making one shiver in horror with the thought of contending against it.

The students of both 3rd year and 1st year who were trapped in illusion suddenly broke out of reverie but what they experienced after coming out was not something someone of their age should go through.

The presence of Abacharu put forth great pressure on their minds tearing them apart. It was such a wrenching pain that almost everyone passed out unable to handle the mental coercion.

It was unknown whether they would be right when they woke up or lost their sanity.

Julian to whom the ancient being's gaze was locked on was already making her feel despair like never before.


She could feel the hand of death caressing her back. The emotions of panic ran amok and the pain exerted on her mind was so great that her eyes became teary and let out a painful groan, she wriggled on the floor holding her head.

The pupil's gaze then turned towards the group. The pressure exerted on the group and people related to them subsided instantly.

"For what reason did you disturb me?"

"Heavenly Lord."

At that time, Calvin's back was already drenched in cold sweat.

For some reason, Calvin felt that if he displeased the spirit he may be killed.

"Heavenly Lord, this girl has an ancient Guardian Spirit. Please extract the Guardian Spirit and separate it for us."

The huge pupil flickered with a strange glint.

Hearing Calvin's words, Abacharu's eye lingered over Julian for a few moments.

"What about the others?"

"Let them live."

Understanding the others, Abacharu referring to Calvin answered instantly without any panic even though a colossal pupil was flickering over his head emitting a pressure that hard to fathom.

If just a clone having almost 10% power had such terrifying then how terrifying must be the real body?

A deep silence prevailed for a moment.

After a moment of silence, a sentence filled with regret and a sigh much to everyone's surprise emerged.

"What a pity."

Calvin's brows creased along with others who raised their head to look at the pupil with a befuddled expression.

"Son Of Heaven."

"Daughter Of Heaven."

"A title so grand that was never justified."

Julian whose pain had subsided, stared at the spirit with a hateful expression filled with anger.

Her body was trembling beyond her control making it harder for her to even breathe properly.

She bit her lips to not let herself succumb to fear and summoned her courage trying to act befitting her status.

"What do you mean?"

Though Julian asked with curiosity, she was mainly trying to buy time to figure out a way to escape.

A sigh of pity escaped from the huge creature seeing Julian's resolute expression.

"Though an Emperor who always spoon-feeds and drowns his children with love in childhood, the very same Emperor starts guarding against them thinking that they may usurp his throne."

"You, one of the noblest of all being born under heaven, quite dear to it but at the same time, it guards against the likes of you in fear of getting usurped."

"That curse...."

Julian's eyes narrowed.

"Your curse is the limiter that heaven put on you."

"Being a spirit born from the sentiment of resentment, I can feel your anger towards heaven. How many times have you hid from others to shed tears? How many times have you felt like it's better to give up on living? How many times have you wanted to raise your head against injustice, I can feel it all."

"That's why I pity you."

"Do you think I need your pity?"

A trace of coldness along with fury flashed in Julian's eyes as she turned to get up a little but fell.

The effect of adrenaline managed to suppress her fear but her battered broken body refused to obey her command.

"My Lord, please take away the guardian spirit quickly lest something happen."Calvin bowed his head and pleaded cause if a person died, the guardian spirit would return to its world waiting for a suitable successor to be born again.


With a solemn voice, the whole body of Abacharu stood horizontally casting a huge shadow on the ground.

Blood red barriers sprouted from the ground confining the space around them to minimize the chances of the guardian spirit's escape.

The pupil covered the sky and many tentacles shot at Julian.

The Two golems guarding her sensing crisis, shot towards the tentacles descending on Julian.

The golems could even take on a blow against a 9-Star. Though they had great durability, they lacked dexterity and fine movements.

Many tentacles shot and wrapped around the golem locking their movements. While trapping them, the tentacles turned into whips that slashed them.

Amidst that, a tentacle with a pointed end pierced through the cores of the golems destroying their source of energy.

Losing power, on getting hit by the tentacles, they were shot on the ground with a loud bang.

A shock rummaged through the places shaking everything out of the place. The cores of the golems crumbled instantly and the mana contained in them jolted towards the atmosphere like a spurting fountain.

A mouth opened up at the end of the tentacles, and the mana released from the SS rank core was devoured making Julian baffled for a moment.

Her mind was starting to be clouded by various emotions.

The escape talisman was blocked by Abacharu by closing the space and the golems, which were the last line of defence, were crushed without any resistance.

Many pairs of dark tentacles shot towards her. Her body shone and a barrier formed from one of her rings which was activated around her.

However, Julian's crystal blood eyes contracted and all the hair in her body stood erect seeing the tentacles passing through the barrier as if it was invisible.

"Get out!"

Julian roared coldly and the mana in her body exploded, freezing the tentacles that broke down into fine crystals.

But then, from the broken part, dark tentacles started to grow and seeing that, she crumbled to the ground.

She looked at many tentacles coming at her and being powerless to even move back a step, Julian closed her eyes imagining the horrible scenario that was going to happen.

A certain memory of her father flashed in her eyes.

She remembered how she refused all the gifts when her father gave them to her and told him arrogantly that there would never be a situation where she would need the help of these things.

Looking back and thinking about her caring family, a crystal clear drop of liquid slid down to her cheek.

Julian who braced for the impact suddenly felt something amiss and opened her eyes.


A scream erupted from her seeing thousands of tentacles around her with small holes at the tip.

They looked like a wriggling pair of worms which was disgusting and horrific to watch.

The tentacles didn't move close towards Julian rather staying away, and started sucking something.

Julian who was befuddled by the action suddenly felt a bursting pain inside.


She didn't know the origin of the pain but she could feel something inside her was tearing apart.

No, it was as if her existence was shredded and torn into pieces of many.

Her scream of agony resonated inside the blood-red barrier.

Thousands of tentacles hovered in the air surrounding Julian pulling something.

The veins all over Julian's body bulge and under the snow-white skim the vessel carrying the blood pulsated.


Groaning in pain, she flapped her hands and feet unable to contain the excruciating pain tearing her down. Drops of tears oozing out from her eyes shined like crystals falling onto the ground like dew.

White mana surged around her body forming a hurricane.

A chilling blast emerged one after another.

Calvin who just stood quietly swallowed his saliva.

Pulling out a guardian spirit was quite difficult and on top of power, you need delicate control and means to tear it away from the natal soul of a person.

Guardian spirits are as strong as King Level Spirit and might not even be worse when compared to Abacharu in their original form.

However, due to some reason like a threat or survival crisis, they form a contract with beings that would inherit their power and form a symbiotic relationship by residing in them.

Many types of beings chosen by the guardian spirit were unable to awaken them and they passed to the next generation. If for some reason the person dies, they go back to their origin in the Spirit realm and wait for a suitable host to be born.

If something happens here, the girl will die and the Guardian Spirit of that girl will disappear for many years.

"It's here."

Calvin spoke in a hoarse voice with a gleeful expression.

At that time, a roar large enough to create earthquakes and split apart the sky bellowed across the horizon.


The black robe men who stood behind Calvin fell to their knees holding their ears from which blood started to pour out due to the bursting of their eardrum.

Screams emerged from their lips as they rolled in pain unable to tolerate such a loud menacing sound.

From Julian, the body of a huge bluish-white figure materialized that roared angrily.

Its body was covered with crystalline scales that reflected the light and looked like a beautifully carved sculpture of God.

"Guardian Spirit, Ice Dragon Hilsa."

Calvin almost muttered seeing the majestic-looking dragon.

"Give up, Hilsa."

"The time of your death has come."

Abacharu's majestic voice echoed and from the tentacles, thousands of blood chains shot out and wrapped around Ice Dragon Hilsa.


"You could have lived longer if you had awakened in her body. Alas, you met me today."

The materialized figure of the Ice Dragon was slowly torn apart from Julian's body and was slowly pulled out.

Just as it was about to be pulled out from Julian's body, a tremor shook the ground throwing everything into disarray.


At that, a tearing sound resonated across the whole place.

Abacharu's movement halted and his huge pupil suddenly tilted towards the source of sound.

He didn't perceive any movements because he was focused on extracting the spirit but now that he noticed, if he had a face there would be a big frown over it.

Following him, everyone present there looked around and heard the sound of violent malevolent screams.

Calvin's eyes suddenly dyed with shock and astonishment seeing the familiar figure that was intercepted from approaching just a few minutes ago.

'How can it be that boy? Wasn't he dying?

A bad premonition welled up inside the heart.



The huge blood-red barrier was torn apart and from that gap, the ghouls started pouring in as if running away from something dangerous, something precarious that overwhelmed the deep root of resentment inside them.

Behind the crowd of ghouls, the sound of loud steps that stifled one's ears echoed.

"What a disgusting piece of shit this is."

"How the hell are you alive, you flowery monster shit. If I were in your place, I would have killed myself."

A mocking voice resonated across the place startling everyone.

Holding a ripped-off head dripping with blood, a boy with long dark hair walked in taking long strides.

The boy looked ordinary at best however the scene of this ordinary guy scaring the shit out of ghouls wasn't something ordinary in any sense.

Abacharu's huge pupil locked into the boy as he screamed.

"You dare mock me, one of the greatest evil spirits of all time?!"

"It seems you are mistaking the ugliest evil spirit of all time with the greatest."

"Kid, do you even know who I am."

"I am a being on par with Gods."

A menacing roar shook the place and Abacharu's huge pupil dilated, emanating a huge threatening aura.


Contrary to Abacharu's expectation of witnessing the scene of the boy rolling down in pain, the boy started laughing holding his stomach as if he heard a very funny joke.


Abacharu who was about to speak again suddenly swallowed his words as an immense killing intent exploded from the boy's body dyeing the whole place red.


An eerie smile that scratched the depths of one soul making one tremble emerged from the boy's lips as his body jolted with a maniac laugh.


With cold yet arrogant laughter, a loud declaration erupted from him.

"God, Angel, Demon, Devil, Spirits, they are all the same."

"Cause at the end, all of them just blew out together."


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