The Alchemist of Harry Potter

Chapter 1466: result

In the past few days, even though nothing happened, many people couldn't calm down.

Ever since he was spoiled by Albert last time, Hagrid has been thinking about the dragon egg. Can he really get the dragon egg that Albert mentioned?

Although Hagrid was not sure how expensive dragon eggs were, he liked dragons and knew that it would cost a lot of money to get one.

It has always been Hagrid's wish to raise a dragon. The thought that his wish is very likely to come true soon makes him become inexplicably anxious. He often wanders back and forth in his cabin, giggling.

However, Hagrid did not know that he himself had become a source of trouble for others.

Not long ago, Quirrell, who had successfully obtained the dragon egg, was also very upset because Hagrid showed no signs of leaving Hogwarts.

This is not good news for Quirrell, whose health is getting worse.

His body really couldn't hold it anymore.

Except for being possessed by Voldemort for the first time, Quirrell had never smelled the breath of death like this before, and the original joy of obtaining the dragon egg had all disappeared.

He is really dying!

However, Quirrell did not go completely crazy because he was on the verge of death, perhaps because he knew that he still had a way out, the way out that Voldemort left for him.

Hunting unicorns and sucking their blood to extend their lives will be Quirrell's last choice.

At this moment, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was still secretly monitoring Hagrid, waiting for him to leave Hogwarts and for the opportunity to come.

Compared with the previous two, Hermione, who was exposed to Albert's slutty tricks, did not feel emotional explosion because of it, but she felt more and more that there was a mysterious aura surrounding Albert.

Maybe he's showing off.

Perhaps, he is like a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Hermione never told Harry or Ron about these things. She followed the agreement between the two and silently kept Albert's secret.

I don't know if Hermione was absent-minded during the elimination round, or if she just had bad luck. She met her strongest opponent so far, Truman, and was crushed 2:0, helplessly stopping in the quarterfinals.

Ron had been feeling sorry for Hermione being eliminated. He originally thought that Hermione would be able to overcome obstacles all the way, win the final wizard card competition, and get ten galleons, but...

I always felt that Ron regretted losing the game more than Hermione.

Harry didn't care about the Wizarding Card Competition at all. It didn't matter to him whether he won the championship or not. As for the ten galleons reward, it was even less important. He was not short of money.

Recently, Harry's mood has also been very irritable.

Because Professor Quirrell's face is getting paler and his body is getting thinner and thinner. Harry was worried that the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor would not be able to withstand the pressure and compromise with Snape, telling him how to pass the mechanism guarding the Philosopher's Stone.

"Harry." Hermione said after hesitating for a moment after hearing what Harry said, "I think your worries are unnecessary."


Harry's face showed shock and confusion.

"Do you know something?" Ron asked quietly after looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

"Are we really the only ones who know that someone wants to steal the Philosopher's Stone?" Hermione lowered her voice and asked, "I mean, the professors involved in protecting the Philosopher's Stone, and even Principal Dumbledore really know that someone wants to steal the magic. Stone?"

Harry and Ron looked at each other, neither spoke, and listened quietly to Hermione continue.

"It's impossible, right!" Hermione took a deep breath and said, "After all, it was almost stolen in Gringotts. Besides, I think there must be a reason for that stone to be placed here. I never I think Principal Dumbledore is confused."

"How old is Principal Dumbledore?" Ron asked coldly.

"Probably...more than a hundred years old!" Hermione replied uncertainly.

"Even you have to admit that the Headmaster is indeed old." Harry pointed this out clearly.

"Perhaps, Principal Dumbledore is indeed a bit old, but he will not be confused, and..." Hermione shook her head, "Albert also thinks that the principal has other intentions for placing the Sorcerer's Stone in the school."

"He told you?" Harry couldn't help but look at the long Gryffindor table, where Albert was presiding over the finals.

"Well, he thinks there's a reason why the stone was placed in the school." Hermione hesitated for a moment, then whispered: "Besides, I think he probably knows how to subdue Lu Wei."

"You said that Albert might know how to subdue Fluffy," Harry looked at Hermione with a shocked face and said eagerly, "But...Hagrid shouldn't tell anyone except Dumbledore."

"Albert has a very good relationship with Hagrid, and he seems to be very aware of Hagrid's raising of Fluffy." Hermione noticed the shock and confusion on the faces of Harry and Ron, and reminded in a low voice: "It is said that , Albert also knows how to predict, if he really knows how to divination through the crystal ball, it is not surprising that he knows how to subdue Lu Wei."

"What if, I mean if Anderson wants to steal the Philosopher's Stone!" A very absurd idea suddenly came to Harry's head.

"He wouldn't do that?" Hermione shook her head and denied Harry's words.

"I just said if." Harry did not continue to dwell on this matter. He knew that Hermione had a little admiration for Albert.

Ron also looked sideways at the place where the finals were taking place, the corners of his mouth trembling slightly, not knowing what he wanted to say.

This Wizarding Card Competition is coming to an end.

Among the students competing for the championship in the finals, Zannah was not there, but the Ravenclaw genius Isobel and the Hufflepuff prefect Truman.

The unlucky Shanna met Isobel in the semi-finals and was eliminated 2:1.

Although the championship final was a best-of-five game, the two of them only played three games. Truman lost three games in a row and ended miserably. He felt a little doubtful about his life until the end.

"I knew it would be like this." Katrina said expressionlessly. She would be lying if she said she wasn't envious, but after all, it was her sister who won, and she was still happy for her.

Isobel's victory was completely unexpected by Katrina, and it has always been like this from before to now.

As long as Isobel is willing, she will always be a winner, no matter in which aspect. UU reading

"Some people say that you can count the number of times you have played Wizard Cards with both hands. Is this true?" Lee Jordan stepped forward with a microphone when Albert handed over the championship award to Isobel. asked.

"There is no such thing. I occasionally play wizard cards. Albert can testify for me." Isobel showed a charming smile towards Albert. "It was he who taught me how to play wizard cards. I still remember He said that wizard cards will definitely become popular in the entire magic world. How could a student not know how to play wizard cards? My victory was mainly because I learned how to play wizard cards from Albert when I played cards with him. understanding.”

Of course, they had no idea that these words of Isobel were just nonsense, just to avoid being too shocking.

"It seems that you did not lose unjustly." Diggory reached out and patted Truman's shoulder to comfort him.

Truman looked at the runner-up prize in his hand, stuffed the bag of candy he bought from Duke Bee into his pocket, and went to help Fred and George distribute butterbeer to everyone.

Albert found several senior students who knew how to use the refilling spell, and asked them to take turns casting spells on the oak barrels to provide everyone with a continuous supply of butterbeer.

This Wizarding Card Competition ended successfully with laughter and clinking glasses.

Outside the hall, Professor Quirrell felt an inexplicable irritation in his heart as he looked at the students drinking in the hall to celebrate the successful conclusion of the wizard card competition.

"Quirinas, maybe we should have a chat." Snape appeared beside Quirrell without any warning, looking at the scene in the hall expressionlessly, and said calmly.


Harry happened to see Quirrell and Snape leaving. The savior secretly wanted to follow and eavesdrop, but naturally he was discovered by Snape.


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