The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

Chapter 338 A Chance

Chapter 338 A Chance

"Very well, do you have anything that can surpass the work of Ezra Zephyr?" Elder Rilda asked from the trio of imprint faction.

The trio looked at each other and ultimately lowered their head as they said no through gritted teeth.

"I, as the arbiter of this quarter match, announce Ezra Zephyr as the winner of this quarter match." Elder Rilda announced.

The entire onlookers fell in silent until the Bloodfang Army played the trumpet, and in the next moment, cries of congratulations and praises filled the air. Those who had some doubts about Ezra Zephyr were now sure that the young man would surely turn this sect upside down. Those who were jealous and hated him were fumed as they turned back.

Elder Rilda nodded as the two elders moved as well.

"Did we win?" Bob asked Ezra.

The prince grinned. "Yes we won."

Blaze fell to his knees and took deep breaths. Inner mountain disciple Paige looked at Ezra with a gaze full of affection and surprise. Lopap, Aily, Mubarak and James all were baffled at what just happened.

In the middle of the ruckus, the prince stepped towards the trio of imprint faction. "You three came from Blood Slaughterer Peak, right?" He asked.

Kimba looked back in disgust and replied. "Yes, wanna do something about it?"

The prince laughed. "I want to give you a chance?"

"A chance?"

"Yes, you three against me. If you win, the diamond quarter will be yours."

"And what if we lose?" Kimba was cautious, he wanted to measure the waters before stepping into it. adventure

"If you lose, you die. As I shall be coming with killing intent." The prince's grin widened.

Kimba smirked along with the prince. "I accept, we will come one by one, I don't want people to say that we ganged on a new disciple."

The prince nodded and answered. "As you wish."

Kimba laughed loudly and released his powerful spiritual energy to intimidate Ezra Zephyr. The former was in the early 6th level of the Core Formation stage.

The atmosphere changed drastically, and even the face of Elder Lo became grave. The haters who were retreating halted their steps and turned back to see the end of it.

"Kimba truly lives up to his name as the Elder Song's strongest gold belt disciple. I never expected that he has secretly advanced to the 6th layer Core Formation stage…"

"With such strength, he already has the qualifications to become a diamond belt disciple. If he succeeds, he will be able to leave his gold belt status behind, and become a true-blue diamond belt disciple and might become a ranker as well."

"Amazing. No wonder he's so cocky. It turns out that he does have the ability to back it up."

"As it stands, Elder Lo's side is doomed. Ezra's naivety crumbled them, Bob and Blaze are alchemists and can not fight on equal grounds."

"Haha, there is no need to fret. Don't they still have a genius disciple who can supposedly surpass senior brother Sith Wiggins in the future? Perhaps he will be able to salvage the situation."

"Wait… isn't he at 6th level as well, there were rumours that he broke through to 6th level."

"Nah, a senior told me that it was a lie, he broke through to the 4th level, and even if he is at the 6th level, one needs to stabilise his foundation in each level. Suddenly reaching at 6th level in one go will shake the foundation and will backlash in life and death situations."

"Yes, your explanation is reasonable."


Whispers and private conversations continuously sounded in the area. However, most of them were expressing their shock at Ezra's decision and Kimba's abilities. Even amongst all the outer mountain disciples of Spirit Devouring Mountain, a 6th-level Core Formation expert like him was already considered one of the elites.

Elder Li's pavilion and its surroundings were completely silent as he sat within it with a face devoid of emotion. However, his gnarly hands atop the table could not help but clench tightly.

Beside him, Mubarak, James Endoro and the other diamond belt disciples wore gloomy expressions on their faces as they stared daggers at the powerful Kimba, wishing that they could personally jump down and give him a beating he would remember.

However, some rules had to be abided by in the quarter-match. Other than the contestants, no one else was allowed to interfere.

However, if Kimba managed to defeat Ezra today, it would be a huge blow to the reputation of the Alchemy faction. The imprint faction will steal the diamond quarter from the palm of the alchemy faction.

They could already imagine how much they would be mocked in the future.

In contrast to the gloomy atmosphere on this side, celebratory cheers were constantly heard from Elder Song's side, the disciples there continuously shooting derisive looks over.

Seated within the stone pavilion, Elder Song giggled as he raised the teacup in his hand.

"Senior brother Kimba is indeed Uncle Song's strongest gold belt disciple. Once he passes the diamond belt selection test, he will become a genuine diamond belt disciple." Said Denise from behind Elder Song with a grin. Meanwhile, a satisfied expression spread across her beautiful face.

She cast a sadistic glance towards Ezra's figure in the arena. She believed that Ezra caused this huge blunder to show off

Even though the prince had taken first place in the peak selection ceremony, it only proved his dominance over the unofficial outer mountain disciples. Now that he had entered the official outer mountain, she would do whatever she could to kill him.

"I wonder how much face you'll have left after Kinba finishes you off." Denise felt as if she was free at last. It seemed like she could at long last vent the resentment that she has been keeping in her heart for the past month.

"It seems like Elder Lo has been tricked again this time." Elder Song stared at the scene in front of him as he mocked.

It was clear that Kimba had already advanced to the 6th level of the Core Formation stage for some time. However, Elder Song chose to hide his true strength because it was not needed in Alchemic Rune Peak's quarter match. By doing so, he could temporarily avoid bringing Kimba to the diamond belt selection test, and allow him to participate in the quarter match as a gold belt disciple.

Inside another pavilion. Paige also frowned. The outcome of this cave match was already crystal clear, she squinted her eyes. "What is in your mind, Ezra?"

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