The First Store System

Chapter 1369 The Final Quest(37)

Chapter 1369 The Final Quest(37)

Chapter 1169: The Final Quest(37)

Slowly, the creature began to fade out as water vaporized once the temperature was maintained at 100° C.

Laney thought that she would return to the bridge after the creature died out, but her thoughts turned out to be incorrect. There was also the question of what had happened since she stepped on the bridge, but that could only be answered once she left.

The next moment, as far as her eyes could see, the entire area began to melt, and a wave of darkness engulfed her. It didn't take long before the lights returned and took Laney by surprise.

Laney found herself standing in front of the store. Her body couldn't help but feel a chill crawling down her spine since she would now come face to face with the store owner.

She respected Aakesh, but there was also fear in it. Her steps faltered, but since there was no second way, she took a step forward and stepped inside the store.

The next moment, the familiar blue-skinned store owner appeared in her sight. There was no one near the store owner, so he raised his head and looked at her.

A broad smile that had appeared to have vanished from her face for the previous few years reappeared the next instant. She couldn't help but rush to Aakesh.

"How are you, Big Brother?" Laney respectfully asked.

Aakesh simply smiled in response to her question and tapped Laney's head. The next moment, Laney heard cracks ringing in her ears.

In no time, the entire area cracked into shards and then faded, while she found herself back on the bridge.


A smile spread across Aakesh's face; he was currently in the middle of his training battle. As soon as the bridge test wanted to involve Aakesh, he became aware.

The test would have broken immediately, but Aakesh waited for Laney to appear. She had worked hard for the trial, impressing Aakesh. If possible, Aakesh could easily help everyone in her camp pass the test, but since that would violate the quest's rules, he simply left after tapping Laney's head.


Laney couldn't help but cheer loudly and laugh, venting all the frustration she had accumulated over the years. She was confident that the Aakesh in the test was an actual one.

That simple tap from Aakesh was more than enough to motivate Laney even further for the trial. As she walked ahead, a new confidence seemed to have risen in her heart.

But before moving away, she turned around and looked at the army of recruits. She then motivated them, taking Zoric and others by surprise.

The smile on her face persisted throughout the speech, which infected the recruits, motivating them further.

Getting motivated was easy, but completing the task wasn't easy. When Laney crossed the bridge and stood at the gates of the central city, she found more than five thousand white and yellow recruits.

Laney only nodded and congratulated the survivors, ignoring the casualties because she was in a good mood. Those who failed to take the first step were already dead since they became the food of the beasts in the ocean.

Time flew by, and five months had passed since Laney reached the gates of the central city. She had already been far from the city for around three-fourths of the year.

The joyful emotion of that day was nowhere to be seen on Laney's face as she faced an encirclement of tens of thousands of people.

Laney had long reached the limit of how many people she could put under the illusion, so if she wanted to leave, there was no way other than a massacre.

Laney didn't want to kill so many innocent people at once, but the quest was too significant for her to waste time on some ideal thoughts.

A dark glow appeared around her knives as she readied to leave the scene when suddenly a wave of pressure hit her, knocking her backward.

A pale expression appeared on her face as she looked at the source of the sudden pressure and was horrified to find a powerful being floating in the area. Only those above Level 500 could fly in Panagea naturally, and since the being in the air didn't seem to be using any equipment, he was a Level 500+ being.

At that moment, Laney lost all her confidence since levels 500 and above correlated to the power of those beings in the Primordial Dimension. Forget completing the quest; even surviving was impossible for Laney.

The man descended and walked toward Laney while those in the crowd respectfully made way for him.

Laney's mood didn't seem to be good since she had lost all confidence in completing the quest. If she knew that a being above Level 500 would intervene, she would have never even begun the mission and would have accepted to become a resident of the city, giving up on the trial.

She could leave Panagea as long as the trial was over in any way. It was just that her influence as an adventurer would be limited to the Fring city in Panagea after that.

The man slowly walked to Laney and stopped in front of her. He then bent down and roughly picked Laney up by her shoulder. She seemed to be a small toy in front of the towering figure of ten meters.

"My lord, don't you think it is too demeaning for you to act against someone weak like me," Laney couldn't help but mock the man. Her mood wasn't good, and she didn't even think of controlling herself since she could revive anyway.

She was nevertheless confident of stepping into the True God level once she exited Panagea. It was just that she would lose the city despite reaching the last step of the mission.

The man simply smiled in response to Laney's mocking, yet his behavior differed. The next moment, he threw Laney into the sky.

The skill [Flying Adventurer] began working, but its effects seemed to have failed her as she began descending. Laney could see herself getting crushed to death whenever she landed. She wanted to attempt the last struggle, wanting her to survive the crash.

She gritted her teeth and pushed whatever she could to reactivate [Flying Adventurer]. The next moment, she began to lose her energy at a crazy rate.

The man looked at all of it with a smile. But when the skill was reactivated, a surprised expression appeared on his face.

The next moment, the man snapped his fingers. Following that, an opposite force acted on Laney, slowing her descent.

Laney became confused by the situation and only got her answer after landing on the ground.

The man had left the scene when Laney landed, but his voice lingered in the area, shocking Laney with its content.

According to the message, the man wasn't there to kill Laney but to test her.

Since her previous quest had come to such an odd conclusion, Laney could not help but stand there looking foolish. Just passing the man's test was enough to pass the test.

Laney then took repeated deep breaths to calm her heart. Even though it ended so oddly, she still completed the last quest, and in that way, she had passed the trial.


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