Surviving the Apocalypse While Being Tempted by an Elf and a Dark Elf

Chapter 275 - Oath (8)

              After finishing his things with the red crystal, Luke left the house, and then he found Nambra talking with his mother while they were looking after the tamed monsters. Fortunately, his other friends were nearby and keeping an eye on things. While he dropped his guard, he felt that Nambra wouldn't do something so low and anger him. She was weird, but she wasn't evil.

"We are leaving. I will see you later, mom," Luke said.

"Take care, Luke," Julia said. "Don't do anything too dangerous, or that will make me scold you later."

              Julia wasn't a fool, so she could tell there was something weird with the new addition to the team. Fortunately, she didn't pry for answers. Otherwise, Luke would have a hard time giving a suitable explanation. It was weird, given his age, that she still feared his mother and her lectures. In fact, he feared her more than his father. He also feared making her cry more than anything…

              Without wasting any more time, Luke, Rina, Shalia, and Nambra went to the dark elves' world, and he wondered for how long his mother would stay quiet when his party was him surrounded by women. Nevertheless, it was time to stop worrying about that because as soon as they landed, Luke noticed that all of his skellies had been decimated, and they had appeared right in the middle of a battlefield. The sahuagins versus the dark elves. The sahugins were emerging from the ocean as if they were being made of saltwater. Thanks to that, they were forcing the dark elves to retreat at large steps while they also were using their magic to kill as many of them as possible.

            Luke decided to use his fists, but before he could do that, Shalia summoned a fire tornado, one so powerful that the flames were completely orange and pulled to inside all the monsters in a range of hundred meters, it even pulled some water of the ocean, but it didn't last for long since she used all her mana. Still, hundreds of high-level monsters died thanks to that. Unfortunately, she used everyone's mana.

You obtained 100 experience points.

You obtained 100 gold coins.

You obtained 100 experience points.

You obtained 100 gold coins.

"Hey, my mana…" Rina said.

"There are many potions on the ground," Shalia smirked while her eyes were spinning.

"We don't have time for that, Rina. Focus on using Meditation," Luke said. "Nambra… Oh, you are already using your elemental spheres."

            They were already rotating around the battlefield while freezing, electrocuting, and burning the sahuagins. It was annoying that Luke wasn't getting any experience or gold coins from that, but he couldn't complain. He even considered making Nambra his follower for a moment, but she wasn't a monster that had a small brain. He didn't want to obtain full control of another sapient being. Nevertheless, it seemed that such a fight was going to last long, so Luke decided to use his fist and recover his stamina by using Fury Punches while moving around.

            It didn't take long for the monsters to notice that the third party wasn't on their side. So, they began to surround them, but Luke was like a storm that was delivering punches and beating the monsters to a pulp, and when they got too close to the others, he used Spark Ball and electrocuted several of them. Shalia helped as well with her ice magic. Still, things were getting too intense… Luke cursed his lack of training with earth manipulation because it was the perfect moment to bury those guys alive in droves.

            In the end, Luke used some of his status points and increased his speed even more. His combo was being finished a lot faster than before, and thanks to it, he was able to defeat more of the monsters. Thanks to that, he was able to stop using his mana, but he used it to do something else… to summon the skeletons.

"If you want to play with numbers, then let's do this," Luke said and then smirked.

            In the blink of an eye, dozens of skeletons emerged and began to fight the sahuagins. While they weren't as powerful as them, they made it up with their coordination. That was something that the sahuagins didn't have at all. Nambra decided to help and send some orbs of mana toward Luke, and then the numbers quickly increased, forming a wall that protected Luke and his friends from one side. Still, it was clear that even with that card, Luke would have to work for a while… or so he thought. After a couple of minutes, the sahuagins stopped coming, and even those fighting the dark elves returned to the ocean after some harsh waves hit the shore.

"That was weird…" Luke frowned. "I didn't know we could control the summoned monsters of the red crystal-like that."

"They can't. They received some sort of message when those waves hit the shore," Nambra explained. "Whoever is down there, it certainly has a few tricks up their sleeve."

            Aside from breathing underwater… Luke had found the skill in the shop, but it had some limitations. It only could be used as long as Luke has stamina since that energy is burned to make his body think that he is breathing. As it levels up, it becomes more efficient, but it would take a few upgrades on the skill to make him able to stay underwater for several hours, enough time to find the base of the enemy. Still, there was the issue about how he was going to fight there…

"Well, whatever," Luke said when he turned around and saw the dark elves approaching. "We have other pressing matters now."

            Luke recalled what Shalia said before, and perhaps it was time for him to be a bit harsh. He didn't have time to go around getting in trouble caused by them. Unless they cooperate, things in that world will take too long as well…


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