The Incubus System

Chapter 569 566. Two Messages

The Incubus System Chapter 566. Two Messages

Azrael's PoV

Elsewhere, in an elegant palace dominated by purple, the City of Wrath, Splein, another demon lord sat in front of his desk. Or asleep to be exact. He was in his humanoid form, so he hid his six demon wings and two tails. Despite he was older than Lord Damon, his handsome cold face made him look like a man in his early 20s. His messy short black hair with a pair of indigo horns adorned his head. His head pressed against his desk and a soft snore came out of his mouth.

The room he was in was quite large and dominated by purple and lavender colors. A row of windows was behind him. The floor was covered with grey marble and the books selves were on the other side. Despite the luxurious and spacious room, there was no one there but that Demon Lord.

The sheets of documents scattered on his desk showed how much his workload and a tower of a teacup on the other side of his desk showed how long he had spent there. He had already spent a week straight in his office and working through all the paperwork before he gave in to his drowsiness and fell asleep straight on the desk.

Well, it couldn't be helped since his city just spent a month straight of battle competition to determine who is the strongest in that city and the winner of that competition was him. There hadn't been a single demon who could kick him out of first place in that competition for thousands of years. It was the most important and extraordinary competition in Splein. Almost all adults and strong demons participated. It was unskippable.

Since that competition used the Battle Royale system, he and all his assistants ended up neglecting his work for a month. He had no other choice but to do all his work after the competition finished one week ago. To make it worse, none of his assistants could help him since all of them were injured after participating in the last competition. So he was the one who had to do everything alone. That was the reason why he ended up sleeping on his desk.


The sound of a new email came from the computer on the other side of the desk. It woke him up. He reflexively opened his eyes and pulled his head from the desk.

"We'll start the meeting in 10 minutes! '' he shouted in reflex with his eyes half open. It was a spontaneous order since he only used the alarm to remind him of the upcoming meeting and this was what usually happened every time he fell asleep at his desk. Since this had happened for thousands of years, this had become a reflex for him.

He swept his gaze over his empty luxurious office with a half-drowsy look. His head moved from side to side and his brain processed what was happening before he realized that the sound was coming from the computer.

'Another report?' he thought, yawning. His hand moved to cover his wide-open mouth. While his tentacle moved up the keyboard to open that new email.

At the same time, his attention was fixed on the letter in front of him. That letter was from the Spider Queen. It had been on his desk for the past few days, but he hadn't had the chance to read it due to his massive workload. After all, all regular letters were sent by email, yet she sent them by her Spyder. It was a bit old fashioned so he guessed it was just her second wedding invitation. Something that didn't matter to him.

His hand opened the envelope reluctantly.

'If this was a wedding invitation I wish I had missed it,' he prayed. He was too busy lately and not interested in attending any party before he finished his work. After all, he also had his own party next week. His victory celebration.

But what he found was something different.

'She asked me to meet her?' he thought in disbelief. A confused frown formed on his forehead.

"Wait… she's not in love with me, is she?" he muttered unconsciously. It was a joke. He realized it was something impossible and was sure she had other goals. She had only met him a couple of times and they had no interest in each other. She also had never contacted him after their meeting several hundred years ago, so why did she suddenly want to see him for no apparent reason?

A long exhale came out of his mouth.

"Please don't say this has to do with her failed marriage," he made a random guess since he didn't know what else other than that.I think you should take a look at

Planning to ignore her request, he shifted his gaze to the computer screen and read the email. Another frown reappeared on his forehead once he recognized the sender.

"Damian Lucio Malignus?" he read.

A second later the frown on his forehead disappeared.

"Oh, I remember him. It's the incubus that claims to be Damon's son." He had indeed been attracted to him since he sensed his Demonic Aura a week ago and wanted to meet him in flesh one day. It was just that his workload forbade him. So he would obviously agree to his request to meet him. But instead of inviting him, it was Azrael who would invite Damian to his palace due to ethics.

But then he returned his gaze to the spider queen's letter in his hand.

"Wait for a second, why did they invite me at the same time?" he said suspiciously. Even though it could be a coincidence, it was too scary.

Realizing that something was wrong, he tried to find the connection between Damon's son and The Spider Queen on the internet. But apart from the conference, he found nothing between them.

"Hmm… interesting…" he mumbled.

Their request made an idea pop into his head.

"Since both of them want to see me. Maybe I should invite them to my celebration." It was a fair way. He would also avoid misunderstandings,

"Alright. I just need to reply to their letter and send an official invitation then," he said in a casual tone.

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