The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 957 - 957 A Piece of Audio Record

957 A Piece of Audio Record
“Yeah, the whole internet is saying that Han Yin is the murderer, so why would you lie and frame her?” Shen Hanxing sighed lightly, echoing the sentiment. Then, with a hint of confusion in her tone, she asked, “So, Miss Qin, what was your purpose in doing all this?” Her tone almost confirmed that Qin Na was lying!

Qin Na became inexplicably flustered and exclaimed anxiously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mrs. Ji. If you keep spouting this nonsense, I won’t entertain it any longer. I’m feeling unwell, so let’s end this call here.”

“Don’t rush to hang up, please.” Shen Hanxing suddenly smiled, curling her lips. “I have something here that might explain Miss Qin Na’s actions.” With an even deeper smile on her face, she then turned her head to Ji Yan who had been standing behind her. “Mr. Ji, why don’t we all listen together?”

Listen? Listen to what? Amidst the puzzled gazes of everyone, Ji Yan took a step forward and stood side by side with Shen Hanxing. “Very well, as Madam wishes,” he calmly operated the phone with a few taps.

Before long, Qin Na’s voice came through the phone, “What do you mean?”

Immediately followed by a slightly gloomy male voice, “Don’t you also dislike Han Yin? As long as you do as I say, you can not only get Han Yin imprisoned but also secure the lead roles in two major films. Isn’t that a great deal for you?”

The opening of this conversation completely threw Qin Na off guard. “Turn it off quickly! I don’t know what this is, but you’re fabricating it! It’s all fake! Fake!” Her voice overlapped with the recording on Ji Yan’s phone, clearly proving that it was the same person speaking.
“I almost lost my life, and you think you can dismiss me with just two film roles? It should at least be doubled, plus luxury brand endorsements.” Qin Na’s greed was unreserved in the recording. The conversation continued with back-and-forth negotiations, and soon the two reached an agreement. The man in the recording instructed Qin Na to smear Han Yin’s reputation, ensuring that Han Yin would be taught a lesson. It perfectly aligned with everything Qin Na had done since waking up.

It was over… This was the only thought left in Qin Na’s mind. Her mind was blank, and Shen Sisi’s face was filled with unease and shock. She didn’t know how to react upon this.

“Qin Na, Shen Sisi, are you satisfied with what you heard?” Shen Hanxing looked up meaningfully and turned to the police officer who had received this evidence. She said briskly, “Officer, I want to report something to the police.”

Shen Sisi suddenly raised her head.

Under the gaze of Shen Sisi and the livestream viewers, Shen Hanxing spoke clearly, “I’m calling the police. Mo Kaicheng from Bingxin Entertainment intentionally hired an assassin to frame Han Yin. Actor Qin Na colluded with Mo Kaicheng to fabricate false evidence. There was an exchange of interests between the two. And…” She paused, her gaze lightly sweeping over Shen Sisi, “Miss Shen Sisi, spreading rumors and defamation has caused significant harm to Han Yin’s reputation and well-being.”

As Shen Hanxing’s words fell, there was a brief silence in the air.

“Shen Hanxing, have you lost your mind?” Shen Sisi widened her eyes in disbelief and screamed, “You’re actually going to report me?!”

“I’ve warned you many times, but you refused to listen,” Shen Hanxing remained calm, unaffected by Shen Sisi’s anger. She spoke softly, “With the large number of people in the livestream, you’ve exceeded the threshold for defamation. Is there a problem with accusing you of spreading rumors and defamation?”

How could there not be a problem? If she were taken to the police station in front of everyone, her hard-earned reputation would be ruined in an instant! She couldn’t accept such an outcome! Shen Sisi shook her head, “No, it can’t be. We had a bet…” She clenched her teeth, suppressing her shame, “We had a bet, how could you…”

“What’s wrong with me?” Shen Hanxing was on the verge of laughter. She coldly stared at Shen Sisi and retorted, “So, because we had a bet, I can’t report you for breaking the law? Will a bet protect you and forgive you? Who gave you that confidence?”

Shen Sisi’s face turned pale. Suddenly, a flash of insight came to her, and she blurted out, “You did it on purpose! You planned this all along!” She finally understood why Shen Hanxing, who had never been patient, spent so much time talking to her today and even made a bet in front of the livestream viewers. It was all part of her calculated plan!

The more she thought about it, the angrier Shen Sisi became. She could hardly control the expression on her face and yelled with a fierce tone, “Shen Hanxing, you’ve gone too far!”



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